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About Potentiometers

A potentiometer is a three-terminal resistor with a sliding or rotating contact that creates an adjustable voltage divider. So if only two terminals are used, one end and the wiper, it will act as a variable resistor or rheostat.    

This particular type of voltage measuring instrument helps in measuring electrical potential voltage. This component is an implementation of the same principle. And this is where the name come from. The potentiometers commonly help in controlling electrical devices like audio equipment or volume control. These devices operate with the help of a special mechanism. With that, you can use these devices as position transducers. Let’s say in the joysticks. At times they also help in controlling significant power (usually one more than a Watt).    

Types of potentiometers   

With the advancement in technology, the experts have introduced different types of circuits to meet the varying g needs of the machines and the users. There is also a wide variety of supporting tools and accessories available in the market. The same implies to potentiometers. To make the job easier for any layman, the manufacturers offer a wide variety of potentiometers in the market. Today, we will mention some prevalent potentiometers that you can use in small to large-sized circuits.

Digital potentiometer

These are three-terminal devices with two fixed end terminals. One of these wipers helps to vary the output voltage.  These potentiometers have varying applications like calibrating a system, tuning filters, adjusting the offset voltage, controlling sound volumes or controlling screen brightness. However, this potentiometer has some severe disadvantages, making them unsuitable for applications where you need more precision. Wiper contamination, size, mechanical wear, sensitivity to vibration, resistance drift, and humidity are some of the main disadvantages of these devices.  

Membrane potentiometers

They use a conductive membrane that is deformed by a sliding element to contact a resistor voltage divider. The linearity can range from 0.5% to 5%, depending on the design, material, and manufacturing processes. They are impressive for the fact that here you need only five connections to the sensor. Also, the associated electronics is comparatively simple. Another advantage is that any material that depresses the top layer over a small area works impressively. However, a significant disadvantage is that you must apply sufficient force to make contact. The sensor also requires occasional calibration to match the touch location to the underlying display. 

Rotary potentiometers

These potentiometers help to obtain adjustable supply voltage to a part of electronic circuits and electrical circuits. For example, the volume controllers on a radio transistor are the most common example of a rotary potentiometer where a rotary knob of the potentiometer controls the supply to the amplifier. These devices have two terminal contacts, between which a uniform resistance is located in a semicircular pattern. It also contains a middle terminal connected to the resistance via sliding contact attached with a rotary knob. As it supplies smooth voltage, it is a versatile option available in the market.  

Linear taper potentiometer    

Instead of a rotary movement, these devices contain a sliding contact that gets the resistor moving in a linear position. Here two ends of a straight resistor are connected across the source voltage. This sliding contact can be slid on the resistor through a track attached along with the resistor. When the terminal connects to the sliding, it is connected to one end of the output circuit. One of the terminals of the resistor is connected to the other end of the output circuit. These potentiometers are used to measure the voltage across the branch of a circuit and measure the internal resistance of the battery cell. It is also used for comparing the battery cell with a standard cell.

Tips on how to buy Potentiometers online in the UAE   

The best quality potentiometer is a resist that allows you to change the resistance over a specific range of values. For instance, they are an essential component of a volume dial on guitar amplifiers other such musical instruments. Considering their role in delivering a perfect pitch or current, choosing the right potentiometer is of great importance. Luckily there are dozens of brands selling the best audio potentiometer online in the UAE. But it would help if you were careful while you head to buy a small potentiometer online in the UAE. Here are some points that you may need to consider while making a purchase.

  • Right package and size – You should pick the right package and length for your potentiometer. The package size is necessary to fit the potentiometer in the circuit, and you can reach it to adjust. In addition, you can have a look at the datasheet to have an insight into the physical dimensions.
  • Selecting the correct range – A potentiometer will do no good for you if it comes to a range of zero ohms to 100 ohms, but you needed it to operate up to 10000 ohms. Most potentiometers start at zero ohms, so focusing you should focus on the higher end of the range.
  • The power ratings – Make sure the selected potentiometer is rated for the current range and voltage of the circuit. If you can find a seemingly perfect potentiometer for a bass guitar amplifier, make sure it can handle the power going through it.
  • Selecting appropriate tolerance – Like resistors, the real world potentiometers will vary from their design according to a given tolerance. This is not a big deal for a bass guitar amplifier, but it might matter for you if you tend to control refined signals like thermostats in your home or office.

It is important to look at products from trusted brands. This is where you will find high quality, reliable products with better rates. At brands, you will also enjoy the perks like a warranty and guarantee on the purchased products.  You will also get the chance to check the item and claim a return to exchange in case it is not as per your needs for one reason or another. At, you can find more than 500 brands selling high-quality, reliable products from trusted global brands. Explore how to address all your potentiometer needs.

Question & Answer

What are the uses of a potentiometer?

This measuring instrument is a voltage divider used to measure voltage or electric potential in any device. The potentiometers are typically used for controlling electrical devices dealing with volume control on audio equipment. Therefore you can commonly see them as a part of Audio control systems, televisions, transducers, motion controllers, or computation devices.

What is the sensitivity of a potentiometer?

The sensitivity of a potentiometer is defined as the smallest potential difference measured by using the device. You can increase the sensitivity of a potentiometer by increasing the length of the wire within. You can also do that by reducing the current in the circuit with the help of rheostat. Both methods can help you to decrease the potential gradients that increase the resistivity of the potentiometer.

Which material is used for potentiometer wire and why?

Manganin and Constantan are commonly used in potentiometer wires. Constantan is a combination of copper and nickel allows using about 55% of copper and 45% nickel. It is highly resistant and works fine in a wide range of temperatures. Manganin is a trademark name for an alloy of typically 86% copper, 2% nickel and 12% manganese. These wires are mainly used to make resistors, including ammeter shunts, because of their zero temperature coefficients of resistance value and longer-term stability.

Where to buy a potentiometer online in the UAE?

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