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An uncomfortable bike saddle can make your ride miserable. It can get you all sorts of problems ranging from bum soreness to a prostrate. Consider replacement right away if you face any such discomfort. Let us explore what exactly to look for while purchasing bicycle saddles.

A bicycle comes with a saddle. However, it begins to deteriorate after some months of regular use, which can be a reason for discomfort for you. Saddles can break down due to several reasons, including friction, sweat and sunlight. If your saddle has reached such a condition, you should consider a replacement. Although, finding an appropriate saddle for your bike is a daunting task. They come in a wide assortment depending upon the riding you do. There are different bicycle saddles suitable for road cycling, mountain biking, commuting and touring. Let us explore which one suits your needs the best.

Exploring various types of comfortable bike seats

There is a huge variety of bike parts you can get in the market, including saddles. If you are not a frequent buyer, it can be an overwhelming experience for you. You would like to seek recommendations. Although, comfort is a subjective notion. What suits your friend might not suit you. Therefore, you cannot blindly go with other people’s suggestions. It is essential to know about various saddles and their properties to get the right one for your bike. So, on this page, we will unveil the information you require about seat materials, design, cushioning, shape and size of the bicycle saddles.

Mountain bike saddles

Mountain biking is a lot different from regular biking. You have to stand up on peddles, squat and crouch down in a tucked position. Due to these sudden movements, you require a specific saddle with a streamlined shape and enough padding. Mountain bike saddles are narrow, lightweight and sloped downwards. The old school mountain bikes used to have fixed saddles that riders could not adjust much. However, modern bike geometry promotes dynamic saddles that adjust while you ride down a rough stretch. Moreover, high tech materials are used in their construction not to discomfort the rider.

Noseless bike seats

Noseless saddles come with split down centres which means they have no nose. They are invented to remove pressure from one of the most sensitive areas of the human body, i.e. perineal area. Bicycle saddles with no nose can have light to medium weight and enough padding. A traditional bike saddle keeps your body weight exactly at the point it should not. If you are an occasional rider, conventional saddles can work fine. However, frequent bike users should consider switching to a better design. However, when it comes to riding, everyone’s anatomy is different. Some riders find comfort in perineal cutout, while some prefer saddles with a slight indentation.

Wide bicycle seats for women

The bicycle seats for women are a bit wider than the male-specific saddles. The cutouts or compressions are placed on some other spots as per female anatomy. If the bicycle saddles are used interchangeably, then they might bring soft tissue compression problems. The wide bicycle seats are designed in a way that you get the required airflow during long rides and also protect your perineum. They are lightweight, comfortable and good looking too.

Tips on how to buy Bicycle Saddles in Dubai

Bicycle saddles vary as per the construction material, shape and riding practices of a rider. You can get a massive number of options once you step into the market to purchase. To save you from such an overwhelming experience, we on have prepared a brief guide on what exactly to look for when you buy a bicycle seat online in UAE. Let us explore some of the prominent factors affecting your purchase.

  • Type of riding – The kind of ride you do should be your first and foremost consideration while choosing any saddle. Bicycle saddles come in various shapes to suit different rides such as mountain biking, daily commute, and track riding. For example, long and narrow bicycle seats with less cushioning are suitable for road cycling. However, for mountain riding, the saddle should have a streamlined shape and much cushioning.
  • Cushioning – Bicycle saddles come with various types of cushioning. Gel and foam cushioning are the two primary forms. Recreational riders prefer gel cushioning due to the superior comfort they offer. On the other hand, foam cushioning provides more support than gel-based one and is also comfortable. Road riders prefer it. Some bicycle saddles even come with no cushioning for the riders who do not like gel or foam-based saddles. The plus point with no cushioning is that it remains cooler, which makes it suitable for long hot rides.
  • Cover material – This is the outermost part of a saddle that withstands all the abuse, including friction, constant pressure and moisture. Hence, while purchasing a saddle, look for tough cover material. Most of the covers are made up of plastic or rubber, whereas mountain biking requires a hard-wearing leather surface. So, choose the material as per your riding practices.
  • Cutouts – A lot of riders prefer saddles with cutouts to put the least pressure on soft tissues. These saddles offer amazing ventilation and also distribute pressure on parts other than sensitive nerves and veins. However, some riders might find solid saddles more comfortable. So, choose one according to your riding style and preferences.

Now that you have got a lot of information on bicycle saddles, you must be eager to get one for your bicycle. The good news is that you do not have to move anywhere else for a quick purchase. Right here on, you can find a vast collection of bicycle seats for sale. To streamline your purchase, we have brought together more than 500 online stores selling the best road bike saddles at an affordable cost. Enjoy effortless shopping on our product search engine powered by advanced searching, filters and sorting options. Also, compare prices to find products under your budget. So, hurry up and have a happy shopping ahead!

Question & Answer

What is the best saddle for long-distance cycling?

Bike saddles come in a wide variety depending upon various factors. They can be flat or scooped, with a nose or no nose, semi-round or round. However, when it comes to long-distance cycling, you have to look for the most comfortable one. Unfortunately, no one saddle can be named as best for long rides as we all have different levels of flexibility and riding positions. For example, for upright body positions, the saddle has to be a bit wider with much cushioning. On the other hand, sportier positions require comparatively firmer saddles.

How do I find the perfect bike saddle?

The selection of a bike saddle depends upon the type of riding, rider’s position, sit bone widths and flexibility. In general, upright body positions require bicycle saddles with more width, padding, and a flat top to support your sit bones. In contrast, curved, narrow, and lightly padded surfaces are suitable for performance body positions. Your choice of bicycle saddles should go in line with the types of riding you are into. Road bikers use narrow and streamlined saddles for an efficient transfer of power. Mountain biking saddles are small but have much cushioning to aid comfort on bumpy terrain. On the other hand, leather saddles are the best choice for touring.

Are leather bike saddles better?

Leather bicycle saddles are fantastic at suiting most riding styles. They can be uncomfortable at first, just like shoes but start fitting you later. Leather is durable and great at telling the stories of rides you have taken. However, it is more expensive than the synthetic materials used to make bicycle saddles. So, you have to be a bit open-handed once you decide to purchase leather seats. The downside is that even high-end leather is vulnerable to harsh weather. If not appropriately protected, water or excessive sun exposure can cause cracking and fading in a leather bicycle saddle.

Are bicycle seats universal?

No, bicycle seats are not universal. Each bike has a different mounting for seats based on the frame design of the model. The space available over the frame determines and height, length and width of the seat. So, take your bike’s model into consideration while purchasing a new saddle for your bike. The kind of ride you do should be your first and foremost consideration while choosing any saddle. You should also consider your budget and requirements in mind. Having a comfortable bike saddle is a dream of every rider. On, we feature products offered by the best brands in the industry, including Bontrager, Brooks, MTB, BMX, Velo and Serfas. Also, get cheap bicycle saddles to buy if you have budget restrictions.

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