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The bike handlebar seems to be one of the most specific parts of a bicycle. However, it does more than turn you in the right direction. Not having the right handlebar can make your riding experience miserable. Let us explore why is it essential to pick the right type as per your riding style. 

The handlebar is a key part of any bicycle. It comes in various designs ranging from flat to drop, butterfly and cruiser handlebars. Different bicycle handlebars accommodate various riding styles such as mountain biking, touring, track riding and more. If you are considering a replacement, you can get your hands at a wide variety of bars exhibiting different properties. Some offer excellent steering control, while others can give you the best grip to reduce arm fatigue caused due to long rides. With so many options at the front, riders often remain in a dilemma about which to go for. So, we will unveil some vital information on bike handlebars to help you get the right one on this page. 

All about choosing the right bicycle handlebars for comfort

Bicycle handlebar problems are common among serious cyclists. People face issues ranging from back pain to arm fatigue and stiffness in the neck. It becomes a severe concern in the long run. So, it is better to consider replacement rather than living with it. There is a range of bicycle handlebars available in the market to suit different riding practices. However, choosing a perfect one can be a daunting task. Though, if you understand the prominent types, you can make it a cakewalk for yourself. So, lets us know about different bike handlebars and their properties. 

Mountain bike handlebar

As the name suggests, these bicycle handlebars are found in mountain bikes. They come with a horizontal structure and an excellent grip to offer better control on rough terrains. It is easy to take sharp turns with mountain bike handlebars. However, they have a few limitations. With such bike handlebars, you can ride in an elbow-out position. It can be suitable for small rides, but on long rides, you might want to keep changing the position of your hands not to feel fatigued. However, it is possible if you add a vertical attachment to the existing bicycle handlebars. 

Cruiser bike handlebar

Cruiser bars, also known as upright or north road handlebars, are found on hybrid bicycles used for pleasure riding. The best property of a cruiser bar is that it keeps your wrist in the most comfortable position while riding. Speaking of its shape, it bends forward and upwards at the centre, and as we move towards the end, it is outward and back towards the cyclist. It helps you put your weight evenly over the bicycle. Not just this, these are some of the most suitable bars even if you want to put a basket in front for storage. They look cool and offer a comfortable ride. However, it would help if you paired it with a comfortable seat as they put a bit of pressure on your buttocks. 

Folding bike handlebars

Think of an expensive bike placed in a yard! You do want to get it inside, but it takes a lot of space. It gets into everyone’s way while they do their daily business. Folding bicycle handlebars come to the rescue at this time. The bars of foldable handles turn by 90 degrees for convenient storage. The folded bars form a steering lock when the bike is leant against a post or a wall. Thus, you can eliminate the chances of infuriating turning of the front wheel resulting in security even if parked outside. Such bikes generally have a double-action mechanism for locking and unlocking so that no accidents happen while in use. 

Tips on how to buy Bicycle Handlebars in Dubai, UAE

The handlebar is one of the most crucial bike parts. Hence, it is essential to invest in the right set. Different bars offer different properties to suit various riding styles. However, buyers often get confused looking at the range of options they get in the market. So, here is a guide that would help you buy handlebars online in the UAE.

  • Comfort – Comfort is the first thing one should look for while selecting a handlebar. The more pressure you put on your hands, the more you feel fatigued. Road bikes with dropped handlebars relieve you much in long rides as you can keep your hands in several positions. However, when it comes to mountain biking, flat bars are better as due to the upright position of the rider, pressure on arms is not an issue. Bicycle handlebars come in many more forms, so choose the most comfortable one as per your riding position.
  • Type of handlebars – Bicycle handlebars are accessible in many forms like aero bars, flat bars, riser bars, butterfly bars and bullhorns, to name a few. For example, flat bars are preferred by cross country riders as they are cheap and versatile. Riser bars are apt for trail biking. Speaking of bullhorns, they are great for climbing. Different bicycle handlebars have different characteristics to offer. It is essential to purchase handlebars as per your riding requirements.
  • Versatility – Passionate riders do not generally have single riding practice. Also, they cannot keep changing the handlebars again and again as per their rides. Hence, it is great to have one bar fulfilling most of your riding requirements. For example, riders often add brake hoods to drop handlebars so that collectively they can act as a bullhorn. So, look for versatility while choosing a new handlebar for your bicycle.
  • Weight – Bicycle handlebars come in a variety of construction materials, sizes and shapes. Make sure the one you purchase is not too bulky, as it would add extra pounds to your bike especially if you use bicycles for the daily commute, every ounce of additional weight counts.

Now that you are familiar with different bicycle handlebars, you must be eager to get one for your bike. Keep the above considerations in your mind when you head out to the market. However, it is easy to get caught in a state of dilemma, looking at a massive number of options. An easy way is to log on to On our product search engine, we feature products offered by the best brands in the industry, including Aero, Lixada, MTB, Decdeal and Wake. You can even compare prices for a pocket-friendly purchase. Bicycle handlebars prices vary as per models, construction materials and brands. However, we have numerous affordable options. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and have a great shopping experience!

Question & Answer

Are handlebars universal?

No, bicycle handlebars are not universal. Every bike has a different frame and space available for handlebar mounting. Moreover, handlebars come in various shapes, sizes, comfort levels and features. You should take your bike’s model into consideration while purchasing a new bar for it. Bicycle handlebars are accessible in many forms like aero bars, flat bars, riser bars, butterfly bars and bullhorns, to name a few. So, keep your budget and type of bicycle in mind while selecting one.

Can road bike handlebars be raised?

Too low handlebars can be a reason for discomfort for riders. However, the good news is that we can adjust them. First, you have to find out whether you have threaded or threadless handlebars. In the case of a threaded bar, you have to loosen its top bolt using an Allen wrench. Then, lift the handlebar, straighten it and tighten the bolt after achieving the required height. In contrast, if you have threadless bars, look for the spacers and screws at the back of them. Loosen those screws for the free movement of handlebars. After that, remove the top bolt and cap. You have to then lift the handlebar out of the stem, put the additional spacers as per the required height. Slide back the handlebar and tighten the bolts again.

What are the different types of bike handlebars?

Handlebars come in a wide assortment based on the type of riding you do—for example, flat bars, riser bars, bullhorns, drop bars, aero bars and more. A flat bar is the standard form of handlebar that is apt for cross country riders. On the other hand, riser bars are used in trail biking due to the better control and free riding characteristics they offer. Coming to bullhorns, they are the best bicycle handlebars for climbing due to their excellent aerodynamics. Drop bars are great in look and popular due to their versatility. You can find a huge number of handlebars in the market. However, choosing the one with the best handling and performance is a must.

Are wider handlebars better?

Wide handlebars are better for specific riding practices like mountain biking. Wide bars offer more leverage while riding on rough or mixed terrains. Additionally, they provide better positioning for balance and more control. Generally, handlebars with widths of 650-680mm, 680-730mm and 730-750mm are considered wide. The wideness or narrowness of your handlebar depends significantly upon the terrain you will be riding on. So, choose them accordingly. We have rolled out a product search engine named where you will find a variety of bicycle handlebars for sale. We have advanced filters and sorting options on our product listings so that you can quickly narrow down your options.

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