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A terminal block is a screw terminal is a type of electrical connection where an electrical wide is held fixed by tightening a screw.

These terminals are used for building wiring for transferring or distributing electrical power. They also play an important role in connecting electrical outlets, luminaries, and all types of switches to the mains.  They are also used for directly connecting main appliances like ovens, clothe dryers that draw more than 15 amperes. The screw terminals are commonly used to connect a chassis ground like any record player or surge protector. Many commercial buildings use them for setting up speakers or alarm systems and sensor control systems in a setting.

Basics of a terminal block connector

Studies show that by 2022 the fixed automation will reach up to USD 120 billion. At such times there has been a continuous effort to operate multiple processes in a controlled manner. For the same reason, mass production is increasingly helping in increasing quality and reducing time. A screw terminal block is an important part of this process. These blocks help to implement signal distribution and save energy. They are modular, insulated blocks that secure two or more wires together. There are hundreds of millions of blocks used today. Therefore, it is important to understand some basics before you proceed to buy and use one.

Simple description and usage

The PCB terminal blocks are commonly used to connect the chassis ground like a record player or surge protector. Most of the public address systems use them for different types of outputs and inputs. They are also used extensively in wiring for connecting two or more electrical outlets or switches to the main power supply. For reliability, the PCB blocks for earth ground connections are common in USA style power outlets. Also, grounded PCBs are often market green, and when used on electronics, they will have a washer with a gripping tooth.

Advantages of terminal blocks.

Their cost is the biggest advantage of these blocks. They are incredibly economical as compared to any other type of connector in the market. They can also be a time saver as there is no elaborate or highly technical process of connecting wires. So, you can adjust and combine it with some basic knowledge. Also, by investing in a multi-level  block, you can reduce the speed of the panel by up to 50%. They also offer optimum safety by insolation, grounding and protecting all components of an electric circuit.

Disadvantages of terminal blocks

A major setback is that here the wires can get loose after jostling or vibration. Even a well-secured connection is vulnerable to being knocked loose. Therefore, if you have a block in your circuit, keep a regular check even if there is no apparent hindering, blockage, or delay in the power supply. If you experience anything like that ever, the first thing is to check on the wire connected in the terminal block. Here you will also need to consider higher quality while making a purchase and be sure that you are installing a block that can withstand the conditions it is being put to.

The terminal block features

Termina blocks can be simpler or come with multi-features. The wire connection allows the circuit to break with a pluggable block without any quick disconnection, unwiring, testing or maintenance.  By combining these blocks in a certain manner, you can disconnect the power to an entire group of terminals by removing just one plug. However, with stackable blocks, you can save space by mounting them one over the other. Generally, they are DIN rail mounted. Some blocks also feature light that verifies the flow of current. Also, the blocks with diodes allow easy lamp testing. Finally, they are serving protection against reverse polarity.

Tips on how to buy Terminal Block online in the UAE

These blocks are a must-have for any home or commercial setting that involve a power source. Luckily, these terminals are not an expensive item to invest in. They come with a very reasonable production cost. Therefore, you can easily find cheap terminal blocks online in the UAE. However, buying these blocks for a small wire is a bit tricky task to deal with. To help you through the buying process, here are some tips. You can consider and check these elements in the selected blocks to ensure that you bought the right option for your needs.

  • Type of block – At first, you need to know what type of block will meet the needs and the capacity of power that passes through the circuit. You will need to pick from Single Row Block, IEC PCB Block, or Edge Connectors.
  • The poles and pitch – The pole means several individual circuits or adjacent terminals a block contains. At the same time, the pitch is the distance from one pole to the next. It is measured from one feature to the same feature on the adjacent pole. Make sure both are compatible with your circuit.
  • The voltage rating – It is the maximum capacity of the block to be installed in. You can find all these details in the product description section of the selected item. Read it carefully to find if the terminal will fit in your power system or not.
  • The current rating – It refers to the maximum nominal current rating per pole a block will be using. Generally, this electric specification works for the cross-sectional area. However, it also works for the conductivity of the terminal and results in heat rise at a rated current. Once again, you need to consult the product description section to know these specifications.
  • Check wire and torque range – They are also important for the successful working of the block. The wire range is the minimum and maximum wire size a block is rated to accept. Whereas torque is hardware to withstand the current, you fasten the wire within the wire range specifications.

Once you can shortlist large items by performance and features, look at the cost. You may need to pay additional for delivery services, so look for cheaper yet high-quality products. Here you can take help from the price comparison tool exclusively available at This tool can help you find the best selling branded products within your budget limitations. Also, always compare products from two or three brands before making your final decision.

Question & Answer

What amp terminal block should I use at home?

Almost always, domestic light circuits are fused at 5A or 6A. It means that most of the light switches that we use at home are rated at 10A, which is enough. For such a setup, you can buy terminal blocks that are rated at 5A/6A. They are smaller in size. At the same time, the 10A and 20A are cheaper and far much easier to use. Also, if you are using choc-blocks, you should go for a 10A/15A block. It will cause no harm to the wiring and other elements in the circuit.

Can terminal blocks be cut to size?

Yes, they can be cut to size. Modern-day terminals are designed to fasten the terminal wires for different types of devices. These terminal boxes are ideal for cars, electrical wiring, scooters, moto bikes or even for general household usage. These block strips are easy to cut to any desired size and or if you need higher elasticity. However, you can also find a wide range of ready to use customized terminal boxes to meet the specific needs of your circuit.

Which terminal block do I need?

You should always buy a block compatible with the circuit and the type of power source to it. Some of the bestselling items that you can consider include; Blue Sea Systems Blocks 20A – 65A; Qishare 15 Pcs Dual Row 3 Position Screw Barrier Block; and the T Tocas 5/16″ Stainless Steel Bus Bar Block. Other top-selling products include URBEST 5 Pcs Dual Row 4 Position Covered Screw Terminal Strip and the Uxcell a10073000ux0031 2 Pcs 8 Position Double Row Screw Terminal.

Where to buy terminal block online in the UAE?

For any DIY tools and accessories, you should explore a retail search engine online. For instance, at, you can find top quality electrical products, including cheap crown stones, online in the UAE. Here you will find products from more than 500 brands, including Connect-well, Arduino, Elmex, Degson, Erayco, and Burndy. You can also use the price comparison tool to compare and buy products from top brands without getting out of your budget.

In the meantime, you can also use to search and buy products from top shops and fulfil all your electrical needs in one go.

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