Buy Bicycle Batteries

About Bicycle Batteries

The bicycle batteries are one of the components of electric bicycles, which play a vital role in the overall functioning. So, if you are up to buying one, you must understand that this purchase must be well informed. You need to research, explore, compare, and buy a suitable product that complements your bicycle and your pocket as well.

It is imperative that you choose this item wisely. Otherwise, you may confront situations of losing battery power in an unknown place or in-between your tour. That being said, it is not overexaggerating if we say that the right battery for your bike can make or break the whole riding experience. Comprehend the products online and explore them as much as you can. Besides technical whereabouts, budget, compatibility, rides and overall bicycle usage are a few factors that can influence your purchase. Contemplating everything, your objective is to make this purchase cost-effective and quality-driven.

Type of electric bike batteries

Lead-acid bicycle batteries and Lithium NCM batteries are two kinds available in the online marketplace. If we talk about lead-acid type, there are different variants based on the drive system of the bicycle. And this type is a time-tested, proven, and reliable option for electric bikes. However, lithium NCM batteries have their advantages. With this type, you will get a battery management system to protect the cell from overcharging, over-discharging, short circuits, and from a few other mishaps as well. This option is also safe, stable, and powerful. The choice may have a lot to do with your bicycle type and personal preference. You can explore both of them to make a decision.

Quad bike batteries

Every kind of battery is designed by keeping the type of bike and terrain in mind. The same is for quad bike batteries. This type has four large wheels and is specially designed for off-road usage. That means the battery has to get along with the bike’s purpose. If you like to buy one, you will find many brands manufacturing quad batteries. You can check out the Yamaha brand as they have got high-performance quad and ATV bike batteries. The major difference between quad and ATV bikes is that one is all-terrain drive while the other is an off-road drive. But the mounting process is pretty much the same. Whatever variant you choose, make sure you read the specifications to see if the product is compatible with the quad type.

Small bicycle batteries

Small battery packs are good for your normal-sized bicycle and kids-sized bicycles. These small packs are light and good for running small errands from time to time. For instance, you can go to a nearby market, come back, plugin again, and go out again in one hour or so. If you are considering small batteries, you might as well consider a few situations here. This type may be good for a morning stroll but if you put weight on the bike, it will affect the battery usage. Likewise, any influence on the bike will automatically drain the battery. If you want to plan long trails, you should buy bigger battery packs. If there is no such planning, then small batteries will do the work perfectly.

Maintaining bike batteries

It is true that the efficiency of bicycle batteries will slowly degrade. The timeline or lifespan depends on one or more factors. But there are ways following which you can increase efficiency as well as lifespan. And the methods include efficiency in charging, storage, and cleaning tactics. A few precautionary measures will be fruitful like colling the battery before charging, never completely draining the battery and partially charging the battery even in storage. Apart from that, you should avoid elevated temperatures when storing. Also, remove the battery while cleaning. These are the basic tactics. But if your battery has always started to degrade, you may ask an expert or research online to prevent more damage and make it long-lasting.

Tips on how to buy Bicycle batteries online

Buying batteries for your bicycle is not the same as buying them for flashlights or your camera. Although you need to take precautionary measures in all your purchases, bicycle batteries just happen to have more parameters associated with them. Here, we have compiled a few points for you to consider before you hit the buy button. These bullets can make buying bike batteries online in UAE a seamless journey for you.

  • Range estimate – Your first query has to be about the number of miles the bike can run with 100% battery. No matter how best you think about the battery and brand you are choosing, the range estimate is something you should never compromise. To give you an idea about it, a lithium battery of 6 to 8lbs can run 20miles. Do you think it’s good or you want more than that? You have options to explore.
  • Battery lifespan – Every battery you want for your bike has its lifespan, depending on the type and battery pack. The lifespan is usually counted as charge cycles. We would like to give you an average estimate here. Lithium bicycle batteries can go up to 1000charge cycles, and for nickel ones, you can expect 500 cycles. Similarly, you can check for others in the specifications list. These can vary based on the brand, battery pack, bike, and maintenance.
  • Voltage factor – Your bike has a unique input voltage. If you try to power your bike with a battery having voltage any more or less than required, then you are degrading the efficiency. You can check the average voltage range to compute if the battery is compatible with your bike or not.
  • Amperage rating – The amperes you have in your battery pack is directly related to the bike’s torque. So, voltage means speed and amperes means how fast the battery can deliver this much speed. All in all, more volts give you speed, and a high amperage rating gives you more speed per hour. If you this understanding of ampere and voltage, you won’t have any problem choosing the right battery.

We hope these tips will help you in picking the right product the first time. Along with these tips, we would also like to provide you with a handy list of brands. Some of them include Panasonic, Dewalt, Xiaomi, Honda, and Atlas. You can find all of these names or even more on our shopping search engine. If you just like to meander first without any specific brand, you can explore bicycle batteries for sale and see what gets your attention.

Question & Answer

Where to buy bicycle batteries?

If you are looking for high performance and long-lasting model, you can head towards the Panasonic brand without any doubt. They have built a system with top-notch quality and features like battery protection, longer storage, and compact design. Another advanced and equally competent brand is Atlas. However, exploring just two brands and making a decision may sound hazy. You can explore more brands on our shopping platform, compare them, and make an informed decision.

What is the best battery for electric bikes?

The best bicycle battery is not about the latest and compact design. However, it is about the compatibility that must match. For example, you want something that can help you run errands in your day to day activities. Well, a lithium-ion with a smaller battery system is perfect for you. In contrast, you have to go with a large battery system if you will be confronting strong winds in your long trails. On top of that, you need a stronger bike too.

How much is a battery for an electric bike?

A 48volt Lithium-ion battery can cost you around AED1600 or more. The brand and the kind of bike you have will also influence the price. Sometimes you see battery can even compete with the total price of the bike. The reason is simply your purpose of wanting your bike ready for hiking or any competition. As a strong, durable, and efficient battery you need, the price will continue to go up. You can explore products by adding a budget range though.

How long do electric bike batteries last?

The correct measurement of bike batteries is calculated via charge cycles. That means the number of charges will remain as described in the specifications and after that starts to degrade. A lithium-ion has a charge cycle of 1000. No brand is going to promise you that because your maintenance and storage techniques can make these charge cycles go up and down. For instance, if you leave your bike as it is for a long time without partially charging it, you may confront problems after that. Similar consequences go with cleaning and storing the bike. Do read the manual before you buy it.