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About Copyholders

Copy holders or concept holders have been popular for both professional and personal needs. The benefits are bountiful and variants are unlimited to decide on. So, instead making a tricky choice, research well before hitting the buy button and make a quality purchase.

A copyholder is a plastic or steel made product on which you can clip your documents to read, write, and edit. With this product, it becomes easy to work with the computer and document at the same time. You no longer have to see the document falling flat at your desk and then move towards your computer screen to resume working further. Some wall-mounted document holders are apt for storage . But, on this page, we are talking about copyholders for real-time work. If you are to buy copyholder online in the UAE, the information on this page can prove very helpful to you.

Types of document holder

Placement, material, thickness, clip-on are some features, based on which you see different variants of the concept holder. The standard size of all the holders is often the A4 size, which is universally accepted. Here, we would like to throw some light on another product that has been bought together with copyholders, most of the times. And that product is laptop riser. The two products together define comfort by being ergonomic. While laptop riser makes your hand position the way they should be preventing any bends or turns, and copyholder prevents eye or neck strain. Coming back to the copyholder for the desk, let us now discuss their variants one by one.

Grounded document stand

A freestanding unit with knobs to adjust the height is a document stand. A stand that a musician uses to keep their notes is also a type of concept holder. It has to be portable and the one that firmly grips the ground surface because stage ground is mostly slippery and the stand then tends to slide. But when you buy a document stand for home use, it must have a tilting angle more than a firm base. You see, you play an instrument sitting on a stool every time, but you read books or text in literally any position, even laying on the bed. So, of course, you need the best copyholder that can be compatible at every angle and be at your line of vision.

Paper stand for the desk at your workplace

Desk stands can be freestanding or mounted. An example of freestanding can be one elevator tabletop, which is perfect for writing purpose. This product has two panels with a clip, out of which one panel provides a firm base with the desk, and another holds your books and papers. Some even have hinges to adjust the angle and to collapse once done working. The second type of concept holders that is mounted ones get attached to the monitor screens or keyboards. The placement depends on your comfort. Well, that’s not all about desk stands because there are more designs available like a special copy holder for typing purpose and lots more. Do check them all before grabbing one.

Book holder or document holder

Suppose you bought a cheap a3 document holder and it has a holding capacity of 200 sheets, then most probably, it can hold a book also. Maybe No! It can hold the book if it has the right clippings on it. A loose A4 sheet needs a clip on top for a firm hold, but a book needs bottom support. All in all, heavy book holders are different and needs a separate device for it. Plus, if you want to have two books open at the same time, you can get that concept holder too. It would be better if you separate your priorities before shopping to not end up dissatisfied with the product.

Tips on how to buy Copyholders online

Copyholder is not just a product by your side, but a life hack. It sounds counterproductive when you have a document at your desk and continuously have to switch your sight between the computer’s screen and text. You often miss the line and waste time finding it. But not all concept holders can be productive for you. To grab the best product, you should look at your priorities before going through the technicalities of the product. Here, we have a list compiled for you to narrow down your purchase.

  • Think of the placement first – If this product goes on your desk, you must ponder upon all of the possibilities and their consequences. For example, you can have a holder by the monitor’s side, either left or right, whichever sounds perfect. Else, you can have it clipped on top of your keyboard. The classical model of a freestanding unit can also be a viable option for some.
  • Only consider an ergonomic product – The downside of using the computer and this product also is that they can give you eye and neck strain. You can avoid that to a certain extinct if you choose an ergonomic product. The product you are eyeing must remain at your eye level or should be flexible enough to adjust at that position.
  • Removable text highlighter – It is common to miss the text where you at while switching your sight between monitor and document. To avoid this, which leads to frustration sometimes, you should consider having a highlighter that you can remove apparently. Other than that, you can also buy a copyholder with magnifying line guide.
  • Holding capacity of the copyholder – If your work involves working with more documents, you must have a product with more holding capacity. But that’s not all about this specification. You should take note of the holder’s design, whether they have grooves to hold the document or clips or any other feature that can avoid the sliding of paper.
  • The material of the copyholder – Plastic and steel are two materials mostly used by professionals. Both are lightweight and durable materials. Other than that, you can also buy wooden holders if you want to dedicate a place to the product and don’t require portability. Also, a cheap leather document holder is another option if you would like to explore.

We hope the brief notes would be enough to help you in making an informed decision. If anything else missed here is the list of brands you must know and a shopping platform to being your shopping drive. Some of the brands worth mentioning are Aidata, Atlas, and Kensington. There are more, of course! For that, we suggest visiting our shopping platform, wherein reputed brands under one roof can lead you to the product that suits you the best.

Question & Answer

What is a copyholder used for?

Copyholder, also known as documents holder, is a piece of century-old office equipment. Previously, it has been a favourite device of typewriters and is now aligned with CRT and monitors also. The only purpose of this product is to provide ease to the person who needs to do both functions at the same time, read the paper and work on the computer. It is so convenient to go through the paper lying on your desk and then go back to the computer screen. Also, the freestanding unit of copyholders does not provide much assistance. However, this is one application of document holders. There also exist freestanding units for reading purpose.

What is the best type of copyholder for typing?

When it comes to exploring copyholders for typing, you need sturdiness in the product. As you will leaning on the holder, putting your hand onto the sheet, and will be writing, thinking, and re-writing, no less than sturdy nature could work. You can have materials like wood, steel, or quality plastic. Another feature is the clips that must hold the page firmly. If the holder has a groove design, that is an add-on. If you are looking at exactly for this product as a paper stand for the desk, you must see the 3M brand. We are certain that this brand will fulfil all your requirements for copyholder for typing purpose.

How much is a copyholder for a monitor?

From AED40 to AED200, you can find the monitor mount concept holder. For those who don’t know, these copyholders attach themselves to your system’s monitor to make your work comfortable. In the price range mentioned, you will find many variants. Often the low-budget ones won’t allow you to adjust the holder. And as the price increases, you get more specifications in terms of quality and fancy looks. For example, flexible tilt and line guide are a few features. Also, some of the products can handle more sheets than others, if you prefer so.

Where to buy a document holder online in Dubai? can be an excellent platform to go on a shopping drive for paper stands for the desk or ground. The brands we have got, and the listed online shops that you can trust are enough to lead you to the best deal. Fellowes, Kensington, and Atlas are a few brands to mention. You will find more such brands and their exclusive products on our shopping platform. All in all, this place is definitely worth a sneak peek.

Once the research is done and you have the basic list of your priorities, you can start exploring the variants. To make sure that you have explored all, you can visit our product search engine . We have more than 500 stores under one roof. Not just for copyholders, you can rely upon us for all your office supplies .