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Do you remember the flash in your digital camera or being able to change the TV channel on your TV? Well, Capacitors make it happen! But how? How does the capacitor work? But before that, what exactly are capacitors? Well, we bet these are some of the questions that instantly pop in your mind when you hear about them. Fortunately for you, in this guide, we cover everything you need to know about these devices. So, continue scrolling and discover!

Capacitors, also known as condensers, are the little batteries. They can hold up an amount of electric charge. But how does it do that? The condenser consists of two conductive plates. It also has a good insulator. It forms negative and positive charges on opposite faces. When you apply a voltage across these two plates, a current flows through these conductive plates. One takes up a positive charge and the other a negative. Now, we all know that unlike charges attract. So, since the plates have opposite charges, the charges on the plate attract. But, remember, there’s an insulator in between that equalises the each other. And hence, the plates get stuck in a state of mutual attraction and stay put. And that’s how condensers carry out their most basic function, of storing charge. That said, let’s now take a look at the various types of condensers out there.

The different types of capacitors and its uses

The condenser has a long history of more than 250 years. This certainly makes it the oldest electronic component used, studied, designed and developed today. With technological advancements in the modern era, man has created different types of capacitors for their particular needs. All of these types come with different features, design, and characteristics. However, their basic function still remains the same. But, you can definitely use them in various ways depending on their design. In this section, we shall look at some of the most popular and most useful types of condensers. You can certainly invest in them for your next DIY electrical project.

The electrolytic capacitor

Electrolytic condensers look like small tin cans. You’ll usually find them on most of the electrical circuit boards. There are several reasons why they’re an essential component on all the electrical devices. One common one is that they hold up massive electric charge in their tiny footprint. Besides, they’re also the only type of polarised condenser. This means you’ll only get them to work when you wire them in a specific orientation in a circuit. Moving on, these electrolytic condensers come with positive pin, called the anode. It also has a negative pin called the cathode. You need to always connect the anode with a higher-voltage. Do not ever do it the other way round. If you do, then be prepared for an explode!

The non-polarised capacitor

Yes, it’s one among the many condensers out there. But, what makes them unique that they’re void of positive or negative polarity. You can randomly insert the two poles of the non-polarised condensers into a circuit. It will not leak or damage in any way. This unique nature of the condenser allows you to use them in circuits of feedback, coupling, decoupling, oscillation, and compensation. Besides, you can also use them in pure AC circuits too. Additionally, because of its small capacitance, you can also apply them on high-frequency filtering. You can buy different AC condensers at different rates. Check out the incredible AC capacitor price online in UAE on

The ultra-capacitor

The ultra or supercapacitors are the superheroes of the condenser family. Why? Because you can store a high amount of energy in them. But, unfortunately the supercaps do not handle excess voltages well. Hence, you’ll find yourself capless if you exceed the maximum voltage. Make sure to check out the given limit on the datasheet along with the product. If you exceed, it will POP! Also, unlike the other condensers and electrolytic versions, you can use the supercaps to store and discharge energy just like a battery. However, there’s a slight change here. In contrast to a regular battery, supercaps release their charge all at once. This means you’ll never get a lifespan similar to a usual battery in case of the supercaps.

The polyester capacitor

Also known as Mylar or PET, you can use the polyester capacitor for various purposes. You usually use these condensers mainly in their leaded form. Besides, they have low ESR and tolerate large spikes with a high rise time. Further, as with any other condenser, these to have their own characteristics. Which means, they suit certain applications more than the others. Some of their key strengths include high dielectric strength, tolerance, and high operating temperature. With all these features in place, people often consider them as the best general-purpose condensers. Although they cannot offer a high level of accuracy and tolerance, you can use them in many other applications.

Tips on how to buy Capacitors online

Now you know that different types of capacitors carry different designs and perform differently. Of course, you can summarise them as components that enhance electrical performance. But, surely buying them isn’t as easy as learning their types. Besides, buying them from the wide range of options out there can be a daunting experience. That’s because any wrong choice can cause the circuit to damage and not function properly. Carry the below tips with you to pick the right condenser for your job.

  • Looks aren’t everything – Do not be fooled by the condensers that look the same. Over the years, condensers have managed to evolve and improve by utilising the latest technologies. However, this also doesn’t mean that they’ll look entirely different. Certain subtle changes do occur based on the usage and brand. A generic supplier might offer a model that looks similar physically and even claim similar specs. But they might actually have a shorter life and may not have all the claimed specs.
  • Know from where you’re buying – Make sure to buy your condensers from authorised suppliers. Also, ensure that you get the best product. As seen with the grocery products, the ‘sell-by-date’ assures you the freshness of the product. Similar date codes on condensers aren’t easy to decode. And as a result, you might end with a substandard product. Therefore, make sure to carefully assess the condenser and get them from trusted manufacturers and brands.
  • Do not go for traditional buying patterns – High-performance capacitors have become less expensive these days. If you’re still using the general model, because you remember that high-temperature models are too expensive, then it’s time for a fresh search. Some of the contemporary models come at a very low rate. And that doesn’t mean that they have lower quality. It’s just that their prices have dropped significantly.
  • Make the right connection – Today, you can find much greater choice options for all kinds of condensers. This means you need to be careful while picking out the best ones online. The right choice and simplify mounting, installing, and maintenance too. Besides, it’ll improve mechanical stability, performance, and product reliability. Just make sure to understand your requirements first, when it comes to connections.
  • Do not miss out on the power of, ultra- capacitors – Supercaps offer you immense capacitance in small packages. They tend to be much more cost-effective and help you do exciting projects. They’re highly efficient in energy management and storage. Besides, having a single supercap helps you carry several functions in your DIY electrical device. Hence, make sure to always incorporate Supercaps in your purchasing list.
  • Go for an affordable model – It’s true that you can find the condensers at different rates. You can find cheap ones as well as expensive ones. The price usually depends on the design, capacity, size, and brand. It’s best to set aside a budget for yourself before you start your search for the best condensers online. By the way, you could consider buying the capacitors for sale. This will help you secure the best in town while spending less.

Picking out the right condenser can save a lot of your time and money. Indeed, it’s easy to get bewildered by the wide choices of condensers out there on the market. But, a few smart moves can help you choose the right one without any hassle. We hope the above tips will help you achieve hassle-free shopping online.

Question & Answer

What are fixed capacitors used for?

A fixed condenser comes with a unique structure that allows it to possess a fixed value of capacitance. You cannot adjust this capacitance in any manner. Apart from that, you usually classify them based on the materials used to build them. Most materials tend to be dielectrics, such as paper, oil, mica, or even an electrolyte. With all these features in place, you can use the fixed condensers for various purposes. You can use them to stop the battery voltage from getting into the amplifier. But, it also ensures that it allows the signal from the moving plate.

How can you tell if a capacitor is bad?

Good condensers going bad is a troubling technological trend in this modern era. Perhaps you may have overheard this phenomena, and you’re net to know what it is. Bad condensers often appear visually bad! So, you can simply see that they’re bad without much effort. But, what are the exact signs? Well, bad condensers have bad caps. They typically have domed or swollen top. Sometimes, really bad condensers can leak electrolytes. In such cases, you can see brown crust around the condenser. If often looks like a dried coffee stain.

Why are capacitors used with crystal oscillators?

Condensers usually resonate with the crystal inductance. And this inductance causes the crystal to oscillate on its fundamental parallel-resonate mode. Usually, you’ll find two condensers coupled with the crystal oscillators. These series of condensers create a network of 180-degree phase inversion at resonance. This inversion happens because of the amplifier placed at 180 degree that causes phase inversion between its input and output. Thus, it makes the loop gain have a net phase shift of 360 degrees. This, in turn, causes it to oscillate.

What are the best capacitors?

Best condensers are those that fulfil your needs. Moreover, it’s a device that stays put for a long time and will not damage after a few uses. However, in order to secure such a model, you must go for the capacitors from well-known brands. Some of the brands that you can consider buying from include Nichicon, Wima, Epcos, Rubycon, Vishay, Cornell Dubilier, Kemet, Tdk, Lelon, and Samwha.

Where to buy the best capacitors?

Indeed, online platforms are the best place to buy electrolytic capacitors or any other kinds of condensers. However, if you wish to have a safe, secure and smart shopping experience, then check out the collection of condensers on Our product search engine offers you a unique experience by enabling you to compare prices of various capacitors from popular brands and allowing you to purchase them from your favourite stores.

Like just about anything in the field of electrics , technological advancements have been lowering the cost of the condensers. They have also been improving the performance of the condensers. So, whether you’re beginning a new project or gathering components for your next big project, it’s best to review the component before you buy. Remember, a careful evaluation can be well worth the effort by potentially saving your money too.

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