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About Binding Folders

A binding cover is a handy accessory regardless of whether you are a professional, a student, or a homemaker. You can use it to organise and compartmentalise the important documents that you don’t want to risk losing.

Even though we are using less and less paper year after year, there are still areas where having a physical copy of a document is still vital. One aspect of these physical documents that troubles people are when it comes to storing and accessing them quickly. It can be virtually impossible to tell apart two different documents if you stack a whole bunch of them together. Moreover, you cannot search and find them with a click of a button like you would do with digital documents. Read this article to know more about binding covers. Having a better understanding of them will help you make the right choices when you are shopping for them.

Types of binding covers

The great thing about binders is not only that they are so effective at organising documents, but you can also find them in a lot of different shapes and sizes. Therefore, it won’t be challenging to find a binder that fits all your needs. There are large binders that can hold hundreds of documents along with your other essential office items to those simple binders that are focused on students. This article will tell you about the four most common types of binders. Also, you can use our guidelines to find a binder that is right for you.

Zipper binder handbag

At first glance, these binders look more like a bag. Similar to a handbag, these binders come with zippers as well. Only when you open the main zipper will you see the extensive folders that lie inside of it. As you can imagine, having the same size as a handbag, these are larger than the typical binding covers. But most of these binders have several extra features as well. It is common for them to have at least a front pocket where you can keep your essential office supplies. Some of them can even double as full-fledged laptop carriers.

Regular zipper binding covers

These zipper binders are compact, albeit sharing similar design features. When you compare a regular zipper binder to a zipper binder handbag, the former is quite compact. However, they do not have the extra storage space that a zipper binder handbag offers to store your office supplies and to carry a laptop. Although these regular zipper binders do have leaves that help you sort different types of documents, they are not suitable for carrying large files and folders. Such binding covers are useful for students and professionals alike.

Leather portfolio binder

These binding covers look pretty professional and also offer great usability and plenty of storage space for your documents. Also, because the material is leather, it is incredibly durable and will last for several years before needing a replacement. The leather finish on the outside and the inside can look good with formal attire. That means you can take this to job interviews and internships with confidence. On the other hand, if you want to look professional during a presentation, use this binder to store your presentation notes.

Ring-binder folders

This is the classic type of binder folder that you will see in most of the offices. There are plenty of reasons why people still prefer this type of binder folders for offices. For one thing, they are relatively affordable and offer a lot of storage space. Secondly, they are pretty durable. Even when it lacks portability like that of a zipper binder, this works great if all you want is to store your documents securely in a cabinet or a wall shelf. They are available in colours like white and plain black. If you want to arrange documents based on the categories, you will have to use labels on them.

Tips on how to buy Binder Folders Online

Finding the right type of binding cover might be harder than you might think. This is because there are so many options out there, and the difference between them might not be so apparent. Because the purpose of using binding covers is to organise the loose sheets of documents and file pockets, having the right type is essential. That doesn’t mean it is impossible to find a good binder. All you have to do is to consider proper criteria that you should when you are shopping. Here are some tips that will help you find a great binder.

  • Pick the right size – As one function of the binders is to keep the document safe, the size of the binding cover should be larger than the size of the document. Because different documents follow different size conventions, it is common for these binder folders to come in those sizes as well. Therefore, make sure that the binder you are choosing is of the correct size as you don’t want it to be too big or too small.
  • Type of binder folder – It is important to decide what type of binder will work the best for you before you start shopping. Think about the way you will be using these binders. If you want to take them with you while travelling, then you want them to be portable like a zipper folder. On the other hand, to be able to organise more for less buck, a classic ring binder is a great option.
  • Material – It is vital to check the material of the binder before buying it. This is because binders should be strong enough to support the weight of all the documents that you put inside it. Even though a few sheets of papers might feel very light, it will add up quite fast inside a binder. If the cloth of a zipper binder is not strong enough or if the plastic is flimsy, the whole thing will break easily.
  • Colour – Not all binder folders come in a lot of different colours. However, when they do, it is a great way to organise different categories of documents. One problem that people often face while using binders is that it takes a long time for them to find a particular document from hundreds of others. Categorising using colours will make it easier for you to save some time. Another way to categorise is to use labels.

A good organiser and other nifty things can really help you increase your productivity at work. Therefore, these are more of an investment than an expense. For an office or a proper work from home setup, you will need other essential office supplies than just binders, including measuring instruments, storage options, and stationery. However, you can use our product search engine to find everything you need easily. Furthermore, you can compare the prices and features of different products and choose the best one among them.

Question & Answer

How to use a binding cover?

Although many people use a binder, only a small percentage of them use them effectively. If you know how to use binders more efficiently, finding and storing documents will become a much easier task. Before you start storing papers into a binder randomly, use tabs and divide the space inside the binder into different sections. This can be based on the type of document or the date. And if your binder does not come with tabs, you can find stick-on tabs that you can label on If you do that, you only have to search one particular category for a document instead of searching the entire binder.

How to lock a binding cover?

Not all binders have the same locking mechanism. Moreover, some binders do not have a locking feature at all. Cheap binders usually have built-in file pockets instead of a locking mechanism. Most common locking mechanisms found in binders are the ring locks and punchless locks. In order to clip a document to a ring-type binder, you need to punch holes into the document corresponding to the rings of the binder. Then align the punch holes with the rings and close the ring to lock. The second mechanism does not need any punch holes. Instead, they just press the documents together and keep it in place using the friction.

Are binding covers useful?

Binders are undoubtedly a great way to organise documents. These are helpful for both professionals and students who have to deal with the physical copies of documents regularly. When you consider how useful they are to store and organise papers, the price that you have to pay for a binder is really not that much. To understand how useful a binder is, just consider how you would store and organise so many sheets of important documents without losing them. Also, remember that you should be able to find them as easily from a pile of hundreds of other documents.

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