Bicycle Wheels

About Bicycle Wheels

Bicycle wheels play a significant role in determining the quality of your ride. They have to withstand a considerable amount of wear and tear to provide a smooth experience to the rider. Let us explore the importance of having the right ones.

Whether riding to work or enjoying a cross country run, having an effortless ride is every biker’s dream. A good set of bicycle wheels can help you much in achieving that. The characteristics like aerodynamics, lightness and durability exemplify the quality of a bike wheel. However, if you have ridden much, what your bike requires is wheel replacement. While getting new wheels for your bike, you should be aware of the prominent parts it is made up of. Components such as a hub, spokes, rim, nipples, and tire make a functional wheel. Let us explore more about them. 

A guide on bicycle wheel parts

Your bike wheel is of some crucial components that affect its speed, handling and overall performance. It is one of the essential bike parts. The bikes for sure come with a set of wheels by default. An ideal wheel provides you with a correct balance of strength, lightweight feel and durability. Although, it deteriorates with time depending upon your riding practices. A good biker should know when to replace the bike wheels. To know that, you should be aware of the various parts they are made up of. If we simplify bicycle wheels, we will say that it majorly consists of three parts: Rim, hub and a set of spokes. Read on to understand them in detail. 

Bicycle rims

Rim is the outer edge of a wheel that holds the tire. It plays a massive role in determining the durability of the wheel and its rotating weight. There are three major types of rims- shallow section, mid-section and deep section. A shallow section is an entry-level wheel that is suitable for most riding practices. It provides an excellent level of strength to weight ratio. Riders prefer mid-section wheels as they provide a lightweight feel and aerodynamics gain. Lastly, a deep section is best for speedy rides. So, when to replace rims? Some rims come up with a replacement indicator so that when you see it, you consider upgrading the wheels. If your rim does not have it, it’s great to access the service centre to determine your wheels’ health. 

Hub and spokes of road bike wheels 

Two of the most prominent parts that are present inside a wheel’s rim are the hub and spokes. Hub is the centre part of a wheel on which it rotates. It has bearings, an axle and a hub shell. The axle attaches to the dropouts on the frame. The Hub shell is the component to which spokes are attached. Lastly, bearings are the part that allows the hub shell to rotate. Speaking of spokes, they serve as a medium to connect the rim and hub. A set of spokes offers required support to the rim and distributes the pressure around the whole structure of the wheel evenly. They are typically made up of stainless steel, aluminium or even titanium. 

Parts of an electric bike wheel

The wheels of an electric bike differ slightly from a standard bike. Apart from essential components, they have motors mounted on them to add extra power to your natural rides. A front hub motor is attached at the centre of the front wheel of a bicycle. As you move forward, it gives you a feel of a front-wheel-drive car. On the other hand, you will find rear hub motor in mid-range models. It rests on the back wheel of a bicycle. This motor functions a bit different as it has to also interact with gears and other parts of the bike.  

Tips on how to buy Bicycle Wheels in Dubai

Wheels are one of the essential parts of any bicycle. One has to be very cautious while replacing them with new ones. However, it can be an overwhelming experience for you if you step into the market to purchase them. They come in a vast variety depending upon size, material, durability and affordability. So, how to decide which one is going to be suitable for your bike? Take it easy! Here are some guiding tips that would surely help you get the best bicycle wheels to buy in Dubai, UAE.

  • Rims – There are three main types of rims- Shallow section, mid-section and deep section. Different rims have different properties. A shallow section is most common among riders that provides excellent strength to weight ratio. Mid-section rims are lightweight and have superior aerodynamics. Deep section wheels are great if you want a speedy ride. Picking a wheel with the appropriate rim is essential as different rims have different benefits to offer.
  • Weight – Light wheels pay off very well if you climb as they lower the overall bike weight. On the other hand, daily commuters or touring cyclists might need to handle heavy loads on their bikes. For that, their wheels should be strong. So, it is essential to choose wheels as per requirements.
  • Weather – You should consider the weather conditions of the area you will be riding in while selecting the tires. Different tires are apt for different types of climates. For example, summer tires are made up of soft rubber that offers maximum traction on dry roads. Winter tires are suitable for ice so that they can withstand the freezing temperature.
  • Size of the tire – The tire is an integral part of a bike’s wheel. They come in a wide array of diameters and widths. A large diameter tire is suitable for speedy rides but, at the same time, a bit unstable. Regarding the width, slim tires are faster but not suitable for loose surfaces. You enjoy the same experience with fat tires, but they are better at keeping you on track.

Keeping the above considerations in mind would help you choose the right wheels for your bicycle. Several brands are operating in the industry, offering various types of tires. However, you have to be cautious while determining their quality. On, we have filtered down a list of brands that provide high-quality bike wheels. Those brands are ACS, DT Swiss, Stan’s, Shimano, Campagnolo, Zipp, Knight Composites and Cosine. You can find them all on So, initiate your online shopping journey and get various bicycle wheels and tires for sale right here.

Question & Answer

What is the difference between 700c and 26-inch wheels?

A 700c tire is a narrow tire with low rolling resistance and less cushioning, so it can be harsh for you if you ride on rough terrain. On the other hand, a 26-inch tire is wider and has more cushioning. Therefore, the air absorbs most of the shock when you hit an obstruction, and riders enjoy a trouble-free experience. You will find 26-inch wheels mostly in mountain bikes and hybrid bikes. Even if you plan a mixed ride, i.e. on-road and off-road, 26″ wheels are best for you.

What are the parts of a wheel?

Several components come together to form a bike wheel. The most prominent parts of a wheel are the rim, spokes, tire, and hub. Rim is the outermost part of a wheel on which the tire is mounted. It comes in the form of clincher rims, tubular rims and tubeless rims. Hub is the centre of the wheel on which it rotates. Axle, bearings and hub shell come together to form a hub. The rim and hub are connected through a set of spokes. One end of each spoke is threaded for the nipple; a specialized nut is used to adjust the tension and connect the spoke to the rim.

Why are bicycle wheels so expensive?

The difference in the price of bike wheels depends upon many factors such as brands, construction material, making and complexity. Wheels that are made up of better material and assembly have higher rates than the normal ones. Carbon and alloy are the two materials used to make bike wheels, out of which carbon is expensive and more popular. The carbon wheelset offers excellent aerodynamics and exhibits very few errors. They are also lightweight and faster than other prominent varieties of tires.

Where to buy bicycle wheels online?

Bicycle wheels come in a wide variety depending upon construction material, size, pattern and properties. When you step into the market to buy a set, you might feel a dilemma looking at a massive number of options. However, on, we have made it slightly easier. We have over 500 online stores offering the best bicycle wheels on our product search engine. You can narrow down your choice using advanced filters and sorting features. The best part is that it covers almost all the best wheel sellers operating in the middle east. So, you do not have to move anywhere else for any of your requirements.