Bicycle Bells

About Bicycle Bells

A bicycle bell is only an audio alert for passers-by, but for you, it is one of the bike parts that have an aesthetical value too. No wonder you want the bell to look and sound just perfect. As there is a magnitude of variants and alternatives available in the marketplace, it is difficult to settle for one.

A bicycle bell is mounted on the handlebar and usually produces a ding sound when you push the lever on it. This is the conventional design and function of a bicycle bell. However, you can decide to customise to your liking. For example, you can have different sound signals or the volume can be customised as well. You can find such variants online easily. We won’t say there are these endless variants produced by the manufacturers. But there are plenty so you can choose the best bicycle bell that will last long. But before you start exploring the products online, you can read a little to get a basic understanding of the product. It will make your purchase quality-driven and cost-effective.

Bicycle bells versus horns

Bicycle bells are thumb activated. You press the lever with your thumb, and it produces a sound. The operation is manual, but there is an electric system inside the product. On the other hand, a horn is a complete manual device. It is a vintage-style product with a rubber ball and trumpet. When you mount it on the handlebar, the trumpet side faces the road. You have to press the ball, and it creates this loud honking noise. Although this type is an old model, you will find current customisations alluring. The top variant is digital horns that you can explore. Overall, these are the two types you must know before buying bicycle bells online in the UAE.

Buying road bike bell

Cycling on roads, especially on busy streets can be dangerous. You might be a professional rider, but you still cannot withstand the blow of heavy vehicles like a truck or even a small car. You must be cautious with protective measures and buying bicycle bells is a mandate. It would help if you had a bell that is not very loud but audible enough. Also, you should mount it in a way that makes it reachable with a thumb. It must not displace your hand from the handle because you got to be multi-tasking on roads. It is not just about bells, even though you are buying accessories or any bike part for your road bicycle, you should consider the busy streets and make it your priority.

Bicycle bell with compass

You can call it an advancement wherein two critical devices are integrated into one. A bicycle bell and compass both are needed by professional riders or someone who likes going on long trails. It would be a great combination as you do not have to reach the bag for navigation. A compass always in your direct vision is practical and logical. However, there are products in the market that showcases compasses only for decoration purposes. They are not functional. So, be very cautious while exploring the products and read the specifications list before adding a product into your cart.

Electric bike horn

A basic version of an electric horn can be a push-button style with a pleasant sound. When buying, you need to check out the sound pressure level to make sure the bell is audible enough depending on your trails. An advanced version is a bike horn with six modes of sound. You can change them based on the road you are cycling. For example, you are on a busy street where people often ignore cyclists or could not hear the basic ding or tring. Then, you can customise your horn loud enough for them to hear. When you are mountaineering, you can make the noise as lowest as possible. More specifications of bicycle bells include them being waterproof, USB rechargeable, rainproof, and many others. You can choose the features based on your needs, budget, and other preferences.

Tips on how to buy Bicycle bells online

You need to understand the functional aspects of a product before buying, be it a bell or a handlebar of your bicycle. If we talk about bicycle bells, they have to be visually and verbally pleasing despite their functioning. So, you have more to cater to when buying. And to get that done, a list of a few decision-making parameters can assist you to make an informed decision. The list is compiled below and we are positive that these points will make your shopping drive easy and less time-consuming.

  • Material – Aluminium, brass, copper, iron, steel, or plastic are the materials from which bicycle bells are usually made of. You can choose any of them based on your personal preferences and budget. However, making the material a primary factor may or may not be on your list because there are more features to scrutinise.
  • Sound – Here, you have to contemplate between the type of sound and volume. You can choose the sound like a ding dong, tring, or honk – you will find it written under the specifications list. Coming to the volume, it depends on your purpose. You will need a higher volume for busy streets and low for long trails on mountains.
  • Mounting – When you put it on the handlebar, it must not jiggle or rattle. The bicycle bell must remain intact in its position for smooth functioning. To make sure it does, you have to check out the handlebar diameter written under the specifications list and make sure it matches your bicycle.
  • Additions – You can buy a bicycle bell with vibrant colours or graphics on top of it. Other than that, a compass on top is another feature or an adjustable strap to make it more sturdy is a great idea to implement. Some additional features make the bell look fancy and others elevate its functionality. You can explore and choose as per your liking.
  • Shape – Mostly, bells are round in shape, and that is something familiar worldwide. Well, dig in deep, and you will find some interesting and funky shapes as well. You can invest in a doughnut shape or simple box-shaped bells. Or you can go for duck-shaped styles too.

Along with the tips to buy a bicycle bell, we would also like to list a few brands here as having these names handy will help a lot. A few brand names include Trigger Bell, Knog Oi Bell, Supercycle, Crane E, Bobbin, Acor, MKS Japan, BBB Easyfit, and Nello. You can find all of these names or even more on our shopping platform. If you do not want to start with brands, you can explore some cheap bicycle bells to buy.

Question & Answer

What is the best bike bell?

More or less, buying the best bicycle bell depends on the location you are cycling. For instance, you are cycling on a busy road where you do not want to loosen your grip to choose between braking and pinging. In that case, you can select the brand Trigger Bells. They have the bell mounted in the right place where it is safe as well as functional. Otherwise, if you want something for your day to day activities that do not involve much safety threat, you can choose the brand Bobbin. Their products are aesthetically pleasing. Likewise, you can keep your purpose in mind and choose a suitable product. You can explore more brand names and variations on our shopping platform,

Are bells required on bikes?

Well, there are places where mounting a bicycle bell is not mandatory. People can just say excuse me, and that works. But if you think about it, you may be better off with a bell that is not very loud to annoy the pedestrians. If you are not sure, you can buy a digital horn with different volumes of sound. You can choose a pleasant sound level based on your location. Well, a personalised product like this always comes to the rescue when you get confused about buying a product. But keeping your personal thoughts aside, these bells are a must-have.

Where to buy a bicycle bell online?

Without any doubt, our shopping search engine can let you experience a seamless shopping journey. It is not just about bicycle bells, but you can find other bike parts or categories as well. There are more categories that you can explore upon your visit to the platform. A magnitude of brands, online shops, and endless products under one roof can make your experience more exciting. You will be able to explore, compare, and decide on the product within a stipulated time. What’s more than saving time scrolling the products online? So, visit now and see all the potential products available here.

Which side does a bicycle bell go on?

The general rule says that the bicycle bell should be on the opposite side of the front brake. The placement of the bell should be in a way that you don’t lose the grip or else you can create imbalance. Also, make sure the placement is in such a way that you do not have to move your hand from where it is naturally placed when you ride. You must be able to reach the lever of the bell with your thumb given the limitations. If you have short hands, you can adjust the bell accordingly. You side, deciding the side alone is not enough. The right placement matters equally.