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Home storage solutions are indispensable for any modern and organised home. Even very small spaces look neat, organised, and tidy, with the right home storage solutions. A cluttered or disorganised home, with ill-suited home storage solutions, generates negative energy, reduces productivity, and increase stress levels. 

The most common home storage options are storage boxes, racks and cabinets, tables, hooks, chest of drawers, and more. These options come in various sizes, shapes, colour, and materials, The best home storage configuration depends on the space available and the preferred theme. For instance, if space is less, a racked home storage option, with storage racks extending to the roof, is optimal. An ornate decor might require home storage solutions of a certain design, and colour. A minimalist approach would need less storage and vast empty spaces in the room. Our product search engine offers home storage solutions from all the popular brands. Here, you get cheap home storage solutions and the best home storage ideas.  

Home organization 

Home organization is key to make optimal use of space and also live a refreshing life. As a first step towards the home organization, clear the junk, and retain only the items you need. Next, identify suitable storage space for the items remaining. Categorise the items on hand, such as clothes, beauty accessories, shoes and footwear, kitchen accessories, condiments, pots and pans, and more. Invest in home storage such as cabinets, boxes, and hooks. When doing a home organization, consider ergonomics, ease of access, neatness, and attractiveness. Store items in such a way that the most frequently used items get the most accessible slots. For instance, ditch mismatched clothes hangers in favour of non-slip slimline hangers to increase space in the closet. These also enhance the appearance of the closet. 

Home storage solutions 

Storage and organization go hand-in-hand. The best home storage solutions help you to organise all your items neatly, in an easily accessible manner. Good home storage solutions clear the clutters and infuses positive energy. There is no standard list of items for home organization. The ideal home storage solution depends on the nature of items to be stored, the size of the rooms, and the facilities on offer. For instance, small spaces require clever storage solutions such as drawers under the bed. A free wall in the kitchen makes it possible to place a pegboard for small cooking accessories such as spoons. For best results, the colour and style of the racks, boxes, bins, drawers, and other home storage furniture must match the overall colour and theme of the room. 

Home office storage 

Most people underestimate the importance of keeping the home office organised. The productivity of the remote worker directly relates to a well-furnished and neatly designed home office. Open shelves are an integral part of home office storage. Open shelves make it easy to locate and access items. A home office also needs a few drawers with locks, to store confidential papers and USB sticks. Storage boxes of varying sizes help you to store away non-essential items, or items not needed but which cannot be disposed of or destroyed for various reasons. A portable caddy, for key stationery and mobile phone, makes it easy to carry around the most important things, if you have to shift your location. Our product search engine leads you to the best place to buy home storage. 

Ikea home organization 

Ikea is one of the most popular brands across the world for home storage and home organization solutions. Ikea products such as Billy bookcase, Räskog utility cart, Kallax shelf unit, Skadis pegboard, Eket Wall-Mounted Storage and more are household names, with sales clocking millions of unit. Ikea products are modular, making it easy to configure it as per the requirements. Most products come in different shelve options, to suit your needs and the spatial layout of the room. Each Ikea home organization product has been developed after considerable research, meaning the product is ergonomically sound. One of the most popular Ikea home organisation product is covered shoe storage. Trones shoe cabinet, Bissa three-cabinet shoe compartment, and Skubb shoe boxes are common furniture in many households. 

Clever storage solutions 

Organizing small spaces require clever storage solutions. For instance, a pull-down rack not just saves space, but makes spaces easier to reach. A corner wooden shelf optimises the space, adds to the attractiveness of the room, and enables storing items without clutter. Adjustable closet shelves make it possible to eke out extra space without making the room more cluttered. A kitchen table with stools and storage space at the bottom offers good storage capacity without consuming extra space. Slide-out storage spaces under the bed again optimise the use of space. Removable inserts in drawers give every item its place and prevents confusing clutters. A wall-mounted toothpaste holder keeps the bathroom counter free. An over-the-door shoe rack keeps the floors free. 

Tips on how to buy Home Storage online in the UAE

Home storage options are virtually infinite. The top brands you can consider include Brabantia, Cosmoplast, Feelings, HomeBox, Home Centre, iDesign, Ikea, Raj, and Vosarea. However, do not go by the marketing pitches or popularity alone. Read the product descriptions carefully, to make sure the selected home storage products suit your needs and is within your budget. If the price for a product is high compared to a similar product, consider if the higher-priced product is made with superior materials. In other words, look for the value on offer instead of comparing the price in absolute terms. Pay heed to the following considerations when buying home storage.

  • Purpose – Always buy home storage solution based on the items to be stored. Trying to adjust the storage items with the design and capacity of the storage solution is a recipe for clutter.
  • Material – Home storage solution come in various materials, from particle board to plastic, and from cardboard to cast iron. Each material has its price point as well. Make a trade-off between your budget and durability.
  • Utility – Never buy home storage based on looks alone. Consider the utility of the item, and how it gels with the overall room.
  • Price – Do not look at the price of the home storage in absolute terms. Consider the overall value on offer. For instance,m it might be worth it to pay more for a rack that matches the one you already have.
  • Guarantee – Most home storage items do not have any moving parts. But when you buy branded items, such as Ikea or Home Center products, you are assured of a quality product, with replacement guarantee.

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Question & Answer

What are the types of home storage items?

The different types of home storage items include storage racks, storage cupboards, trolleys, storage compartments, chest of drawers, wall hooks, boxes including shoeboxes, baskets, shoe cabinets, drawer units, storage cases, pegboard, chest of drawers, storage tables, shelving unit, door hangers, storage bag, and more. The rates of these home storage products vary depending on the brand, the style, and the material. For instance, the best home storage containers depend on the available space configurations. Ikea offers very affordable, yet attractive home storage products, making it one of the best value for money offerings. Other brands offer premium products, with superior materials, and charge higher. Such products are more durable.

Where to buy home storage products online?

Our UAE search engine lists home storage for sale. Our product search engine is the best place to buy home storage. Here, you may compare the prices and features of different products easily. You also get a comprehensive listing of home storage products of Home Centre, Home Box, Ikea, iDesign, Raj, Brabantia, Cosmoplast, Feelings, ions, and Vosarea. By browsing through the various options, you get the best home storage ideas and cheap home storage solutions to fulfil such ideas. Top brands such as Ikea offer hundreds of products for the same category, and competitors such as Home Center offer a host of comparable products. Use our product comparison website to compare such similar looking items and buy the product that delivers the best value!

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