About Dimmers

Dimmers are electrical devices connected to a light fixture. These devices are used to lower the brightness of the light. By changing voltage waveforms applied to the lamp, it is possible to lower the intensity of the light output.

Dimmers are variable voltage devices used for various purposes. In the professional lighting industry, the changes in intensity are generally called “fades up” or “fades down.” Whereas the one with direct manual control had a limit on the speed, you can vary them. But now, there is a replacement with modern digital units. These modern dimmers are built from semi-conductors instead of variable resistors, and thus they offer higher efficiency. These resistors dissipater power as hear and act as voltage dividers.

Benefits of using dimmer switches at your home or office

It is a light switch that offers adjustable voltage to a light fixture. It controls the brightness of light, allowing it to fade up brighter or lower to dimmer lighting. An LED dimmer switch is very efficient and safe. Also, you will need no special wiring to install a residential switch.  Luckily, there are so many dimmers switches out there that you can pick based on the type of lighting elements. This wide range of switches brings many advantages to the home lighting needs of a user. For example, it allows the user to adjust the lighting to the level that makes you comfortable and feel cosy. Here are some other benefits you can earn by installing a dimmer in your home.

Save energy with your dimmer switches

When you dim the light, you are saving up to 998 per cent of the energy. On average, it costs about 10 per cent of the energy bill. Dimmer fades the lighting to a level that is pre-set. You will also enjoy full control over how much light you will need in the room. According to surveys and reports, modern LED dimmer switches to give you an annual saving of $30. This is because when you have lesser wattage transferred to the bulb, there will be lesser wear and tear on the lightning, which makes the bulb’s life longer.

Control over lighting

A modern dimmer switch is efficient and more comfortable to use. It comes with easy to understand and use knobs or with switches that move either up or down. With most modern dimmer models, you can control the amount of light from anywhere using a remote controlling device. At other times you can also find touch dimmers to adjust the light by using touch buttons. And with that, you can adjust the mood of any room that has an adjusted dimmer light switched light system. These dimmers and lightings are very popular among users for living rooms, breakfast nooks, bedrooms and at times in bathrooms. All you need to do is to flip it with a traditional light switch.

Long life of dimmer light switches

These switches are extremely useful in elongating the lifespan of LED lights and other lighting products. This is because they can decrease the time duration of the highest energy point of any lighting product. It is hence increasing the overall life span of the light source. This is one reason why, when it comes to chandeliers or lamps, the dimmers are of greater importance in extending the flexibility of the current flow. And in most cases, with dimmers, a standard LED bulb can last from 3 to 4 years.

Easy installation

With so many benefits and technical advancements, you might have made your mind that dimmers are too tricky to manage by a novice. This is a wrong perception. Unlikely what most people think, dimmers are easier to install. But it is important to install them perfectly, as only then they can offer you the said benefits. Luckily, they are straightforward and small and can easily fit into a regulation box designed for standard switch boxes at our homes. Some of the common types of dimmers you can use to replace the existing ones include touchpad, slide, or dial dimmers. You can choose any of these based on your light source or personal preferences.

Tips on how to buy Dimmer switches online in the UAE

By now, you might have had an idea that not all switches are the same. Thus, learning to choose a switch is crucial in transforming any standard room into something extraordinary. A nicely chosen option will not only play its role in fine-tuning the light you need for any situation but will also add aesthetic value to your interior.  With such an aesthetic and functional importance choosing a switch will be a critical decision to make. Let us not spend more time worrying. Rather, look at the tips on how you can make a smart buying decision. Following are the factors you may want to consider while looking for a smart switch to buy.

  • Evaluate uses of a switch – Always start by reviewing and deciding why are you replacing the standard board with a switch. Is it just about the aesthetic values or you are looking for something more than that?
  • Know the types – Developing an understanding of the product is important before buying. So, if you are new to the electrics world, do some homework. Study and understand the types you will find in the  Also, know what type will match your individual needs.
  • Choosing the right type of bulb – Make sure you pick the right kind according to the LED bulb or LED light you have. But if you are about to buy both dimmer and light, ensure they are compatible with each other.
  • Check total controllable watts – They come with different levels of watts control. It means each option will have the ability to control a specific number of lights. So, look at the minimum and maximum watts capacity of the device before adding it to the cart.
  • Determine the control style – Next, you need to decide what control style you would like to have in your home. This is probably more fun as there are endless options in colour, texture, and feel about mixing and matching your home or office’s aesthetic and interior needs.
  • Consider smart technology – Not all options are compatible with smart technology.  So, if you want to manage the lights using a remote or smart app on your mobile or Tablet, check for compatible Wi-Fi dimmer products online.

Just like bulbs and light, the switch technology has changed significantly. Experts also predict that even the light switches, power control and many other features will be controlled by remote lighting dimmers and other such devices. But today, they are indeed making life easier by allowing almost complete control on the frequency of light, the colours and much more, remotely. But to enjoy the best of your experience, be sure to buy the high quality and highly recommended branded yet cheap DIY options online in the UAE.

Question & Answer

What do dimmers do?

They are electric devices connected to a light fixture to lower the brightness of the light. Hence, by adjusting the voltage waveform applied to the lamp, it becomes possible to lower light output power. These dimmers range from small size units (generally the domestic light switches) to bigger high-power units (used for architectural and theatrical lighting setups). These can be controlled by touch or digital control systems like DALI or DMX.

What dimmer should I buy for LED lights?

The Insteon smart dimmer wall switch is the best overall option to buy. For the best return to your budget, buy Philips hue smart switch or Lutron maestro companion switch. Whereas for starters, the Lutron Caseta wireless switch starter kit is an ideal option. Likewise, the Leviton decora smart Wi-Fi dimmer is the best smart option for a single switch. Other options that you may look into are the Lutron s-600h-wh lighting and Lutron credenza led+ plug-in switch

Are dimmers dangerous?

No, they are not dangerous. However, if you fail to buy a compatible option meant for the LED at your home, there can be a disaster waiting for you. This is because the manufacturers offer different types of a variety of LED lights and bulbs. However, at times there can be a chance of RF interference generation or audible humming sounds. But this can be a chance if your dimmer has come to its age or you are using low-quality options.

Where can I buy high-quality dimmers online?

As discussed during the article, the quality of a product is all it takes to offer optimum performance. So, it would be best if you headed for a reliable place to buy it online. Any retail search engine can be a viable option in this regard. Like at you can find electric accessories from top trusted brands like Lutron, Lutron Caseta, Philips, Philips Hue, Z Wave, and Legrand.

This is where you will also find products from brands like Control 4, Zigbee, and Insteon and explore leading shops more to buy electric products for all your domestic and industrial needs.

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