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Filing cabinets are a necessary thing to have in all offices. They help you keep all your important documents off your desk in an organised manner in one place. A filing cabinet becomes all the more useful if you also have suspension files.

Regardless of how much technology has advanced, it is still necessary to have hard copies of documents in offices and other commercial establishments. One reason for this is to have a backup that does not get corrupted in case of a power failure or a cyber-attack. Despite how important it is to have a hard copy of important documents; they are cumbersome to handle and keep track of. That is why it is important to have the means to organise these documents. Read this article to know more about suspension files and how they can be helpful for organising documents and files.

Types of suspension files for your office or cabin

One of the apparent downsides of physical documents is that you cannot look them up with just a click the same way you would do with digital documents. It takes a lot of flipping through pages and files when you deal with physical documents. However, using hanging file folders can make it more manageable to search and also store documents. It is also possible to find them in many varieties. Therefore, you won’t have any difficulty finding a file organiser that fits all your needs. This article will tell you everything you need to know about them.

Hanging file folder organiser with cover

This one is different from traditional hanging file folders because you can close it up. This cover not only keeps the files from falling off but also makes it easier to carry around the whole thing securely. And for the same reason, the main reason to get this type of file folder is for portability. One more thing that is different about this folder is that the sides of this folder are easily visible. This is not possible for traditional hanging folders that go inside a drawer or a cabinet. That means some of these folders have slots with different colours that make it easier to organise your files.

Hanging folder clips

Interestingly, you don’t get separate folders with this. Rather, these are just clips that let you hang the regular-sized folders that are usually used in offices and schools. That is why these are very versatile, and dirt cheap compared to other types of suspension files. That way, you can create your own colour codes and write your own headings on the folders. However, one downside is that it takes a bit more work to place the files in the cabinet using these clips. Also, you need to do that every time you take the files out of the cabinet and put them back.

Reinforced hanging folders

This is a great option if you are looking for a more permanent solution to organise your files inside hanging folders. These suspension files are spacious, reliable and strong enough to store your files. As they are available in a variety of different colours, you can choose a different colour code for each section. You can buy them in sets and as individual pieces. So, this provides a great deal of flexibility when it comes to organising files inside a cabinet. However, one thing you will be giving up for all these benefits is portability.

Hanging wall file organiser

This organiser is different from all others because of the fact that this is not something that you can use to organise files inside a cabinet. Rather, you can hang them on a wall similar to a wall calendar. One upside of this is that you can save quite a bit of space using this. However, this is not something that you should be using as the only storage option in an office. The ideal way to use a wall file organiser is to keep those documents and files that you often need so that you can have it all within your arm’s reach. You will also get up to six removable file pockets of different colours with it.

Tips on how to buy Hanging File Folders Online

Finding a good suspension file might be harder than you might think. This is because there are a lot of different types of them. While most file folders are versatile and you can use them for all kinds of purposes, you might not be missing out a lot if you end up buying the wrong type. That being said, finding the right file folder is not rocket science. If you know what criteria to consider while selecting them, it is quite easy to figure out what type of folder will suit your needs the best. Here are some tips that you should follow while shopping for them.

  • Size of the folder – Not all the file folders are of the same size. In fact, there are a few different standard sizes which you can choose from. The most common sizes of these folders are A4, letter, and legal. The folder you buy should never be smaller than the size of the documents you generally deal with. Although you can use larger folders for smaller sized documents, you will be using more space than you actually need in that case.
  • Compatibility – Hanging folders usually go on the drawers of a cabinet, unless you are using separate racks or a wall organiser. One important thing to do while you are shopping for hanging file folders is to make sure that it actually fits the drawer. The tip of the hanger should align perfectly with the edges of the drawer. Otherwise, the folder will either not sit properly inside the cabinet or will not fit at all.
  • Type of the folder – Each type of hanging file folder offers a unique set of pros and cons. Looking at the pros and cons of them should help you decide which one is the most suitable one for your purpose. If you want to store a large number of documents and file pockets in your cabinet but does not want it to be portable, then reinforced hanging folders are the best option. On the other hand, if you also want them to be easily portable, then go for the suspension file organiser with cover.
  • Cost and durability – The cost of file folders vary quite a bit depending on the type of folder you are choosing. The cheapest option is to buy hanging folder clips and use them to organise normal folders inside a cabinet. However, this might be a little inconvenient for some people. Moreover, these clips will break easily. While reinforced suspension files will cost you much more than that, they are incredibly durable and easy to use.

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Question & Answer

How wide are suspension files?

Suspension files are available in a few different sizes. Most people go for any one of the standard sizes like the letter size, legal or A4. However, you might also want to consider the size of your cabinet while buying the folder. Another thing to consider is the way you store the documents in the folder. If you store the documents as loose pages, then you can use a folder that is the same size as that of the document. But if you use a file pocket, you will need a folder that can accommodate the size of the file pocket.

How do hanging file folders work?

One thing that is common for all kinds of hanging folders is the clip. This clip either goes on the side of the cabinet, or you can install a separate railing inside the cabinet. Having a stainless-steel railing makes it easier to slide the folders and access the files inside them. Either way, you can hang these folders with the part that opens facing upwards. Along with that, use tabs to separate documents based on categories. This will make it easier for you to find the documents whenever you need them because you can search for folders without taking them out.

How to organise hanging file folders?

There are plenty of ways in which you can organise suspension files. You can choose a method depending on how many sections you want and how many folders you have. One way to divide organise folders is to use colour codes. Use folders of the same colour for the same category. But this does not work if you want to divide them into lots of different categories. In that case, you will need tabs. You can label one folder using tabs and keep all the other folders that fall into the same category behind or in front of it.