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You must be great fond of vintage or classic pens like fountain pens, demonstrator desk pens, and many more so, whether you choose to keep them on your desk or inside the cabinet drawers. A pen tray is the best way to showcase your collection. However, apart from pens, you can also keep pencils or markers on them.

A pen tray is a long and narrow small tray. And it’s used to hold pens or pencils, paintbrushes, pen holders, and lots more. Sometimes, it comes with dividers to hold a greater number of pens at one go. Besides, it isn’t necessary to be highly decorative, and it can be a sleek design as well. It’s also available as a covered pen holder, plastic pen tray, whiteboard pen holder, desk pen holder, and lots more. Besides, you will get all this in varied sizes, designs, and different ranges that suit your budget & conveniences. So, before you look for the pen tray for drawer units, make sure you have enough insight into the product. Else, you might realise later that it didn’t fit your expectation. So, don’t take the risk and keep reading!

Know all about slotted display trays for pens at home or office

Some people have the hobby of collecting vintage or antique pens, which isn’t less than a treasure. So, the slotted display tray is the perfect way to showcase those treasures. However, some trays come with a case and storeys. So, you can accommodate as much of the pens collection as you want. Besides, you can choose to store your paintbrushes for easy and secure storage. However, with secure lock, a number of colour choices, and a stylish look will excite you the most. There are different kinds of pen storage products which you should go through before you head to buy a fountain pen tray online in the UAE. Have a quick look!

Multifunctional wooden pen tray

Wood is always known for its sophistication and sleek look. So, this wooden tray works wonders if you like to keep your desk neat and stylish. Usually, artists prefer to keep their different sizes of brushes on it. Besides, you can use these pieces for multifunctional purposes, from small decorations for desks to functional helper organising pens. It is efficient and durable for all types of usage. However, some of the trays are made of handmade, attractive, slip-resistant, and gentle flannel bottoms. So, you can move it easily & place other items on it. Thus, this pen tray for the filing cabinet is made of beechwood, walnut wood, and other high-quality wood to give a clean design.

Elegant leather pen tray

If you have a love for leather, then try this leather tray for keeping your pens. Apart from that, this tidy desk storage is perfect for keeping your loose items organised. Thus, you can choose it for keeping your specs, car keys, house keys, paint brushes and much more. The soft texture at the base of it can even protect the fine jewellery. However, some of the products have leather on both sides, so you get full-fledged leather for your use. Thus, this pen tray for sale is available in different designs, shapes, and colours. And it’s easy to clean and durable, which is perfect for every office or studio purpose. However, some of the leather products are available for customised design, so you can use them to have a logo of your company.

Efficient whiteboard pen tray

The whiteboard is the perfect solution for any conference meeting or board meeting. However, you must have witnessed many times that without a marker nearby make, things are more complicated. So, the whiteboard pen holder is to make your things easy. It helps in organising your expo markers and dusters in one place. However, it goes along with the standard glass whiteboard. And the velcro allows for detaching the marker holder from the wall for easy cleaning around the tray. Thus, buy a whiteboard pen tray online in the UAE for easy installation, either mounted on the wall or on the whiteboard. So, you get everything near your fingertip.

Tips on how to buy Pen Trays

By now, you must have learnt why you need to opt for a pen tray at the office or home. However, while choosing the one for yourself, you must have gone through a lot of options. And it might have entirely confused you. And why not? When you have some of the finest options like a tray pencil case, pen display tray, Montblanc pen tray, and lots more. Besides, the size, designs, and materials vary with every product you choose according to your choice. Thus, while you move to buy a fountain pen tray online in the UAE, you need to research a bit to get the right guidelines for your shopping extravaganza. However, you can relax for now, as we did the task for you! Below we have listed some of the factors to acknowledge. Have a look!

  • Decide the purpose- This is the first thing which you need to do, decide your purposes! So, whether you wish to showcase your collection of vintage pens or you want to use it as a desk pen tray at home/office. Thus, it gives you the clarity in picking the right product compatible with your purpose.
  • Select the materials- There are many materials available in the market which are used for making this pen storage. However, these stationary desk item holders are made from leather, wood, plastic, glass, and lots more. Besides, the wooden pen tray is known for its excellent style and sleek look, which are durable and sturdy. 
  • Look for design & size – It is another factor which you need to look at while shopping for the pencil organiser tray. However, there are different designs and sizes available, which can easily fit your choice and preferences. Besides, the size of the product matters according to the size of the room. And there are many modern designs accessible which give an elegant impression.

There are other factors which you need to be careful about while shopping online. However, the price is always the crucial factor to look for. But you need to keep the shop budget-friendly rather than lavishly. So, this is the time to implement your knowledge. However, choose as your shopping browser and explore the massive collection of office supplies products. Plus, you get unbelievable discounts & deals from top-notch brands and shops.

Question & Answer

How to remove Pen Tray from Smartboard?

Usually, you attempt to remove the pen holder when you transport or you are going to repair your board.  So, first, you need to turn off your interactive whiteboard if you are using it. Else, straightaway proceeds to the next step, remove the pens and eraser from the pen storage. Next, you need to disconnect the modular cable below the tray. Now, if you have secured the storage tray to its brackets using the two screws, then remove the screws. However, if you have secured the pen storage using the Kensington lock or similar to it, then now unlock & remove the lock. Next, you need to look below the pen storage and pull down the two large plastic clips. Moreover, while applying pressure downwards to the clips, you need to gently slide the tray towards you until it detaches from the two L-shaped metal brackets.

How to choose the right Pen Tray?

Choosing pen storage is always a personal choice. It depends on you what type of pen storage you want. So, whether you wish to purchase pen divider trays, acrylic pen trays, or plastic pen rest, these office accessories are useful for storing all stationary things on the desk. So, you can choose to keep pens, pencils, markers, and highlighters. Thus, making the desk look clean and organised. However, some of the models have internal dividers to keep other stationery or daily items on them.  These storage trays are lightweight and durable.

How much is a Pen Tray online?

There are many pen storages which are available in a different styles to keep your desk tidy. And the bins are available in unique designs, printed all over the product. Besides, there are some models which come with three crevices to keep the stationary desk items from rolling or falling off the edges. However, they are sturdy, durable, and printed all over the 3D wrap effect on the sides. Besides, some of the models are made from stonemax. It is moulded into a unique, quirky shape and printed in dye sublimation. Thus, it creates a long-lasting print which won’t peel away or scratch off. However, the price might vary with the design and size of the product. And it costs you around $4.70- $25

 Where to buy a cheap Pen Tray online in the UAE?

The pen holder store all the stationery or daily desk items from pens, pencils, markers, paper clips and lots more. However, they are available in many designs & materials which match every corner of the room, whether at the office or home. So, if you wish to purchase one for yourself, then look for a reliable and notable shopping browser like It is the best UAE search engine, with more than 500 stores collaborating with it. Thus, you get all your products in different price ranges which suit your budget.