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About Inner Tubes

Bike inner tubes are somewhat the most underrated item on the bike accessories list. And yet, it’s the inner tube that is the most cost-effective way any person can opt to improve the ride quality and shave off the bike splits.

Starting with such a vital prospect, this article will dig into the bike inner tube and help you pick a nice one online. Typically these tubes are made of latex or butyl rubber. These tubes sit inside a tyre, and you can use a pump to inflate them. These tubes are a simple yet significant part of a bike. However, there are times that your bike has tubeless tyres. In such cases, you will not need an inner tube. But if you do, carrying a spar is always a necessity as larger holes in these latex rings are hard to seal.

Everything you need to know about bicycle tubes

A simple inner tube may be the simplest part on any bike, but it comes in various sizes, valve types and material choices. Choosing the right tube is not as simple as it may sound to many with so many types. Although we can find tubeless tyres today, it is important to know your accessory if you have one with a tube. But even if you are happy with your tubeless tyres, it is always suggested to keep a tube for hard times. So, whether your bike is fitted with the tubes or not, the below discussion on tubes can be a lifesaver for any bike owner.

Understanding the inner tube

In any standard clincher tyre setup, the tyre has beads on each side. These beads lock onto the rim when inflated, but they do not have any air-tight connection. This is a tube sitting inside the tyre and that holds the air. Moreover, these tubes have a valve. This valve helps to keep the tube pump. Most of the tubes contain Schrader or Presta valve that we will discuss in the latter part of the article. The right type of valve plays a vital role in the performance of your vehicle. But before the type of valve, you need to pay a little attention to the material of the tube.

Material options for bicycle inner tube

Most of the tubes are made of butyl rubber. It is the cheapest yet most durable material that we can use for tyres. Butyl generally comes in black and is repairable with the help of a standard puncture kit.  You can also find lightweight butyl tubes that are made of thinner rubber. However, the weight saving comes at the cost of increased fragility. Another option is latex. It is lightweight and rolls faster than butyl. But they are more fragile than butyl and are harder to fit. Also, they leak quickly, and you will need to reinflate them before every ride.

The valve type – Schrader, woody or Presta

Presta is the most common and narrow tube with a screw at its tip. You will need to unscrew it to pump air into the tube. Some of these come in one piece, while others will have cores unscrew from the valve body. A Schrader tube has valves similar to the car tyres. These will not fit into the wheel drills made for Presta. In the end, the wood valves are the rarest among all.  They commonly look like Presta valves but come with a collar holding the valve core at its place. Most of the modern air pump does not fit on the woody style because of this collar.

Tips on how to buy Inner Tubes online in the UAE

When you head to buy bike parts online, you will find a wide range of tubes for sale. These tubes are a vital part of any bike accessory kit as they are an essential part of any bike, and without one, your vehicle is of no use. However, we do have some exceptions if you are running a tubular or tubeless tyre. Otherwise, it is inevitable at some point that you will need to replace the tube on your tyre. Besides the technicalities, the choices also make tube buying a complicated venture for many users. This is why we are about to share tips on how you can pick a tube online.

  • The size of the tube – The tube should be according to the diameter of your wheel. It will also vary based on the type of bike you own. Usually, they stand between 12 to 29 inches.
  • The width of tyre – The width of your tyre is the next thing you need to consider while buying a tube. They can go from skinny (19mm) to huge 4 inches in width.
  • The valve type – Next comes the valve on your tube. Here your options include Schraeder and Presta valves. Look for professional advice for selection.
  • The price – Branded items are always a bit expensive, but the quality and durability are worth the product’s price. So, opt for branded products even if they cost you a bit more.
  • Read the product – It is important to know your purchase before placing an order. In online shopping, you can do this by reading the product description section.

In the end, reading customer reviews is also of great importance. It will help you know about all the hidden pros and cons of the product you are about to buy. This is where the existing customers and users share their opinions and experience with the bike accessories you are about to buy. When it comes to online shopping, such reviews are of great importance. And you must opt for a product with higher customer reviews.

Question & Answer

Can inner tubes be recycled?

Yes, these tubes are made of recyclable material. However, they need a special recycling process for another run of manufacturing and use. Different5 countries have varying types of recycling methods for refurbishing and use of these tubes in many ways. Many such programs clean the intact tubes and convert them into wallets, bags, shoes and more. We can also see them in use as a zipper pull in the fashion industry.

Where to buy an inner tube online?

It is better to explore a product search engine to find all the possible options from top brands. At, you can find a wide range of products from top brands like Specialized, Conti Tube, Bontrager, Schwalbe, and Mavic. You can also use the price comparison tool to find reliable options from top brands setting in your budget limitations. So, find some top choices and compare them to pick the best possible matching your needs.

When to replace a bike inner tube?

Generally speaking, there is no predefined timeline to use a tube. If you own a high-quality tube and using it with proper care, it will last with you for years. The life of a tube also depends on the type of cycling and terrain you opt for. And as long as the tube is working fine, there is no need to replace it. But you might need to blow in them now and then before you head for a ride. It will help them to perform well.

How much does an inner tube cost?

They are not among the expensive bike accessories. They are readily available at a price ranging from AED 30 to AED 100. However, if you need to buy a cheap item, explore to find cheap branded products like Tubolito Tubo Road, Lifeline Road Tube, Michelin Air Comp Ultralight, Michelin Air Comp Latex and Slime Lite. All such products are trusted by cyclists around the globe and are appreciated for their extremely economical price and longer life.

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