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Organising your home or office space can seem a bit overwhelming, particularly when you don't know where to start or which tools to use for storage. We understand this frustration and have outlined one option of combating this workplace disorganisation. Yes, we're talking about folders. But, we bet you're still confused about what kind of folder types you need exactly! So, read on and explore your options.

You see, when it comes to folders, there's nothing that beats the fastener folders. Why? Because they keep your documents securely held in one place with long flat prongs. Strong adhesives hold these prongs on the top of the folders. This unique construction of the file requires you to punch holes in your pages, to fill. Also, you must make sure that you punch the holes at the top in order thread the prongs through. This way, the file holds the pages in place. Well, this said, you should know that these fasteners have much more to them. Let's check out a few popular types of fastener folders that you can invest in.

The various types of file folders with fasteners for your different storage needs

You'll either find embossed or bonded fastener folders. Each of these types has additional features. Embossed models come threaded through the folders itself along with small prongs to keep them in place. Similarly, you'll also find other versions of document storage that have a reinforced section which glues with a strong adhesive. Apart from that, you'll find various other document storage that come in different materials, sizes, shapes, and models. Let's check out a few such modern fastener folders that you can consider investing in.

The plastic file fasteners

There's nothing as pleasing as the plastic fasteners. Why? Because plastic fasteners come in PVC. Moreover, the half-folded plastic sheets and Vinyl materials safely cover the loose papers in them. Although folders made of paper are popular too. Usually, paper folders are made using paper pulp with long cellulose fibre, kraft paper or Manila paper. Each folder has a 0.45mm thickness, which is equivalent to a 0.02 inches. This thickness protects your reports and documents. Moreover, they're subtle too. Hence, it wouldn't require much room in your luggage. Besides, the polypropylene-material, which deters dirt and humidity is also tear-resistant and 100% washable.

The folders with three-hole fasteners

Just as the name suggests, the folders contain 3-holes. You can store 3-hole punched papers in them. And yes, you can keep various sizes of documents in them because these smart fasteners come in multiple sizes. But regardless, of their size, it is their circular or D-shaped retainers that firmly hold the various documents. Additionally, the rings themselves come in different sizes. Some of the standard sizes include 0.5", 1", 1.5", and 2" though you can find other measures too. Apart from this, the rings usually have a spring-loaded structure, and you can secure them by a lever-arc mechanism or other fastening systems. Above all, the binders themselves come in plastic materials with metal rings.

The pocket folder with prongs

Prong folders come along with three prongs located along the spine of the folder and the two at the top of the folder. The unique structure of three-pronged models makes them one of the most favoured files for schoolwork. Whereas, people associated with medical and legal paperwork utilise the two-pronged models. Either way, it's relatively easy to use them. All you need to do is to insert paper within the folder to keep it most protected. Most of the models fit the letter-sized paper, and some special ones fit in the legal-sized paper. Similarly, it’s also easy to remove them. For removing, you need to bend the prongs out so that they're straight. And if there's an extra-strip with holes, then be sure to release from it.

The folder fastener clip

It's imperative to bind the documents because it creates order and structure. And the best part, you'll find several techniques to bind the documents. Fastener clip helps you bring papers together to make a file. Moreover, it consists of a narrow metal strip attached to a strain of cardboard or plastic. You'll see that the end of each strip has a bent form. This helps them fit through the perforator holes in the paper. Atop of the papers, you can easily bend, flat the strip and keep the documents together. Additionally, it also comes with a protective strip and cardboard that prevents any damage to the papers inside.

Tips on how to buy Folders online

We bet you're now all set to buy the perfect folders online. However, remember understanding the types alone isn't enough to get you your desired product. Because, picking out a model that fits your needs, among this wide range of options can get a little tricky. Therefore, we've enlisted a few smart hacks that'll teach you how to buy fastener folders effortlessly.

  • Know your needs – An artist wouldn't need the same fasteners as that of a job seeker. Each of them has different needs and requirements. And these needs determine the type of fasteners you buy. Therefore, make sure to get your requirements and priorities straight before you start browsing or shopping online.
  • Check out on the available size options – Just like any other storage options; you'll see different sizes of fasteners too. Some of the standard formats that you'll find in the market today include, A3, A4, and A5. Make sure to know what you plan to showcase before you make the final decision on the size of your book.
  • Look out for the design – The primary function of the fasteners is to showcase your documents stylishly. Which means, you cannot afford to choose a dull and ugly model. Well, you need not fret, as most of the options available to you come in sleek and stylish designs. However, make sure you pick a model that best suits your requirements.
  • Consider the binding – Once, you've settled on sizes and design, next lookout for binding. Binding is a method by that binds the book's pages together. You can find several different types of binding. Stitched binding is one of the prevalent techniques used in registers. Many a time, you may also find spiral and perforated binding.
  • Look for the number of pages – The number of sheets you want in your fasteners will depend on what you use them. It's always better to go for the ones with more pages. You do not want to keep switching books when you have so much to store. Plus, frequently changing the books increases their numbers. This increases the chances of missing out on one or two.
  • Check out the insides – Fasteners generally have transparent sheets of paper or polypropylene covers. This enables you to store your work and showcase them needed easily. Many a time, there are also a few that have regular paper sheets. You can also opt for this model if you're an artist who wants to create a portfolio to show.
  • Pick a model with sturdy coves – With all the insides features, you mustn't leave out the externals. There are two different types of fasteners covers – the soft ones and the hardcovers. Hardcovers are rigid and sturdy. They help keep your documents safe and secure. Similarly, you can also find zipped display files that offer extra protection to your documents.
There you have it – the tips and tricks to get you your perfect fasteners. But, you see, the final decision always relies on your personal preference and your needs. Hence, make it a point to carefully observe every aspect of the product before you buy them. Please spend some time understanding their features and reading through the description before making your final call.

Question & Answer

What is a fastener folder?

A fastener folder is a kind of document storage item that ensures to secure and hold the documents in place with long and flat prongs. The prongs stuck to the top of the folder with a strong adhesive provides this. Furthermore, you can only store hole-punched (at the top or bottom) sheets inside these kinds of storage items. Their smart, sturdy and unique structure makes sure to keep your documents safe and secure for a very long time.

How to use a fastener folder?

You can easily use the fastener folders, as the fasteners inside help you keep the pages in place. However, the key is to punch adequate holes in your pages before filing them in the folders. Most of these models haves fasteners to fit every organising challenge, whether its extra dividers, built-in storage pockets or reinforced tabs.

Which is the best fastener folder for me?

Best fastener folders are something that fulfils all your storage needs. However, there's something more important than that, and that's the quality of the folders. You can check out brands like Permclip, Acco, Universal, Foldex, Smead, and TOPS Products to purchase the best and cheap fastener file folders.

Where to buy fastener file folders online in UAE?

Their versatile options are available to you on several online platforms. However, browsing through every portal for finding your favourite one, is quite unrealistic. But, what if we tell you that you can do it, that too on a single platform? Well, visit and you'll know. This shopping search engine brings to you the best of the best from several online stores and brands. You can easily compare your product features and prices and then make your final call. Folders or fastener folders, whatever you can call them, they're one of the most critical storage, home or office supplies that help you to store your files securely. Come and explore your various options and get the best one from

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