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About Bicycle Group Sets

The bicycle groupsets are also known as Gruppo. They refer to any electronic or mechanical parts involved in braking, changing gear or running the drivetrain. It means everything, including the shifters, front and rear brake callipers, brake levers, front and rear derailleurs, bottom brackets, carnets, cassettes or chains.

So when you buy a bike, after the frame, the group set is the second thing you should look at. It is a key that determines factors in working out whether the brake in from of you is serving good value for money or not. Around the globe, there are three main manufacturers of bike components, specifically group sets. All these manufacturers offer a wide range of bicycle groupsets at competitive price points. Therefore you might not need to worry much about the brands. But you should pay attention to your needs and bike specifications. Only then you can pick the most appropriate and compatible item.

Beginner’s guide to components of bicycle groupsets

A mountain bike group, Groupo or group is all the ways to describe the collection of parts that make a bicycle drivetrain. So when you head to buy anything like Shimano mountain bike groupsets, make sure you know what components you need to buy. A complete groupset will include a crankset, shifters, and many other items. Sometimes, brakes are included in the group setting, but we will focus on the drivetrains in this guide. This bike is designed to explain the components of a group setting and the different options offered by two of the main manufacturers, namely: SRAM and Shimano.

The cranksets of the bike

These brands offer different versions with one, two and three chainrings. The triple set is an old classic that consists of three chainrings. Here the largest starts with a 42 to 44 tooth outer ring. The middle ring has 32 to 34, and the smaller one contains 22 to24 teeth. The double crankset now comes with 10-speed drivetrains and offers a narrow gear range with lesser overlaps. Here the inner ring contains 22 to 28 teeth. The single style is the most common type of crank used in the market. It is also referred to as 1x and is popular on downhill mountain bikes .

The bottom bracket

On any mountain, the bike group set the bottom bracket as another compulsory item. Here different frames are used on different bottom bracket systems, including threaded and press fit. A crankset cannot take you much far without bearings to spin on. These bearings are pressed or threaded into a mountain bike’s bottom bracket shell. These brackets are available in a staggering array of configurations, so you might need to do a bit of research before placing an order online.

The cassettes

Brands offer a wide range of up to 12-speed cassettes that can offer 10 -51t spread. Besides the stated, these cassettes come in a wide range of speeds and sizes. Like the cranksets, the cassette choice is often based on the price and intended bike riding style. You can find these cassettes in 7 to 12-speed versions. They are usually referred to by the smallest to largest cogs to indicate the total range. The downhill bikes often use narrow range cassettes. At the same time, most bikes favour a cassette with a wide spread of gears to make climbing easier.

Tips on how to buy Bicycle Group Set online in the UAE

When you head to explore a retail search engine , you will find a wide range of bicycle groupsets varying in price, quality, performance and more. No matter what your needs are and what brand you like to buy, make sure you invest in a high-quality product. These products can last with you for a long and make your bike riding experience more comfortable, fun, and secure. And to find such products, you should look at a reliable retail search engine. This is how you can easily search and buy products from top global brands in lesser time. Here are some tips to make the best choice for your bike.

  • The weight – First thing that you can think about is the weight of the set. A lighter bike will easily accelerate, climb, and brake. So matter if you are looking at mountain bike drivetrains, wheels of even a complete structure, lesser weight is often a major factor in a higher cost.
  • The durability – Durability improves with price, but it also plateaus at the second-tier option. In some cases, the durability can also decline the most expensive options where absolute weight-saving trumps product longevity.
  • The performance of set – Besides reducing weights, a branded bike groupset has many other ways to increase its performance. They offer a smoother, precise and quicker shift between gears. It also includes reduced effort at the level that helps in riding a bike for hours.
  • Additional features – Besides extra gears, these sets also offer additional features. These may include clutch equipped rear derailleurs or chain taut that can improve the shifting over rough terrains. Such features help to make riding easier in complex areas.
  • Product details – While buying online, you can read about all these specifications and features in the product description section. Even if you are familiar with the group set, it is better to read these details and ensure that all the new modifications are compatible with your own bike.

It is better to pick a discipline-oriented item when it comes to bikes or bike parts and accessories like groupsets. Today there are so many disciplines in bike riding. Therefore, you should find that it works perfectly for your riding needs. As in mountain bike riding, you may need to look for accessories and items that are perfect for climbing steep hills and serve well in descending a cliff.

Question & Answer

Which bicycle groupset should I buy for my mountain bike?

Most of the bike riders suggest buying Shimano’s mountain bike groupsets. This Japanese manufacturer offers w wide range of sets for a variety of mountain bikes and biking practices. These sets are available in the hierarchy of the least to most expensive and technologically advanced patterns. So you can start by exploring products like Shimano Tourney; Shimano Altus M2000, Shimano Acera M3000 and Shimano Alivio M3100. The best and most advanced item you can find to buy includes Shimano XTR M9050 and Shimano XTR M9100.

Which bike groupset do I need?

You will need to buy a bicycle groupsets that is precise and includes all the items. Buying any of these items will cost you much more than buying a set. The set you should pick to buy must consist of shifters, cassettes, chainsets, derailleurs, bottom brackets, brakes, chains and cables. Also, keep in mind that these group sets are arranged into hierarchies with compatible parts grouped according to price and quality. There are many manufacturers that offer a wide range of bicycle groupsets at competitive price points.

Which are the best brands of bike groupset?

The Sram, Campagnolo, and Shimano Deore are some of the best-selling brands you can find online. These brands are known for offering the best and highest quality cycle products. These products are known and trusted for their durability and performance. Hence when it comes to buying any bicycle-related product or accessories, explore the top brands stated above or find more options for bicycle groupsets at Here, we have more than 500 online sellers offering the best products at affordable prices.

Where to buy bike groupset online in the UAE?

To buy the best-branded items, you can explore any retail search engine. This is where all the bestselling top global brands come to display their products. With fierce competition to make maximum sales, the brands offer economical price options. Hence you can compare and buy products at cheaper rates. Moreover, you can also compare products from different brands for features and prices. At, you can search more than 500 global brands selling bicycle groupsets.

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