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Hip belt bags or fanny packs are standard fashion accessories. They are the next best thing if you don’t like the inconvenience of carrying a clutch or small handbag. They are practical, look good and serve the purpose too. Plus, they’re safer.

The best thing about a fanny pack is the choices we have today. Brands are manufacturing so many kids because their popularity has risen so much. Whether buying a Nike fanny pack bag online or something you picked up while street shopping, it all comes down to getting the best one to serve the purpose. If you don’t want to get too far, it doesn’t necessarily mean buying a Gucci belt bag online in the UAE; you can always start with a smaller one. However, if you have never owned one, then it is difficult to access its practicality in this case. The best thing is to buy one and see if it works for you. However, it is a good option and is perfect if you love casual accessories. 

Different types of fanny packs you can buy 

The concept of using a waist bag is not new. A lot of dads, too, wore these back in the days. However, it is one of those styles that kept going and coming back. The reason behind this is the requirement to experiment. So, when the handbag was popular, clutches took the backseat, and when backpacks came into the picture, the duffle bags went away. Thus, these are common and universal styles that never seem to go out style, so it is always an excellent choice to go for one if you like it. Here are some of the different types of belt bags that you can consider today. 

The leather hip bag  

Leather is the preferred choice of material. Be it bags, accessories or jackets and shoes, it makes the products long-lasting and gives it a style quotient unlike any other. The leather hip belt bag will easily last you a good couple of years, provided that you care for it. These are a classic, so choose wisely. It is best if you stick to the simple leather ones that will work with everything you wear. They come in a lot of different colours, styles etc. so you can experiment too. However, leather accessories are costly, so unless you have the budget to spend on more, make a wise first-buy decision. 

The stylish fanny pack  

Who doesn’t love a stylish accessory to make their outfit shine? Well, the best and easiest way to do that is to incorporate a bag. While you’re on to that, why not do it differently? A stylish fanny bag looks fancy, is unique and very practical too. Your hands are free so that you can hold/attend to other things. They are safer because its always around your hips, so you won’t end up forgetting them anywhere. Many brands and designers make some surreal variations of fanny packs. Shopping online is the best way to weigh your options and decide on the right ones. 

The waist purse for women 

For women, the waist purse is the best choice when it comes to a fanny bag. This one is the same type, except it is more user-friendly, i.e. it can have multiple zips, better designs and a comfortable hip band. Most of the better ones are adjustable, so you can make it work as you need. The waist purse is the best thing if you don’t like a coin wallet or a clutch, as it can be tricky to hold them on certain occasions. Plus, if you have butterfingers or are forgetful, then that’s even more reason to opt for the waist bag.  

The cute fanny packs 

Who doesn’t love a cute accessory? If your choices of clothing are light and comfortable, say quote Tees and colourful shirts, then a lovely fanny pack is just the thing you need. These can come in bright and cute varieties like lemons, oranges, an animal or animated characters that you can pick. They are small so that you can keep minimal stuff in them. You won’t be able to carry it to work for obvious reasons; however, it’s great for a day out, stepping out for coffee or when you’re out for a run. You can get your hands on several styles to match your outfits or go for one multipurpose hip belt bag. 

Tips on how to buy Belt Bags

Leather is expensive but is also the best material to buy any accessory. The piece will last you for years and show no signs of wear and tear. However, since not everybody can afford one, the more straightforward choices are also good. The thing here is to make sure you’re buying from a reliable brand or source. Especially if you want to use it every day, the fanny bag should be a little more spacious than your average one. Pay attention to the style and look of it too.

  • Buy a size as per your needs – With the fanny pack, it is difficult to judge the size. Also, as a base rule, buy something that looks slightly larger than what you would require.
  • Don’t get carried away – With fancy hip belt bags, don’t put practicality and comfort on the backseat. It should always be the other way around unless you plan on using it very rarely.
  • Don’t invest in too many – Check for one that you like and use it for a couple of months. Impulsive buying is secure, and a lot of regrets are what follows it, so be wise.
  • Buy from a brand – Never waste your money on something that looks good, but you’ve never heard about the brand. Always keep quality first, and you’ll be glad you did.
  • Check for pure leather – There is nothing like leather, but ensuring it is genuine and not a blend is essential. Read the labels, as for proof and only then buy.
  • Get an opinion – Take a friend or your mom along if you’re buying one for the first time. Accessories are sometimes trickier when you shop together.

The shopping experience of a belt bag is very similar to a regular handbag. You will check for pockets, the inside material, belts, buckles and so on. However, size is a significant factor here. The best way to be ahead of the game is to opt for online shopping. With hundreds of choices and so many fantastic brands, you’ll be missing out on the best if you don’t at least check here. Doing a bit of research to find out the new options is also a helpful thing.

Question & Answer

Which are the best belt bags?

Matter Matters Mini Trapezoid Belt Bag, Caraa Cloud Circle Bag, Alexander Wang Attica Fanny Crossbody Bag, Society6 MM Gladden Leopard Print Fanny Pack and LeSportsac Double Zip Belt Bag are the best choices today. All of these are readily available online. Plus, it is best to read the details to understand the specifications before you make a choice. It is easy to find the right size once you know the reason why you’re investing in a fanny bag.

Which are the classiest leather waist bags to buy?

The Cos detachable leather belt bag, Accessorize Yvonne belt bag, Lutz Morris Evan grained leather belt bag, Polare Genuine Leather Fanny Pack and the Home-X Genuine Leather Lambskin Waist Bag are some super leather fanny packs. They are sturdy, durable and range from basic to costly. You can choose as per your budget; however, since leather is a one-time-only investment, it’s worth the extra bucks you spend for a better one.

Can you buy a hip bag for hiking?

Yes, hiking is one of the most common sports where a hip bag is used. The hiking hip bag is slightly different from the regular one, so you might want to specify this when you’re shopping. The number of pockets, size and style all vary with the hiking hip bag. Buying a hip belt bag for hiking is a necessity when it is a professional hike. Without it, alternatives like a backpack and other bags to carry are generally uncomfortable.

Where can you find waist bags on sale online in Dubai?

Shopping online is the best place to find some fantastic options for clothing, accessories, shoes and everything you fancy. Some of the best waistbands are readily available online. With excellent choices, you wouldn’t know where to stop. Make sure you check, a brilliant product search engine. It has more than 500+ online stores with choices and options on one platform that also makes it easy to access and shop.

You can check out some better brands Like Gucci, Coach, Nike, Louis Vuitton, Guess, Michael Kors, Dior, Adidas, Balenciaga, YSL, Herschel, Givenchy and Tommy Hilfiger. Also, you can find some of the best online stores right here on

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