Bike Parts

About Bike Parts

A bicycle or a motorbike consists of a wide range of bike parts. Some are mandatory, while others do not have much role to play in running a bike. However, the additional bike parts do play a role in upgrading the performance of a bike.

With so many elements involved, buying a new bike part or accessory can bewilder a novice user. At times this is as confusing as picking a personal computer. But at the same time, it is important to pick the right part or tool or face worse performance on your bike. Besides picking the right type, and size of a part of your bike, care for these parts is also important. With proper care and cleaning, you can make the best use of the parts and keep them working for a long. When we all know that basic bike spare parts, bike handle grips or road bike paddles, there are some additional tools you will need to keep its performance up to the mark.

Tools to keep bike spare parts clean and in working condition

Surely anyone can learn the basics of bike maintenance. And all of it starts by keeping it clean. Regular cleaning can extend bike parts like tyres, cassettes, or chains for like months. Anyone can do that at home with simple tools. But for a complete overhaul, you will need to consult experts and take your bike to a good bike shop. But that is once in a blue moon event. What’s more important is to keep a regular check on the cleanness of working and exposed parts of your bike. And to do so easily and effectively, you will need certain specific tools. Some of these are mentioned below.

The brush set

Clean moving parts are the key to optimum performance. Can you imagine how often your chain comes in contact with the cassette during the two hours of your ride? Now chuck the grit in there and think how it can wear those parts out. Surely a rub with the rag and some WD40/GT85 can get you a lot of muck off these small parts. It will also disperse water but will not deep clean the links where the grit is actually resting. A brush set is specially designed to help you reach small places between the brake callipers, jockey wheel cages, and behind the front mech.

The cleaning products

Cleaning a bike is a form of art. The more you take care of your bike, the better it will ride and last longer.  There are different cleaning products available online. Some of these will work fine with the old rags or sponges. Besides such basic cleaners, you can also find water repellents, degreasers, silicon sprays and much more to keep even the smallest bike part clean. Although you can do a lot with water and a sponge, such cleaning products will surely do a thorough job and, at times, will also make bike cleaning even quicker.

Allen key set

A 5mm Allen key is the best companion for any cyclist. But at times, you will also need a 4- and a 6mm Allen key. While at other instances, there can be a need for an 8mm key. Luckily, brands offer economical options with a comprehensive Allen key set that contains all the needed bike keys. The time to time, one needs to make these sets an important part of any cyclist’s toolbox. It is better to pick a set with a plastic handle as it improves leverage by offering a better grip. Another helping feature can be the long arms of these keys as they allow more reach.  But the short one gives you more torque.

The chain checker

Do you know that the chain stretches with time and use? It happens for several reasons and will stretch at different rates depending on the type of riding, the amount of use and the rider. There are no standards of how the chain will wear with time; there is no exact set of guidelines for checking or changing the chain. So, you have to keep a regular check on this part of your bike. As a general rule of thumb, go for a replacement if you can see daylight between the chainring teeth and the chain. It’s time to buy a new one.

Tips on how to buy Bike Parts online in the UAE

Owning a bike comes with a lot of additional needs and demands. Apart from basic replacements and repairs, you need to make constant changes and updates on your bike. But with a retail search engine online, you can make a wise buying decision with few clicks and pick products from top trusted global brands. But before you head to make a purchase, check the make, model, and manufacture year of the bike. You will need this information while placing orders for any part you need.  Here are some tips on how you can find the best bike parts to buy online.

  • Choose the right shop – It is important to be on a genuine seller’s website. Only this way you can make a 100% reliable and genuine purchase. You can check the reviews about the sellers and read the experience of previous customers to know the authenticity of the service provider.
  • Know shipping policies – It is important to know the shipping and refund policies of the site. Also, if you have any issue with finding a product, speak to the technical team of the brand or product seller before placing an order. Always try to clarify things before ordering to avoid the hassle of a return.
  • Search – The online market is full of products based on brand, size, material, price, quality, and features. So, if you have any specific limitations or demands in any of these windows, dig deep into the market. Try to find products that satisfy most of your needs and demands.
  • Compare prices –  The bike parts are of great importance and are costly at times. But you can also find cheap products with a little effort. So, you should compare the prices of the part on more than one brand and settle for the best possible option.
  • Know your product – Whether you are replacing a part of buying one for the first time, reading your product before purchase is always of great importance. You can go to the product description section to read all the details about the part you are about to buy.

In the end, reading customer reviews is also of great importance. It will help you know about all the hidden pros and cons of the product you are about to buy. This is where the existing customers and users share their opinions and experience with the bikes and accessories you are about to buy. When it comes to online shopping, such reviews are of great importance. And you must opt for a product with higher customer reviews.

Question & Answer

Are bike parts interchangeable?

Yes, in some cases, the parts are surely interchangeable. Most specifically and commonly related parts include tubes and tires where you can interchange the tubes. This is common because the tube is the most common to wear out with time and lose air. Besides, they take the most direct impact and can get damaged or punctured. In such cases, you can replace them easily. Other interchangeable items on a bike include rims, seats, grips, and add-on accessories. The seat is the easiest part to change on a bike. However, not all the parts are interchangeable.

Where to buy bike parts online in the UAE?

Experts recommend exploring a product search engine to find quality products from top global brands like Schwinn, Zizzo, Giordano, Kulana, Giant, Citizen and many more. Explore and use the price comparison tool to find cheap products, including bicycle headsets, inner tubes, tires, cranks, and dynamos for your bike. Here you can find dozens of options for each type of bike. Hence, ensure a secure buying decision while saving money. On this page, you will also find some tips that will help you make an informed decision. You can also compare prices here to find affordable ones.

Which bike parts need grease?

First of all, breaks, chaincases and chainrings are the most in need of grease. Likewise, the rear suspension system demands proper greasing. Besides, the MTB chains can also be greased or lubed. The brakes, stair axles and rim ribbons also need greasing and oiling for proper functioning. However, it is recommended to avoid using spray lubricants, especially on the chains link. Such types can easily contaminate other parts of the bike. Instead, look for professional advice on the best lubricants for different parts of your bike.

When to clean bike parts?

To ensure that the components are in good working condition and make your bike last longer, you must take care of the periodic cleaning of its parts. It would be best if you cleaned the bike after every ride. This general cleaning includes bicycle lights, bicycle wheels, bicycle saddles, grips, pedals, mudguards, and seat posts. However, deep cleaning of all components is recommended every month or after 20 to 25 rides. This cleaning demands parts like bicycle bells, bicycle groupsets, bicycle chains, bike handlebars, small material and spokes etc.