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If you are looking for a space-saving storage solution for industrial warehouses, garages, or other technical fields, then you can never go wrong with shelving bins. They help you keep your essential things sorted and organised. Let us explore in detail.

Bin shelving is a crucial part of an integrated storage system. It usually comes in traditional steel bin shelving units with plastic bins included or metal ones. The bins come in assorted sizes, shapes, and capacities. So, you can always find the one as per your preferences. As the name suggests, the shelf bins are used on shelving or cabinets generally. The storage bins also come in the form of stackable bins that stack on each other, saving room on shelving. You can find them in different colours. This storage solution helps you deal with clutter at the office and even at home. You can find their application everywhere, from home to offices, warehouses, and retail stores. On this page, we will explore more about them to choose the best shelf storage bins. So, read on! 

Things you need to know about storage shelf bins  

You can find shelving bins in many sizes, colours, and shapes. Many types come with a V lock on the rear side to fit well on the shelf and do not fall off. If you have many types of materials to hold, there cannot be any solution better than shelving bins. Some manufacturers even offer mobile storage bins mounted on 4 swivel casters for total manoeuvrability. Bins are generally of industrial-grade plastic, and that easily outlasts cardboard bins. This works for you, whether you require a storage solution for tools, pantry, files, or other things. Continue reading to know more.    

Quality storage with plastic shelf bins

For a wide range of reasons, plastic shelf bins have been popular for a long. Firstly, they are usually designed with an open hopper front. This lets you easily reach the right bin without having to search the bin or move stuff to find things. This feature makes it a perfect fit for order picking or part storage. The next amazing benefit is that they fit shelves well; that’s what the name also suggests. The depth is mostly 12”, 18” or 24”, confirming that they fit the shelves. This way, you can maximise the storage with a minimum of space. The good part is that these bins also have a built-in rear hang lock. This lets you tilt the bin out. It gives you access to its contents without even moving or opening it. 

The benefit of bin rack shelving over stackable bins

Stackable bins are another popular storage solution when you have a little space and want to use it fully. However, shelf bins still win the race as they do not have to bear the weight of other bins stacked on top of them. Therefore, less material is needed to manufacture them, and this fact keeps the cost down. So, not just these are functional but also affordable for you. However, they are still heavy-duty and made for industrial use. They serve as the perfect way to store, sort, and locate things. These are obviously better than cardboard boxes. Replacement cost is also low that making the situation a win-win for you. 

Colour choices & other features in shelf storage containers

The best about plastic shelf bins is yet to come! If you are someone looking for colour coding your inventory, this is probably the best choice for you. You can find these bins in many colours that make your inventory management simple and organised. They even come with multiple slots that help you get a compartment for different things. You can also go for bin cups instead that are small bins going inside the large ones. It helps you store the tiny parts inside and keep them safe. Places such as hospitals, pharmacies, retail stores, and hardware stores find their use the most.

Tips on how to buy Shelving Bins in Dubai

They come in many varieties based on their size, shape, construction material, price, and more factors. Due to a wide range of options at the front, it is natural to feel a dilemma. However, it is necessary to pick the one with the right features so that you can make the most out of it. It’s easy to do so! If you consider certain factors, it will become an effortless shopping experience for you. So, here are some tips that will help you.

  • Know your storage requirements – Your selection majorly depends upon how many items you will store in them. It will help you decide the right size and quantity of bins to bring to your place. They come in many sizes and shapes to suit different requirements.
  • Consider material – You can find shelf bins in many materials like plastic and also metal varieties. If you are looking for something that can last for long and stay protected from wear & tear, then go for metal or plastic varieties. Plastic ones are lightweight, and cheap whereas metal ones are resistant to normal wear & tear and long-lasting.
  • Choose trusted brands – Since it’s about storing important stuff, you should pay attention to the quality of boxes. If you are unsure about any, then leave it to popular brands like Ikea, Seville Classics, Rubbermaid, and Farberware. This way, you will have a sturdy and protective option in your hands.
  • Go for durable products – If you are looking for shelving bins for industrial warehouses, garages, or other technical fields, you should only go for sturdy and durable products. Since they have to bear a good amount of weight, the quality bins will pay off well.

Keep the above tips in mind while you buy shelving bins online in the UAE. If you are wondering where to find the best collection, then the good news is that you are already in the right place. On, you can find various options ranging from plastic to metal varieties. On our product search engine, you can find the desired sizes at your fingertips. Moreover, you can compare prices to find shelf bin organizers falling in your budget. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get the best ones at affordable prices.

Question & Answer

Where to buy shelving bins for offices online in the UAE?

If you plan to buy shelving bins online in the UAE, consider that you have reached the right place. At, you can find hundreds of online stores that sell well-designed and durable bins at affordable prices. You can also compare prices to find the things falling under your budget. Also, find other storage options right here. Over here, you will also be able to filter and sort your choice depending on your choices and preferences. So, look no further and buy the best ones while stock lasts.

How to choose a shelf bin?

Since there is a wide range of shelf bins you can find in the market. It can be not very clear to go for the one. But if you keep certain factors in mind, you will be able to choose the right one. Firstly, you need to figure out how much storage you need. Next is the selection of materials. You can find them in plastic as well as metal varieties. Choosing a good brand is also important. Some of the best brands operating in this domain are Ikea, Seville Classics, Rubbermaid, and Farberware.

Which is the best material for shelving bins?

Plastic is one of the popular and common materials for shelving bins. But, you can also find metal varieties apt for certain applications. For a wide range of reasons, plastic shelf bins have been popular for a long. Firstly, they are usually designed with an open hopper front. This lets you easily reach the right bin without having to search the bin or move stuff to find things. This feature makes the cheap plastic shelf bins a perfect fit for order picking or part storage.

The above guide will take you to the right selection of shelving bins. But if you are unsure of where to begin the search, you will be glad to know that you are in the right place. On, you can use a wide array of options from some of the best sellers. Here, we have hundreds of online stores so that you can have many options to choose from. Also, find other office supplies right here. So, look no further and begin your journey. Have an amazing browsing experience ahead!