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About Satchel Bags

It simply doesn’t matter what the style, make or material is, a purse is the most functional and hardworking accessory we all own. However, too many the idea of buying from hundreds of choices out, there is overwhelming. It is important to own a quality bag that can hold your stuff all day long, shield your valuables and keep your convenience on the go – Yes I am talking about satchels. 

Satchels are an admiring name for such needs. Satchel bags have been around for centuries. Since the beginning, they are used to carrying heavy things around. However, the Romans legionaries introduced the idea of using them to style and carry personal belongings. Later in the 17th century, these satchels got fame as a core fashion accessory. Since then they are popular among men and women from different walks of life. Today, they are a must-have symbol of class and poise. These bags generally come in straps with soft material and asides design. Traditionally used to carry books and personal stuff, the bags come in a wide variety.

Different types of fabric and leather satchel bags

A proven fact is that satchel bags are unbeatable from a practical point of view. The unique combination of size, shape and material makes them an ideal option for many. A satchel of good size can accommodate all your documents, files and other stationery items.  Meanwhile, you can shift style with different types of holders, including handles or long straps. Thus, one can easily carry them in a compact yet stylish way. You can use a shoulder strap to wear it across the body while keeping your hands free. Or you can go with the straps to carry it like a classy suitcase. Surprisingly, these straps are a core feature of all different types of satchels that we are going to discuss now.

Satchel Handbags for men and women

Satchel handbags are ever the favourite of women with a classic aesthetic and fashion sense. A handheld satchel is a perfect accessory from an informal to a highly formal occasion. These bags are stylish enough to complement elegant outfits. Meanwhile, they are spacious to accommodate all the necessities. A pure leather satchel lends the look and feel of professionalism and chic. Today, you can find these bags with lots of customised and dedicated pockets. These pockets help ladies to keep their small stuff organised. Especially for those who look to keep their favourite lipstick safe from any wear and tear or keep their cell phone handy.

Satchel bags for school and college

They are the commonest of all the satchels. Because of their convenience and durability, they are ideal from school to college. These bags come with special compartments to segregate books and personal items like pencils or lunch boxes. Today, you can also find these bags with special compartments to carry devices like laptops and tablets. Although the earlier styles came with buckle closures, they were tough to manage. Thus, these buckles are now replaced by easy to use, kids-friendly snap buckles. These bags generally feature main compartments for books, pockets on both sides of the bag and small inner pockets for better organisation.

Messenger or canvas satchel bags for daily use

Do you wish to style a satchel but don’t have much stuff to carry? A messenger or canvas bag should be your pick. These bags are best for lighter loads, and organised looks. Meanwhile, they can be the best stylish accessory if you are living or travelling to a hotter region. Messenger bags are specifically helpful when you need to carry many things on the go. However, a disadvantage is that these bags come in soft fabric. Thus, they wrap around your body. This is the reason why they are not an ideal option to hold rigid or pointy things. An alternate option is to pick a canvas bag. These are smaller, organised, handy and rigid bags thus helping you hold a bit of weight without worry.

Type of fasteners in satchels

The fastening of satchels is of great importance, and most of these bags come in close zippers. These zips are covered with a flap above them that are occasionally tied with fasteners. These fasteners come in different types. You can find a magnetic fastener that is similar to a large snap that connects magnetically. Metallic prongs are used to connect these magnets with the bag. Another known type of fastener is Velcro. It is easy to use, low maintenance and is best for school bags. However, they tend to collect dirt and lint much quicker. This is the reason why zippers are the best option above both of these styles.  It costs less, is safest, is stylish and can easily be replaced.

Tips on how to buy Satchel Bags online in the UAE

Just like any other fashion accessory, the satchels come in various styles, colours, sizes and materials. As they are appreciated by both school going kids and professionals, you can find a massive variety of these bags online. Although some styles are unisex, not all of them can be used universally. Hence it is important to understand that a silver satchel handbag is best for women on a party night. Using it another way can be a disaster. So, if you are heading to buy a women’s brown leather satchel bag, do some homework and brainstorm. Here are a few important tips on how to buy a vintage Louis Vuitton satchel bag by comparing it with other brands online.

  • Check the material – The satchel bags come in different materials. Obviously, each of these works differently. You can find them in soft materials like nylon, vinyl and canvas. Or you can go for a rich look with soft yet rigid leather. Look for a bag with any of these materials.
  • Durability is the key – A satchel will last with you for a long time. It is thus important to make sure the material is virgin with no artificial mixing. Going for a pure leather bag is the best investment idea you can think of.
  • Consider the features – It includes the size of the bag, the space in compartments, flap, fastener type, zips, internal and external pockets. Check the bag inside out and make sure you buy one that fulfils all your needs.
  • Inner padding – Satchels that are designed for laptops or tablets come with padding inside. This padding helps to protect the devices from any damage from outside. Hence, if you intend to buy a bag for that purpose, check the padding carefully.
  • Check handles and Belts – The belts and handle of a satchel are core features of the product. This style comes in a different size, width and length of belt. You must pick a piece that is serving all your needs to carry them on shoulder or crossbody.
  • Check the bottom – Satchels come with tiny knobs underneath. These small metallic semi-circles are called feet. They are meant to keep your bag a little above the ground and prevent it from getting filthy. Finding a bag with these feet can be an additional perk.

Bags in materials like leather and canvas are durable. If you are taking care of them properly, they can last with you for years. It is thus important to invest your money wisely. A nicely searched and checked bag can be a worthy investment with a good return over time. This is the reason why online shopping is the best idea to look for any product in detail and get to know it well. Meanwhile, with you can look for thousands of options from top brands. Hence, you can make better shopping decisions online.

Question & Answer

Are satchel bags in style?

Satchel has been in demand for many years. However, the recent fashion vibes from top ramps approved that the satchels are going to stay for a while. Some of the top-rated satchels are; long top handles, mini mock croc satchels, lock shoulder top handles satchel, quilted handbags with scarf handle, Wilona box satchel, Satchels with chain details, adrenalin and Glendale satchel. This year the ramps remained rich with these styles of satchels. To get one for you, explore the bags section on our retail search engine now.

Why are satchel bags so expensive?

Satchel bags are generally made of high-quality material like pure leather. These materials are expensive to process until shaped in a bag. Moreover, the supporting features of these bags make them uniquely important and expensive. However, if you are looking for a branded satchel style bag at economical rates, explore our retail search engine, Here you can explore products from more than 500 brands online. You can compare the products according to brand or price preferences. Thus, a wise hopping decision can help you buy a satchel bag conveniently.

Why buy designer satchel bags?

Professionals make designer bags with years of experience and research. These bags are always made with high-quality material and technical innovation. As a result of which they are high in aesthetics and durable to serve you in all situations. This is the reason why most people prefer buying bags and other lasting accessories from brands. Some to name here are; DKNY, Chloe, Kate Spade and Fendi. You can buy high quality yet economical satchel bags from these stores and enjoy them for the year ahead.

Where to buy a satchel bag?

Here at you can buy from the most variety of satchel bags online in the UAE. On our website, you can explore and buy products from top brands like Coach, Michael Kors, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Fossil. Some others on the list are Guess, Aldo, Hermes, and Marc Jacobs. With us, you can look for any product according to category, brand or even price preferences. Visit now to know more about the trending products with hot sales and deals in the market.

You don’t own one? It is never too late to make a worthy and lasting investment in your daily living. Visit stores on our website now to know what the manufacturers are offering for you online. Make a wise decision and enjoy the coming days with style and comfort.

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