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About Bicycle Lights

Bicycling is a healthy and environmentally-friendly choice. However, not having the right gears in your cycle can get you the worst experiences. Let us explore the essential accessory for a safe and comfortable ride, i.e. bicycle lights.

Most of the bikes come with already installed lights. However, with the change in time, cycling has transformed from being just a commute to a popular sports activity. Therefore, cyclists must choose and install the right lights depending upon the type of bike, riding conditions and time of the ride. You need different lights for different riding activities such as commuting, mountain biking, road riding and racing. They are there to serve two primary purposes- to see and to be seen. ‘Lights to see’ allow riders to spot vehicles and obstacles coming ahead on the way. On the other hand, the other type is low powered lamps that help riders get visibility. So, do you want to equip your bike with the right amount of lights? On this page, we will unveil everything you need to know about various bicycle lights.

Types of bicycle LED lights

Bicycle lights come in various forms to serve different purposes. For example, be seen lights see lights, sidelights, flashers, daytime illuminators and helmet lights, to name a few. The earliest forms of bicycle lamps were oil-powered and acetylene gas lamps. However, these were high maintenance and inconvenient. Later came lead-acid batteries, dry cells and alkaline batteries with improved reliability. Still, these forms were not much effective. Thanks to the discovery of electrical light bulbs, specifically, LEDs that use less energy and produce less heat. The best part is that they offer a brighter illusion than any other older form of light. Let us explore some lights you must have on your bike.

Bicycle headlight

When you ride in the dark, a bicycle headlight comes in handy. You will never face many problems looking for adequate taillights but choosing appropriate headlights can be tricky. A bright one requires a large battery for power and is expensive. In contrast, small headlights suffice the need while you ride under streetlights but are inefficient at lighting up dark roads. Cyclists nowadays use modern LED bike lights having powerful beams coming out of a little unit. The great part is that it is easy to recharge them via USB. Headlights vary significantly in power. However, most of them come with flashing settings so that the rider can adjust the output as per the requirements. The bicycle headlight price varies as per lumens and adjustment features they come with.

Bicycle taillight

Cyclists often downplay the importance of taillights as compared to headlights. However, the vehicle behind you cannot spot your presence without taillights, resulting in severe collisions. So, it is wise to invest in rear lights to give visibility to the other road users. Taillights are not just saviours at night but also in times of fog, low light or dappled shades. They often come with few lumens since the purpose is to be visible. Although, if you are planning to light it up in the daytime, taillights can range up to 300 lumens. Most of them come with a setting to tailor brightness according to the rider’s requirements.

Bike wheel lights

Wheel bicycle lights lie in the form of glowing circles or arcs. They are great at improving the visibility of a bike from the side. With the help of glowing rims, cyclists can isolate themselves from traffic and city lights. Wheel lights are a lot different than head or taillights. They are not so bright to light up the track. Instead, they are more of a decorative choice. However, wheel lights are essential bike parts while you ride in the dark so that other people can easily see you.

Tips on how to buy Bicycle Lights in Dubai

Now that you know the importance of bike lights, you must be eager to get the crucial ones for your bike. There are many bike lights available in the market, varying in type, size, colour, and purpose of the application. If you think about which one to go for, here is a quick guide that would help you buy bike lights online in the UAE.

  • Purpose of application – When it comes to bike lights, there are two primary ways to come- see lights and to be seen lights. See the light refers to a light that illuminates the road, other vehicles and obstacles ahead. It offers a narrow beam angle and bright light. On the other hand, riders use the latter to be visible to other road users. Both differ in the number of lumens and intensity of light. So, while purchasing bike lights, it is essential to know which type would be useful for you.
  • Type – Bicycle lights come in a wide variety, including see lights, to be visible lights, sidelights, daytime illuminators, flashlights and more. Riders use ‘see lights’ to see where they are heading and be seen lights to let other vehicles spot their presence. Sidelights help you get all-around visibility, whereas a helmet light adds an extra visualness at the driver’s eye level—daytime light switches on when riders pull the handbrake, enabling excellent daytime visibility. So, before you head shopping, be sure you know which light would suffice your current needs.
  • Brands – Never compromise on the quality of products when it comes to safety. You can get a huge variety of bike lights at the lowest price slab possible. However, they might ditch you anytime, leading to severe outcomes. So, pick your products from reliable sellers. Some of the trustworthy brands operating in the industry include Bontrager, Lumina, Serfas, Cygolite, Lezyne and Blackburn. You can find them here on
  • Law – Cycle lighting regulations differ from country to country. So, make sure the lights you purchase do abide by the laws of your place. You can find bike lights at a surprisingly low cost from any online dealer. But, be cautious as some might not comply with the rules.

Bicycle lights are accessible through both online as well as physical stores. However, at brick and mortar shops, you will have access to just limited options. So, you should prefer to order online. You do not have to go anywhere else if you want to make a purchase right away. Here on, we feature various bicycle lights offered by more than 500 online stores. You can compare prices to narrow down your choices as per your budget. Get cheap bike taillights, headlights, flashers, sidelights and bike wheel lights for sale. So, what are you waiting for? Commence your online shopping journey and have a great experience!

Question & Answer

Which is the best bike light for night riding?

Headlights for night riding should be bright enough to illuminate at least 200 yards. If you ride at night often, look for the ones rated above 1000 lumens. About taillights, they can lie anywhere between 5 to 100 lumens so that the nearby and oncoming vehicles can observe your presence. There is a specific set of rules for bicycle lighting that different countries follow. So, while purchasing one, please keep them in consideration. Most states require reflectors as safety gear, usually on the front, rear, wheels, and pedals.

Which are the best bicycle lights?

Bicycle lights come in a wide variety depending upon their size, purpose of application, type and time of the ride. If you use your bicycle for daylight commuting, then a simple front and rear light with few lumens would be enough. However, you would require a powerful front headlight rated above 1000 lumens with a blinking taillight for rides after sunset. For mountain bikers, helmet-mounted lights are the best bicycle lights to buy to get an even illumination.

How many lumens should a bike light be?

There is no fixed measure of lumens you require. How many lumens you need for your bike depends upon the type of riding you are carrying out. However, here’s what expert cyclists suggest- To be seen lights for daytime require 100+ Lumens. Urban commuting lights should be somewhere between 50 to 200 Lumens. When it comes to rural riding ‘to see’ lights, they should be between 400 to 600 Lumens. For night riding, the front light should be over 1000 Lumens. Whichever power you choose, remember that your front light has to be more in Lumen count than the rear one.

Where to buy bike lights online?

They come in a vast assortment depending upon the type of ride, time of ride, the purpose of application and many other factors. If you are looking for them online, it can be an overwhelming experience for you. You will get a massive collection to choose from. If you feel a dilemma, stay right here. We are home to various bicycle lights offered by best sellers in the industry at an affordable cost. You can even compare prices, use filters and sorting options to narrow down your choices. n our product search engine, you will find the best products offered by ace brands in the industry.