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Bags are a necessity but making them a style statement is up to you. There are different kinds of bags, brands, and styles available in the market. All you have to do is take care of small details of the product’s interior and exterior while buying. And this littlest of time investment can make your bag stay with you longer than usual.

Space, size, quality, and brand are the four pillars of a good bag. Well, the fourth point is flexible as some of you might not be brand conscious. And of course, if the bag you find has good quality, you can buy it irrespective of the brand’s worth in the market. We would also suggest you keep a budget in the starting to avoid impulse buying. Other than these basic things, you can dwell more into the details to buy the best bags online in the UAE.

Get familiar with the terminologies related to designer bags

One mistake that we all do is to assume the dimensions wrong. The height of the bag excludes the handles. Well, the height of your handbag handles is known as Drop. Likewise, the gusset is another term for the width, including the pockets that may or may not collapse. Other key terms worth mentioning are feet, the bag body, hardware, seam, trim, and piece good. Feet are the metal pegs on the bottom for firmness. The bag body is the largest compartment. Hardware is the combined term for any plastic, jewel, or metal for decoration or functioning. The seam is the joint that may or may not be visible. Last, piece good is the raw material and trim is any other material that has been used for decoration.

Ladies handbags

This is the most flexible product of all. They serve functional as well as fashion purpose and are available in almost all the possible variants. You can either have a minimalistic one or two zipper handbag. Or you can also have multiple zippers, pockets, or even laptop sleeves inside the bag. You think about design, shape, size, and you will find a similar piece in the marketplace. For instance, look at the Miu Miu brand, you will even find a piece resembling Macramé. Or you can discover some of the best tote bags at the Tory Burch collection. Totes and hobo bags can be great buddies for your beach day. You can find massive variants at And do not miss out on some cheap handbags during online shopping.

Clutch bag

Clutch is like a fashion accessory for evening occasions that can carry minimal essentials. It may or may not have straps or handles. Instead, most of the clutches come with a detachable chain that acts as handles. One such form of clutch is a leather box that you can check at Chanel’s or coin purse shape clutch at Coach. While buying a clutch, you should take care of the size and exterior of the product. A bigger size product can be uncomfortable if you have small hands as you are going to keep the clutch in your hand or under your arm most of the times. Also, the jewels or material used for decoration can prick you. Check out some of the best leather weekend bags on sale and see if you find something interesting.

Travel bag

Travel bags and daily use handbags are two items that need to be super-functional. When travelling is on rough terrains, quality and sturdiness become imperative. You need to contemplate many decisions while buying a travel bag. If you want wheels or not, size, material, are some of the points to ponder upon. Other than that, safety features like a padlock or the safety cover are essentials too. You can check out brands like Louis Vuitton or Michael kors for travel luggage. And we bet you don’t want to miss bags for sale online.

Tips on how to buy Bags online

From inside, bags keep your essentials safe, organised, and all in one place. While from our outside, they add charm to your style statement. So, whenever you decide to buy a new bag, make sure the product serves both of these purposes. For that matter, we suggest looking at some less obvious details because they make a huge difference. We have compiled some here to help you to narrow down your purchase.

  • Shape matters – You should pick the shape according to the occasion. So, when you look for something formal, make sure the bag has a sturdy bottom and structured design. As you might stow documents in it, you do not want them to cram. If the purpose is casual, you can go for a soft exterior like the tote bags. Some bags even have pre-defined shapes, such as cylindrical duffle bags or boxy satchels.
  • Pocketing needs – A fully functional bag should have internal and external pockets to make the space more organised. But too many pockets can be annoying at times when you have to open all the pockets to search for just one item. So, a small handbag with one to three pockets is sufficient. But pocketing depends on your preferences. Some of you might need a clean outside look, so you can go for internal pockets and sleeves only.
  • Compartments – If the large compartment of your bag has sections, this can make your bag even more organised. Sometimes you put food inside, so it is better to keep it separate from gadgets or documents. A laptop sleeve is a great thing to have, and many bags come with detachable ones too. Overall, you can ignore having sections if you have fewer items to stow in your bag.
  • Comfortable straps – Some bags have straps in a fabric form, or some have chains or even solid metals. If this is your daily use bag and kind of heavy, choose fabric ones with padding on the shoulder. Usually, messenger or satchel comes with foam padding inside the strap or a detachable one. Also, do not choose something too thin as your shoulder or hand may sore hanging the thin strap bag. Widen the strap, the more comfortable it is.

We hope the tips will prove helpful in your purchase. We would also like to list a few brands to give you a better start with your shopping drive. These brands include Dior, YSL, Fendi, Aldo, & DKNY. You can find these designer bags at and even more at our online shops.

Question & Answer

Where to buy backpacks for college?

Every youngster has a different choice and a different eye to look at the products. Some like it all peppy while some have subtle picks. But all they want is a unique product that sets them apart from others. So, a college backpack needs to infuse everything in one product from graphics, patterns, colours, to accessories. You can buy these unique ones at The North Face, Converse, or Prada. At, you can choose sporty bags or designer ones as we have got brands for both.

What colour bag should I buy?

Let’s just not say black or even list the colour here because this is such a common colour that everyone has once in their lifetime. We think you should black only when you will be using the bag aggressively, so it does not look rugged after much usage. About other colours, you can go with subtle tones of grey, brown, silver, and violet as these always remain in trend. Bold colours like yellow, orange, turquoise, and crimson are for a special occasion and if they match your outfit. If you are purchasing it for a party or any occasion or even for ladies’ night out, you can buy copper, royal blue or silver.

What is the best brand of bags?

Is durability your whole and sole purpose – go for Louis Vuitton. LV bags go through a rough and tough test. They have dropped hundreds of times from a height, and zips are opened and shut just to make sure durability, and likewise other tests. The material is waterproof and fireproof. So, if you are buying an LV bag, it will last for the next 20 years. Other than LV, there are other brands equally strong, fancy, and expensive as LV’s. These include Gucci, Prada, and Dolce and Gabbana. You will find all of them at our shopping search engine.

Where to buy bags in Dubai?

You can take two approaches while shopping for bags. One approach is to be brand-specific and filter the brands you like. In that case, we suggest you go to YSL, Aldo, PUMA, or Nike. In the second approach, you can choose to land on to online shops. Here, you can see multiple brands under one roof. And if you are not brand conscious or do not stick to one brand, you can have a plethora of products to compare and shop.