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Bicycle grips are small cylinders that slide over the ends of a handlebar. They seem to be a simple item to pay attention to. Hence, many riders often overlook their importance. However, with wrong grips, one can experience significant problems like slipping, hurting and numbing in the palms. So, let us find out if you have the right set mounted on your bicycle or not.

Grips are an integral part of any bicycle. They are responsible for many crucial roles, such as creating a non-slippery interface for riders, securing bar ends and preventing hand soreness. Bicycle grips ensure a firm gripping to the handlebars even in the event of rains or a storm. They are of huge importance due to the ultimate aid in arm positioning, braking control and gear shifting. In contrast, ill-fitting grips can make your ride miserable. You can get hand discomfort and even long-term pain in the arms. Let us understand various grips to find out which one suits you the best.

Exploring various bicycle grips and their properties

Bicycle grips come in a wide assortment depending upon their size, structure and construction material. There are various materials used to manufacture grips ranging from rubber to leather, foam and cork. Your choice of grips also depends upon the riding style you have. For example, mountain bikers prefer ergonomically designed handlebar grips that offer the best gripping even in the event of rain. Grips also vary in size. Some riders choose fat grips to enjoy excellent cushioning, whereas some restrict to super slim ones that can go in line with their small palms. Read on to know about popular types of grips in use.

Bike rubber handle grips

Due to the properties of tear resistance, elongation and tensile strength of rubber, it is a popular material for manufacturing bicycle grips. If you buy rubber handle grips online in the UAE, you must know that they come in two variations: soft and hard rubber grips. You will find a hard rubber mostly in traditional bikes whereas, with the invention of lock-on, soft rubber comes in handy. The riders find it comfortable because they cause less soreness and pressure on the palms. However, there is a trade-off in respect of durability. Soft rubber wears out a bit too faster than hard ones.

Leather bike grips

They are made up of natural or synthetic leather. They look stylish and provide a classic twist to the newfangled varieties. They are durable, resistant to tear, and many bicycle grips visibly mould themselves as riders’ palms after a certain period of use. They are popular due to their long-lasting performance and clean look. However, leather grip sets are heavier than the contemporary forms of modern plastic or carbon fibre designs. Leather bike grips are popular as they look stylish and are also durable. They are usually available in black colours, but you can also find other options.

Mountain bike handlebar grips

A handlebar grip can make your mountain biking memorable in a good or a miserable way. It comes in two variations when it comes to mountain biking- Slide on and lock on. Slide on or slip on may rotate or slip off while riding, resulting in sudden accidents. On the other hand, the lock on the mount to the handlebars with the help of metal lock rings. They don’t slip off. Hence, cyclists who ride on rugged terrains find them the best mountain bike grips. The popular components used to manufacture mountain bike grips include rubber compounds, foam and Kevlar. While you purchase, look for ridged patterns for tight gripping to the surface.

Tips on how to buy Bicycle Grips in Dubai, UAE

Bicycle grips come in a wide array depending upon their construction material, size, manufacturing and most importantly, the riding practices of the cyclist. When it’s time to replace them, riders feel a dilemma looking at the variety of options they have at the front. You will get several online sellers claiming to carry the best products. However, you have to see whether those products suit your requirements or not. So, here on, we have worked on a small guide to help you buy bicycle grips in Dubai.

  • Diameter – Bicycle grip sets come in different diameters to suit different handlebars and palm sizes. Their outer diameter generally lies between 27mm to 35mm. The riders with big palms should go with a large diameter, and those with small palms should opt for small grips. A too-small grip might result in acute pain. On the other hand, the too-large grip can cause slippage.
  • Weight – Grip weights can vary greatly depending on padding, ergonomic profile and construction material. Lightweight grips are wonderful as they do not add extra pounds to your cycle.
  • Mode of attachment – There are two types of attachment modes- friction or lock rings. Friction grips are common in traditional cycles. They are held in place by friction and often rotate in wet conditions. In contrast, lock-on grips are secured. They are connected to the handlebar with the help of clamps and bolts. So, look for the latter.
  • Construction material – Grip sets come in various materials ranging from soft plastic to gel, foam and leather. The choice of material depends upon the expected use. One should not pick grips made up of any random material as some go brittle, stiff and sticky in the long run.

Bicycle grips have a significant influence on your ride. A good grip can relieve you from several problems caused by long rides, such as soreness and numbness in the palms. Keep the above considerations in mind to choose the right set for yourself. If you are unsure where to start, here’s the good news- on, you can find all possible bicycle grips at affordable prices. We feature high-quality products offered by ace brands operating in the industry, including MTB, Brooks, BMX, Serfas, Celo, and Bontrager. On our product search engine, it is easy to narrow down choices with the help of filters. So, quickly find your bicycle grips and purchase them before the stock ends!

Question & Answer

Are all bicycle grips the same size?

No, not all of them are of the same size. They vary according to the size and shape of the handlebar. Too small grips can lead to extreme pain in the palm if you ride for long. On the other hand, being too large often lead to slippage. Along with the size, grips also vary in shape. For example, mountain bike grip sets are not entirely round. In some, you will notice an increasing diameter as you move outwards. Hence, you should pay attention to its size while buying one. They are available in a wide range of sizes online here on

Where to buy ergonomic bicycle grips?

Ergonomic bicycle grips have a honeycomb-like surface that prevents slipping when your hands are wet due to sweat or rain. They come as per the diameter of the handlebars. Bicycle grips are accessible both online as well as in physical stores. However, in the brick and mortar stores, you will get just a few options. So, I prefer ordering them online. A quick way out is to reach us on On our product search engine, you will get various ergonomic patterns offered by the best sellers in the middle east. You can even narrow down your choices through filters and compare prices to get affordable options.

How do you remove bike grips?

Grips are one of those bike parts that have to be replaced if you have ridden much. An easy process to remove an old bike grip is to cut it off. Although, if you want to save the old grip, you will have to use some material to detach it so that no harm happens on its surface. Furniture polish, glycerin, mineral spirits and hair spray are lubricants that can be used to detach the grip from the handlebar. For instance, if you use furniture polish, you have to take a thin screwdriver and spray the furniture polish. Insert it between grip and handlebar and push it around. Now, move the grip around till it detaches. The same procedure applies to other lubricants.

What is a lock on bike grips?

There are two basic forms of a bicycle grip- Slip-on grip and lock-on grip. Slip-on is based on the interference fit principle. According to that, the grips are stretched on the outer surface of the handlebar. However, in the case of lock-on, the grip installation is based on a locking collar system. A lock-on grip stays on the handlebar until it is completely worn out. They are connected to the handlebar through bolts that are torqued according to the stated torque value.

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