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Are you someone who loves riding bicycles? If yes is your answer then you’d probably know the struggles of carrying around your stuff when riding them. For instance, you might need to take tyre levels, spare tubes, multi-cool and a pump. But where do keep all of this? Well, this is when the bike bags become your saviour.

Isn’t it great when your bike can be your beast of burden and do all heavy lifting! In other words, bike bags and baskets do not make your bike any more challenging to ride. More often, you’ll hear people grumble about not wanting to add that extra weight to their bike. However, know that the extra weight of the bike bag or basket is just a pound or two and is mostly is negligible. This holds, especially for city riding. But do you know? The bike bags originated with bicycle touring. For this reason, most styles in the market now are pretty practical and sporty. This is why they are meant to be removed and carried around. However, in this article, we’ll look at some of the common types of bike bags and a few tips to help you with buying the perfect one.

Different types of bicycle bags

Do you need to carry your laptop to school? No problem. Or perhaps you want to bring your groceries home from the supermarket? Well, we’ve got that covered too. In other words, no matter what you want to bring with you, there is a bike bag that suits your chores. That is, you have different bike bags for various purposes. Below are a few common ones. Additionally, throughout this article, we are going to talk about different carrying and hauling methods and options for cyclists. This ensures that you can continue to ride your bike in comfort while transporting goods. So, let’s begin.

The cycling backpack

One of the most common ways of transporting objects on a bike is to carry them in a backpack. For many people, a backpack is their go-to option for carrying just about anything during the bike ride. You can carry your school books, tools, office supplies, and groceries too. However, it is important to know their limitations and benefits to purchase the best one. Before that, remember that not all backpacks are created equal. There are everyday backpacks, and there are those that you specifically use for bike rides. Well, the reason for this difference is simple; bike backpacks are ergonomic while the others are not. Moreover, with bike backpacks, you can just stand up and continue to carry your items wherever you go.

The bike panniers

Before we dig more in-depth about these, let us first give you an insight into what precisely the bike panniers are. Side bags or bike panniers are bike bags that are attached to your bike. They are mounted onto a rack, or directly onto your bike frame. If you are someone who doesn’t like wearing backpacks, then bike panniers are a significant investment when it comes to bike bags. They allow you to safely transport items, without having to fix them on your body. Hence, it offers you total freedom of movement on the bike. Moreover, they follow the set and forget method. In other words, you can fix them on your bicycle; you can leave them there all the time. This makes sure that they are there whenever you need them. Additionally, their ability to carry a considerable amount of weight makes them an ideal choice for serious riders.

The bike saddlebags and bike saddlebags

The frame and saddle bike bags are exactly what their name suggests. They come in a versatile design that allows you to strap them onto your bicycle frame or under your seat. This ensures easy transportation of several types of goods. Besides, you’ll often find the saddlebags stuffed with small repair kits that include a few selected tools and a spare tube. One of the best parts about using the saddle or frame bike bags is that they do not need any kind of specialised hardware to attach to. Moreover, they also come in various sizes but are still aerodynamic than panniers. Additionally, you can fit a wide variety of items. Apart from that, you can find them in hard and soft shell versions.

Tips on how to buy Bike Bags online

From the above types, it is evident that bike bags are a valuable piece of equipment for any travelling cyclist. Moreover, there is no perfect answer as to which is the best. That’s because each of them has different uses, benefits and limitations. In other words, selecting the ideal bike bags is essential, particularly if you want your items to arrive in one piece. However, to do that you need to weigh up you need before you buy a bike bag in Dubai. Here are a few tips to make your buy easy and hassle-free.

  • Check out the handles  – The handles can make a massive difference in transporting your bike. For instance, the bike bags with handles help you push and pull them according to your convenience. In other words, if one handle might work well for pulling it along, while the other makes lifting easier. Even though it is a small addition, it can make a world of difference.
  • Examine the outer shell  – It is always best to understand the material of your bike bags. This is important because you want to keep your items inside them safe and secure. There are hard cases that are made from plastic and aluminium. They’re one of the most robust bike bags that offer proper protection. However, remember that they are heavy and a little cumbersome when riding.
  • Go for soft bags  – Well, an excellent alternative to the hard cases, these bike bags come in soft hard-wearing fabric. They usually feature added padding and hard bases for extra protection to the items that are stored inside them. Moreover, they are lighter, which make it easier for you to carry them on your bikes at any time and anywhere.
  • Assess the portability  – When you have a lot of luggage to carry in your bike bags, it needs to be as portable as possible. You can get the ones that come with wheels or a handle to steer them in the right direction. For instance, you could get bike backpacks that come with handles and wheels. This helps you carry them on your back and also take them to places when you are out of your bikes.
  • Know the size  – This is one of the important factors you must consider when you are buying bike bags. Make sure that the bike bags that you opt for easily fits with your bicycle and pertain to any size and weight restrictions. Also, make sure you get the measurements of the bag right. This ensures that nothing hinders your journey.
  • Set aside a budget – Like for any other items, you must set aside a budget for your bike bags too. You could find them from as low as AED 500 to as high as AED 3000. However, this depends on the brand you choose and the mode of purchase. You could look out for deals and offers on many online stores. Check out for such deals and discounts.

So, there you have it! You now know the various varieties of bike bags and their pros and cons too. We know and understand that, even if there are a ton of ways to transport your goods on a bicycle, the hardest part is to choose the methods that work best for you. We hope that the tips above clear up the confusion as to what carrying method works best for certain things. Overall, it is essential to realise that every type has its weakness and benefits.

Question & Answer

What is a bike bag?

A bike bag is a special storage device suitable for bicycle riders. These bags are custom made considering the needs and comfort of the cyclists. Of course, most of you love riding bicycles. Moreover, you use them to do various chores in your everyday life. Therefore, it is evident that you might need some kind of storage option to carry your items while riding your bicycle. And that’s when you use the bike bags. Hence, you could define the bike bags to be bicycle storage that lets you store your tools and other items.

Where to buy a bike bag?

Explore an online store is the best idea to look for products like a bike bag. This is how you will find endless options from worldwide manufacturers. If you are planning to buy bike bags, then do not miss out to browse through Our product search engine features an extensive collection of high-quality bike bags from popular brands like Scicon, Roswheel, Topeak, Bowers & Wilkins, Vaude, and Brompton. Moreover, you can also find Evoc bike travel bag pro for sale from popular online fashion accessories stores.

What is the best waterproof bike bag?

For many cyclists, bike bags are a necessity. However, carrying them during rainy seasons becomes a hurdle when the bike bags aren’t appropriate. But fret not. Several waterproof bike bags come in various styles and designs. The bike bags from Ortlieb is an excellent product. The bag is made of moisture and water wicking materials. Otherwise, you can explore to find suitable and affordable options from other stores and brands available in the market now.

What is the best saddle bag for a road bike?

Of course, everyone prefers travelling light. However, longer trips and rides require you to carry along essentials such as spare tubes, CO2 cylinders, multi-tools, and tyre levers. For this, you need to have the best bike bags, and what can be better to perform this function other than the saddlebags? Well, some of the best saddlebags include Thule pack ‘n’ pedal shield, Deuter bag1, Lezyne caddy and many more as such. Check out our product search engine to buy a small bike bag for handlebars, pannier bike bags for sale in UAE and find a staggering array of bicycle front bags for sale.

We aim to give you the most authoritative, objective and up-to-date buying advice and help you buy the products from popular online stores and brands. Hope this article has given you an insight into the bike bags, their uses, benefits and tips to achieve the perfect buy online.

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