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Mountain biking or adventure biking is a popular sport globally. Still, they are relatively new sports and getting acknowledged with every passing year. However, it’s challenging to conquer the terrain on two wheels without the proper strong structure of your bike. Thus, chainrings or chain wheels are the vital cogs of your motorcycle. Chain wheels are the part with the teeth on the chainset over which the chain passes. And they are available in the market in different styles and types.

However, bikes first started having multiple gears in the rear with multi-speed hubs. Later, it came to the external gears, and the desire for range always moved the bike industry from single front chainrings to double and triple with more ratios in the rear. Although most of the chainrings are available in aluminium which is lightweight and long-lasting, steel is used for touring bikes. The reason is that steel is available in small rings along with triple ring chainsets to increase durability. Moreover, there is carbon and titanium chainrings are also available in the market but are expensive. So, if you are seeking to buy chainrings online in UAE, then you are in the right place! Read on.

Different types of chainrings and cranks

Cranksets are available in more than one sprocket, depending on the age of the bike and the purpose. And a quality crankset lasts for a longer time. However, nowadays, we get more gears at the back to have a few chain wheels in the front. And most of the modern road, mountain, gravel, and cyclo-cross bikes are available in one or two sprockets. But, most of the bike’s cranksets are designed with replaceable chain wheels. Moreover, chain wheels with more teeth are hard to pedal than fewer teeth chain wheels. So, are you seeking the chainrings for sale? Then before that, learn about the different kinds of bike parts to look for.

Narrow wide chainring

The name describes the shape and the way teeth drive the chain. Moreover, each of the teeth varies in thickness around the ring. However, in the old school traditional chain wheels, all the teeth are considered narrow with small differences in the width between brands. Although, the narrow-wide chain wheels now pair effortlessly with the chain. It almost locks the chain to the ring without much increase in drag. However, the primary purpose of these chainrings is chain retention, and while using them, you don’t need any chain guide. Thus, if you are seeking to buy cheap chainrings, then prefer the renowned shops to purchase.

Lightweight chainrings

The single front chainring is old in the professional competition, but it isn’t a fad in performance bikes. However, the single front chain wheel is lightweight with one less chainring and cable. But it has no front derailleur and is without the FD and shifter. Thus, there is less complication, adjustment and maintenance. And it has a cleaner cockpit with less clutter. However, it works well with the racers who shift under pressure and less experienced riders who reliably use the front shifter. So, are you searching for the best single speed chainrings? Then, scroll at We have a massive collection of bikes product with the best deals and offers which you enjoy the whole year.

Mountain bike chainrings

One of the benefits of using multiple chain wheels is its gear range. Thus, with the lower gears, you can climb the long steep, and with the high gears, you pedal down the fast descents. And it’s the only reason why it’s best for the mountain bike. Moreover, the pedalling is more efficient with more gears and spacing between the gears are smaller. And, you get two sprockets with more gear choices. Thus, cycling requires less effort. And you can change the chain wheels anytime. Therefore, if you wish to buy cheap chainrings, then you prefer purchasing them from popular brands. Some of them are BMX, Celo, MTB, Brooks, Velo, and lots more.

Chainrings sizes

Do you know the conventional chainrings’ shapes were circular? Yes! But the latest chain wheels shape is oval. However, the size of the chain wheel determines the bike performance. So, the smaller chain wheel comes with the lowest gear for climbing. And the bigger sprocket allows you to go faster in the highest gear. Moreover, the larger chainring is used to ride more quickly on the flats or downhills. At the same time, the smaller chainrings are used for riding up on the hills. So, are you hovering for chainrings for sale? Then, you can check our myriad collection of motorcycles product from reputed brands and stores worldwide.

Tips on how to buy Chainrings

Nowadays, many bike companies are offering chainrings with different tooth profiles. However, you can pick any chain wheels of your choice in colour and shape. Moreover, some bike parts manufacturers are etching their tag on their products, but the performance remains weak. However, the chain wheels get worn over the years, and it looks like sharp fins. And in extreme conditions, the chain might slip from one ring to another, or you can encounter chain suck. So, while shopping for the best single speed chainrings, you might face confusion in choosing the right product. Therefore, we have compiled the tips and tricks section to ease your job.

  • Check on teeth – The rings come in different sizes with a different number of teeth. Moreover, the number of teeth affects how much effort is needed to turn the pedals. Large chainrings are for a fast ride on a flat or downhill, whereas the smaller rings are for going up the hills.
  • Look for compatibility – While buying the rings for your bike, make sure it gets compatible with the brand. Popular brands like Shimano, Campagnolo or Sram are different. Thus, it’s important to check which brand the ring is getting compatible with.
  • Type of chainset matters – The kind of chainset you have determines which type of rings to us. For single-ring cranks, use a dedicated single ring, and it’s available in sizes from 38T upwards. At the same time, the standard double cranks are the common combinations with 39 teeth inner and 53 tooth outers.

Hence, pick the right chain cranks for your bike with the help of the guidelines. And we are confident you will choose the right product without compromising on the quality. Here on We have more than 500 brands and shops allied with us. Thus, you enjoy a massive collection of bike parts products with the best deals every hour. Hurry! Commence your shopping drive with us.

Question & Answer

Are chainrings interchangeable?

Yes! If you attempt to replace it with the chain cranks design to work with your chainset. However, the cranks have a specific bolt layout or fitment specs which is different for different bikes. Moreover, the crank gets worn out fast as they are ground down. And it gets to mix with dirt and lube, which forms a sticky black paste on the chain. Thus, keeping the chain clean and lubed will increase their life. So, if you wish to buy chain cranks, then you can choose to shop from eminent brands. And they are BMX, Celo, MTB, Brooks, Velo, and lots more.

Do you think oval chainrings are better?

Yes! With scientific evidence, it is more effective than other rings. However, the oval chainring is quite trending among the riders. And, it is easy to bring the pedals back around the optimal power zone. Thus, it makes the climbs easier on hills or roads. And the pedalling is smooth & steady, with less force, reducing the pressure and stress on your knees. However, the oval cranks improve the acceleration capacity and pedalling cadence. Thus, if you wish to buy it for your current bike, then you can check out the reputed store’s product.

Why are chainrings so expensive?

The chain cranks are expensive when you purchase them separately. And the same costs less on a complete bike. The bike manufacturers deal with the component manufacturers as they buy in quantities which allow them to keep the price low. Additionally, various deals are available for lightly used frames and components. There can be times when building up the structure can be cheaper. Therefore, you can transfer your current frame’s good quality components to the different frames. It is easy to upgrade your bike without spending much money on it.

When do chainrings need to be replaced?

The chain cranks get worn quickly. So, when the front shifting becomes less than optimal after replacing the chain, then check the teeth on the rings. If the ring turns out to be hook and thin, then it’s time to replace it. However, some cranks can only use exclusive rings, whereas some run on universal components. Thus, try to match the combination of the rings accordingly. However, get the proper bolt-circle diameter for your crank. Therefore, while replacing the rings, try to remove the crank to make the job easy. You can inspect, service or maybe replace the bottom bracket.

Where to buy chainrings?

To sum up, a good quality chain crankset allows you to be energy-efficient while riding the bike. However, the materials used for constructing the crankset is crucial as they need to restrain the stresses due to repeated pedalling. So, if you haven’t purchased the rings for your bike yet, then buy now! Browse It is the best shopping search engine with more than 500 brands and shops allied with it. Thus, you explore a myriad collection of products with exciting offers and deals on all festive seasons. Good luck with shopping!

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