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Have you decided to get serious about starting your career? Before you start preparing for such an exciting journey that can hone and present your skills to the world and push yourself to achieve things you never thought were possible, prepare your art portfolio with designated drawings folders

An important part of marketing yourself as a professional is to market yourself via your work. Besides compiling the best of your work, you also need to pay attention to how you will present your work (if it is in physical form) and how to carry yourself into the interview room. As a job seeker, you must know that the way you present yourself plays a major role in increasing or decreasing the chances of getting the dream job. A fine quality portfolio case can help you do the job nicely and be more organised and presentable.

Different types of portfolio cases

Today we can find a wide range of portfolio cases in the market. Each of these types has its own pros and cons. So, before you head to buy one, make sure you have had enough knowledge of what your possible options are. This article section will help you identify the general category or type of case that fits your situation. The term portfolio case means different things to different people. Therefore, it is important to understand this discerption’s range of bags, cases, or bags. Generally, it includes everything you can use to carry an individual piece of graphics, artwork, or art supplies. However, some choices for unbound materials are;

The traditional zippered portfolio

These are the most common types of art cases in the list of art portfolios. Normally they are made of semi-rigid vinyl or low-quality leather with fabric stretched around a wireframe and have a fine zipper running along the sides and across the top. It would help if you unzipped the case along the three sides and lay the portfolio flat on the table or access the content in case. These cases are generally used for drawing on paper or student art assignments. So, you must check for an option with a rigid structure on the sides, the look and feel of the material, and the zipper quality.

Expandable art portfolio cases

Drawings Folders are the most versatile portfolio cases as they can accommodate anything from foamboard to paper art. These cases expand to a depth that allows them to carry artwork or objects with substantial thickness. This extra expanded feature makes them different from other options in the market. They are ideal for carrying event signage, trial exhibit boards, X-Ray films, engineering drawing on foam boards, graphics mounted or printed on foams. So, when you head to buy one, consider the expansion depth, ease of inserting and removing content, strength of material and straps, and overall structure.

The canvas art bags or student portfolios

They are probably the cheapest portfolios used for carrying artwork. These cases are mainly used by students who need a temporary portfolio. They are mostly made of cheap canvas that is sewn to make a flat pouch with no depth. We can also find some with a disposable cardboard insert to keep them from holding over in themselves. These bags are ideal for carrying paper drawing that does not need any proper protection. Moreover, they come with handles and belts that make it even easier to carry these bags along with other stuff without burdening your shoulders or arm. 

Presentation or portfolio books

Constructively they are the front and back covers providing a means of binding a stack of page protectors. These cases are generally open on one side. The contemporary type of portfolio book, which is currently in style, can also be customised with a logo or your name on it. You can get it done with a colour imprint or professional laser etching. Typically, these books are used for displaying collections drawings or other types of documents. You can generally find them in leather, acrylic, bamboo, leather, or vinyl with different binding systems and sheet capacities.

Tips on how to buy Art Portfolio online in the UAE

By now, you might have had the idea that when you head to buy an art portfolio for sale online in the UAE, the choices will be infinite. You need to decide if to pick a cheap art portfolio case or opt for the best size for an art portfolio without considering the surging costs. Even if that is easier for you to decide, the brands have more to confuse you. Therefore, we are here to share some tips on how you can purchase an ideally versatile and useful leather art portfolio for professional use.

  • The storage options – Find a case with separate compartments to accommodate items like business cards, documents, tablets, laptops, and a notepad and has an exterior pocket to carry some addresses and important papers handy.
  • The closure mechanism – There are two types of closure for these bags; zipper and non-zipper. A zipper closure is always recommended as it can help you carry all your stuff in place and protect it from all types of damages.
  • The price range – The price of a portfolio case is determined by the size, make, brand, and quality of material used. A natural leather case will always be expensive as compared to its synthetic counterpart.
  • Check the warranty – Even if you are buying from a brand, the chances are that your product will face some wear and tear. Therefore, it is better to look for a product that comes with a considerable warranty to cover all the damages.
  • Read customer reviews – Once you have had hands-on a reliable option, it is time to know about the real-time performance of these products. You can read the customer reviews about the sizes and material specifications demonstrated in the images.
  • Additional features – Look for a case with additional features like rigid structure on the sides, rich look and feel of the material and high quality in the zipper and zipper fabric. Such an article can not only last longer but will add charisma to your presentations.

But if you can still find a reliable option that can satisfy all your needs, look for an expert or peer suggestions. You can enlist some of the recommended items and start your hunt with those. At, you will be able to find dozens of options from hundreds of brands online. The wide collection of handpicked high-quality products will surely help you make a smart decision and save money and your work profiles at the same time.

Question & Answer

Where to buy art portfolio storage online in the UAE?

Any product search engine is the best place to start looking for office supplies like art portfolio storage. This is how you can see all the possible options available online and make a well-informed buying decision. At, you can find products from top brands like Itoya, Clairefontaine, Mont Marte and many more. Here you can also take advantage of the unique price comparison tool to find cheap options in just a few clicks.

Which art portfolio case is the best to buy?

Some of the best selling items you can find online are Fashion Angels Pet Lovers Fashion case, Itoya Art Portfolio Portfolio 8-10 Inches Storage Display Book with 24 Sleeves for 48 Views and the Bulletin Board Art Storage Chart Bag Portfolio Case for Poster; Art available with size specifications of 25Prime; x 20Prime. Other appreciated items include Jjring Dacron Light Weight Art Portfolio Bag, TRAN Student Artist Portfolio, Itoya Of America IA-12-16 Portfolio 16X20 Art Size and the Transon Art Portfolio Case Artist Backpack Canvas Bag.

How much is a leather art portfolio case online in the UAE?

Leather cases or drawings folders are among the most expensive items in the market. This is because of the material, time and effort placed in these cases. However, the cost is worth investing in because these cases are unarguably the most stylish, decent, and long-lasting items one can carry the art pieces from one place to another. A fine quality pure leather art portfolio case costs around 218 to 500 AED in UAE. However, you can explore to find cheap products online.

Why buy an art portfolio case?

Art is a time taking a job, and there are times when a piece of work is so perfect that you cannot make another copy that accurate. So, it is important to protect such a piece of work from rotting with time. An art portfolio case is something that can help the artist secure all the work. It also makes it convenient to take your artwork from one place to another, let it be an exhibition or heading for an important interview where you need to display your work.

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