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About Bicycle Chains

Every single part mounted on your bicycle has a purpose, and so does bicycle chains. They link the front part of your bicycle to the rear end, and by this function, they pretty much hold your bicycle together. As a matter of fact, your bicycle propels itself through the power it gets from you pedalling it. If the chain is not compatible or not maintained properly, the functioning of a bike is nearly impossible.

Probably you are replacing your old chain or upgrading to a different speed chain. And to fulfil any of the purposes, you need to know the type of bike, road, frequency, and overall worth of your bike. The first thing you need to consider is your purpose. You may use your bike for general commuting, mountain biking, Triathlon, or BMX. Only by getting in-lined with the purpose, you can make the right decision of buying a bicycle chain. There may be other aspects of buying a bicycle chain in the UAE, and you will gradually consider them all if you research well and gain a basic understanding of the product.

Bicycle chain components and features

Bicycle chains basically have four components: roller, pins, outer and inner plates. Different types of chains typically vary in width and are thus built accordingly. Also, manufacturers change these components slightly to strengthen the bicycle and put a price tag accordingly. Furthermore, it is important to go with the reputed manufacturer because fine workmanship results in increased strength, better durability, and smooth performance of the chain. The rest depends on your maintenance and cleaning schedules. If you are thinking of the bicycle chain prices, you can check out the range on our shopping platform,

Variations in bicycle chains

There are indeed many variations available, but the more you read the more you understand that these changes are only about making your bike compatible with your purpose. Let’s cite a few examples. If you see variations in length and width of the bike, that is mainly due to the bike type, whether it is a road bike or mountain bike. Many bikes demand to be lightweight and to cater to that need, manufacturers often make changes in these chains as well. For example, hollow pins and cut-outs in the links of the chain can drastically reduce the overall weight of the bike. Then, there can be variations in the material as well. Stainless steel for corrosion resistance, and titanium & high-end alloy for weight reduction are a few examples. You can also choose different colours to add to the aesthetics of your bike.

Mountain bike chain

Mountain bikes are different from road bikes in terms of weight, pedalling, width, and other technical know-how. Without any doubt, components will also vary. The major variation you will see is in drivetrain components. These components include chain, chainring, crank, cassette, and derailleur. They can be from one manufacturer or mix and match type. When from different manufacturers, the product can cause compatibility issues in the middle of the road, but if executed well, it can exceptionally increase the durability. Mountain bike riders are professionals and know their bikes so well that they can execute both options. All you need to do is spend some time exploring the compatible products.

Bike chain breaker

When you are replacing your current bicycle chain with a new one, you may need this bike chain breaker tool. With this, you can break the chain into the required length. Also, the chain after using the tools remains usable because the tool only unlinks the chain. While mounting a new chain, you need to count the links in your currently mounted chain and use this tool to alter the length accordingly. Overall, this tool serves three purposes: assembling & disassembling the chain and relieving tension between outer plates. you may need this tool if you consider mounting and maintaining the bike yourself. In that case, you will need more items apart from the chain breaker. Our shopping platform, can let you explore and buy all of it you require.

Tips on how to buy Bicycle chains online

The design of your bike influences your chain purchase the most. The placement and number of sprockets, type of ride, road, and everything add to the dos and don’ts of buying a compatible bicycle chain. All of it might sound complex but it is not when you lay it down in the list. But sometimes buyers overlook these pointers and make a purchase that they regret later. Do not hurry while buying this component. You can check out a compiled list below to get a more clear picture.

  • Single-speed chain – For those who do not know, single speed bicycles are the ones without any method of varying the gear ratio. It has a single gear on which the bicycle function. This type is great for urban riding and for regular strolls. In this product, the inner plates are wider and the outer plates are thicker for more stability. Many fixed-gear bicycles, no matter the speed, are considered as a single speed. We hope now you know when to purchase a single-speed bicycle chain.
  • Derailleur chains – These types move from sprocket to sprocket and vary in design standards. When selecting the chain, the real question is about the number of rear sprockets. Depending on that, you can buy 5,6,7,8,9,10, or 11-speed chains. The width of the chain measured across the rivet between chains will vary in different rear cogs.
  • Compatibility issues – Compatibility issues become intense when yours is a customised bicycle. Even a bicycle chain can be attached with parts of different brands. So, it is a daunting task to pick the right product and something that will not be a hindrance in the middle of the ride. The only solution here is to go through the informative content as much as you can.
  • Consider the upkeep – You may or may not have a bicycle chain maintenance kit. If not, then consider stowing a quality lubricant, bike chain breaker, and brush in your kit. This is a fundamental kit in which you can add the products you need. For example, a mechanical bike cleaning tool is a perfect add-on.
  • Brands to know – It is imperative to shop from the reputed brands so that you can be relaxed from the quality point of view. Some of the brands include KMC, Shimano, Decdeal, Lixada, and Kryptonite. You can explore more on and all under one roof can let you compare with convenience.
  • Conduct secondary research – Take your friends’ suggestion who has been riding a bicycle for a long or ask an expert about the compatibility issues that you might face later. Along with that, check online reviews because these are the customers who have bought the same product and can tell you their first-hand experience.

We hope the tips and handy list of brands mentioned will let you make an informed decision. You can commence your shopping drive now on our shopping platform, You can also begin your drive with some cheap bicycle chains to buy or find bicycle chains on sale upon your visit to our platform.

Question & Answer

How often should you replace your bike chain?

As a general rule of thumb, you should replace your bicycle chain every 2000miles. However, no two riders treat their bike parts the same way. If you maintain your bike well, lube it after every use, do not ride in the rain, and do not put extra weight on it, you can expect the chain to be running longer than 2000miles. But what is the actual sign of the chain being worn out? As your chain gets old, each link lengthens and put pressure on cassette cogs and chainring, causing them to wear faster. Shifting quality is also hampered with this. Thus, when you observe this sign, you should replace your chain, no matter if it is 2000miles or less.

Are bicycle chains universal?

The answer is yes and no both. Some bicycle chains can be universal while others are strictly not. For example, road and mountain bike chains are different in terms of length and width. Overall, the chain components can be complex structures but products with universal acceptance is still possible. For example, a bicycle’s chain, cassette, shifters, and derailleurs, all can be of a different brand. And it can still work just like any other bicycle chain. When in doubt, you can always consult an expert or professional mechanic.

How much does a chain for a bike cost?

A 9-speed bike chain can cost you around AED48 to AED80. Further, the price continues to go higher as the speed count increases. For example, an 11-speed chain is around AED165. Other than speed count, specifications like fine material, high intensity, and efficient transmission, decide upon the price. Also, if the product is easy to install, it shows the work of fine workmanship. Aesthetics is another factor because a chain is a visible part, which can make or break the overall look of the bike. Typically, you will see mountain bike chains are expensive than road bike chains. You can explore products of all budget range on our shopping platform,

Where to buy bicycle chains online?

Buying a chain is about buying the life of your bicycle. It is that part of your bicycle that joins most of the parts together. Neglecting or buying a poor quality will lead to the malformation of the whole bike. Therefore, finding a good platform is a must. Our shopping search engine can give you an excellent start, whether you are finding a bicycle chain or any other bike parts. It is an all-in-one platform ready to give you a seamless shopping experience. Only by visiting the platform, you can know and explore the exciting products list.