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The advent of technology in our daily life has significantly reduced the number of physical files we otherwise use to keep in the archive boxes and storerooms. But still, there is a huge demand for solutions to help businesses store important records and documents in printed form.

The archive boxes are important tools in the list of essential office supplies that can do the job. These are specially curated boxes meant to store and protect documents, records, textiles and more for record purposes. An archive box is made of specially treated material that can protect the content from all external factors, including temperature, moisture, bugs and more. These boxes can hold up to 20 kgs of documents at a time. However, depending on the size, a fully laden shelf can cope with something from 120kgs to 400 kgs at a time. Besides sizes, these boxes have many other variations in their features. As a result, we can find different types of archive boxes in the market today.

Different types of archive boxes are available in the market now.

The market offers a wide range of products to choose from archive boxes with a lid to commonly used plastic archive boxes. But for commercial use, it is essential to use heavy-duty archive boxes. These boxes offer additional security to stored documents, records, and file storage. Besides, they are also effective in storing all types of important artworks, papers, genealogical records, collectables and everything else that is important to you. However, we will recommend “file” them before keeping them in an archive box. And to do so, you can find a wide range of archival file folders, flap envelops, expansion folders and more. Additionally, the following are some types you can use to secure data.

Archive document boxes

This box style is the most commonly used type for organizing and vertically storing legal and letter-sized documents. Traditionally these boxes feature one-piece construction with a hinged flip flop top that offers a safe, archival, acid and lignin-free container for long term storage. The interior dimensions are oversized and allow sorting items in acid-free file folders or expansion folders. These boxes are also ideal for storing and easy access to periodicals, pamphlets, and other thin books. At times, these documents have an undercut front panel for safe insertion and easy removal of papers.

The Flip-top record storage boxes

These boxes generally come in two different material types; archival corrugated paper and coroplast corrugated plastic. Both of these can hold legal and letter-sized folders and their interior dimensions measure as 15’’ x 12-1/2’’ x 10’’ deep. Moreover, they also have an attached lid that prevents the separation or loss of the cover while using the carton. They have commonly used storage boxes because of the coroplast in an acid-free and additive-free material made of a durable extruded polypropylene that is extremely water and moisture repellent and ideal store important papers.

Half sizes record storage boxes.

These are specially designed options for users when they cannot find the full-sized box or have lesser weight to place in one box. Besides, these are also ideal for storing documents in a categorized or well-segregated manner. These boxes have limited capacity, inevitably more inferior than standard sizes document containers. But the construction allows you to save both letter and legal-sized papers without causing a single wrinkle or fold. Mostly these archival quality corrugated boxes come with a removable shallow lid and an interlocking bottom. You can also find a convenient handling grip as well.

The archival record storage boxes

These boxes are available in two designs. The first one is the basic record storage box with interlocking bottom and handgrip opening on each side of the box. The second type contains a double bottom for additional support to the records from beneath. Both types are easy to assemble and come with removable lids. So, no matter if you are storing documents or moving items, these boxes offer an easy and secure means of transportation for all the important collections and papers. However, it is important to ensure you are putting sufficient weight into these boxes.

Tips on how to buy Archive Boxes online in the UAE

Any product search engine is the best place to buy cheap cardboard archive boxes online in the UAE. This is how you can find the latest products available in the market. So, from a cheap cardboard archive box to a high-quality, long-lasting best photo archive box for sale online in the UAE, you need to dig deep into a website to find everything that can match both your budget and needs. But doing so can be overwhelming for many. Therefore, we are here, sharing some tips on how you can make a smart buying decision with just a few clicks and buy the best moving boxes for the office.

  • Assess your stuff – Before you buy anything like archive boxes online, gather all the things you want to store in these boxes and evaluate how many boxes you will need to pack them. Also, check for the preferable sizes of the boxes you will need.
  • Consider the size – The boxes are generally available in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes. So, you need to decide the size of the box your stuff can fit. It is always a great idea to have a little extra space in the box rather than choosing a smaller size box.
  • Consider the material – The moving boxes can be of simple cardboard or durable and plastic. The choice of material depends on the type of documents you want to store and how long you see them kept on the archive shelves.
  • Look for the price – The price of the box will vary based on the size, material, and the brand they are coming from. As it is not much, you can compromise on. Still, you can shift from one brand to another if you have a limited budget.
  • Know about the closure system – You can tape a cardboard box, but many advanced archive boxes come with a self-closure system. Go for one such option as it offers added security to your files and records from bugs etc.

Luckily, online shopping allows you to explore, study and know your products before paying for them. Once you have decided to pick any products, look into the product description section to know about sizes, material, and other product specifications. For more satisfaction, you can dig into the customer review section to find the real-time performance of the archive boxes you are about to buy for your office.

Question & Answer

Where to buy archive boxes online in the UAE?

Buying archive boxes can be entertaining. Different brands like Bankers Box, Fellowes, Ikea, and Pendaflex offer their products online. To find all the products from such brands and more, explore any product search engine online. This is where you can find the entire range of old and latest products from top trusted brands online. Besides, you can use the price comparison tool to find reliable options within your budget range.

What are archive boxes used for?

An archive box is a special type of box designed to hold bulk documents for decades. Because they are responsible for holding and keeping safe all the important documents and records, these boxes are made of heavy-duty and most robust cardboard. These boxes are responsible for preserving documents, textiles, photographs and more. We can see these boxes in museums, art galleries, corporate settings, media houses and more.

How many archive boxes can fit on a pallet?

On average, about 70 to 150 archive boxes can easily fit on two single stacked pallets. To better understand the possible storage, you can also use the storage unit size examples as a guide. But a more suitable option can be advised by the storage room manager. Therefore you should never hesitate to ask for advice before heading to make a purchase. It will help you get the right items needed and save you a lot of time and money at the same time.

Which archives boxes are best to buy for office use?

Office documents are of great importance and thus needs special care even when kept on archive shelves for years to come. Therefore, we recommend using high-quality products every time you come with the need for an archive box. Some of the bestselling items you can consider buying are Alba-Rado box file-8, Godrej OEM 4 drawer steel filing cabinet, Newgen carton box, Deli e8855 file cabinet lock and the linen file storage box. You can also look for Foldex archive FX 815, Corrugated cardboard storage box, Foldex archive fx-812 storage box as they are the preferred choices of most businesses.

At you can also use the price comparison tool to find perfect budget products from top global brands and sellers.