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Purses and handbags have always been a staple for everyone, especially for women. From large to small purses everyone at some point in time has owned one. For this reason, they come in various styles and types. However, one which is the most common and is loved one right now is the clutches. Before we learn more about their types, let us understand a bit of their history.

But, first things first. What exactly are clutches? Though you can use the term ‘clutch bag’ to describe a wide range of purses, essentially clutches are small, flat handbags, without handles or straps. In other words, you can carry them only by clutching them in your hands. However, there are a few larger bags that come with handles. That said, you need to know that these have been a very early solution to the problem of carrying important, small possessions of value. You must have seen these bags in paintings and tapestries. A clutch bag owned by Courtauld Gallery in London, seven hundred years, may be the oldest surviving example of such a bag. Cut to the present, today you’ll find all kinds of clutches in fashion. They are now a staple fashion accessory. In this article, we focus on understanding their types and will consider a few tips to choose the perfect one.

The four major types of clutches every woman must own.

Okay, let us get real. While a women’s purse is in most cases a necessity, ensuring it is a fashionable addition to the ensemble is a tricky task, especially when it is the clutches. Much like any other purses and handbags, these also offer roomy interiors, convenient pockets, and optional shoulder chains. Apart from this, they are available in many different types. Whether you are planning to head out for a night with your girl gang or are going to attend a formal gathering; either way, your clutches help you keep all your essentials within arm’s reach the stylish way. Hence, we’ve listed here a few of their major types.

The classic clutches purse

Of course, by now you would have gathered the fact that they come in several types, styles and models. With so many different style variations, you tend to omit the original one. Usually, the classic type is an ordinary rectangular purse with detachable straps. From leather and fibre to velvet and fabric, these clutches come in all kinds of materials. However, the most common material these come in is silk or cloth sewn into a metal frame. Moreover, the detachable straps come in different styles and materials. Either way, you can use these clutches for any and every occasion.

The envelope black clutch bag

The name says it all. The envelope type is a rectangular shaped purse that resembles an actual envelope. They come in many vibrant colours. However, the black one is classic. Moreover, you could pair the black ones with any kind of outfit. When compared to the classic type, these purses have a little more rigid exterior. Well, this is to retain their shape. Apart from this, they come in various sizes too. With such graceful features and characteristics, this modern take on the classic clutches is often looked at as quirky and fun. Moreover, they make a fantastic style statement and help you stand out.

The day white clutch bag 

The day clutches are somewhat similar to the classic. However, the difference is in terms of size. They are slightly bigger than the classic one. For this reason, it is best to best to take it to work, rather than a day out in the sun. Usually, the day clutches include interior pockets where you can store your essentials. However, note that these purses aren’t huge. In other words, you can easily fit them into a bigger bag. But, of course, they are bigger than the classic one. Apart from that, they come in vibrant colour combinations. However, the white day clutches are the best, as they go with any outfit.

The box rose gold clutch bag

Otherwise known as minaudière, the box clutches are structured clutch. They are often bejewelled. In other words, these sparkly clutch bags are appropriate for night outs. You’ll find this night clutches in several types, styles, colours and textures. However, it isn’t necessary that they often have to be flashy or in loud tones. For instance, the clutches with rose gold tinge looks staggering with any outfit. Moreover, they too come in various sizes and shapes. Furthermore, you also find some funky straps that includes the ones with fabric and metallic.

Tips on how to buy Clutches online

It is a fact that there isn’t much that a girl can’t handle with the right accessories. That’s why the perfect clutches is a wardrobe essential for dates and spring weddings. However, just like a good man, finding the ideal clutches that fit your style, personality, budget and body types is hard. Moreover, it is a daunting task to run through an endless list of various kinds of clutches. Well, here are the tips to help you nail the look with that perfect clutch bag. So, keep reading to buy new designer clutches online effortlessly.

  • Opt for clutch classics – It is always best to go for a neutral clutch bag that goes with everything you wear. In other words, it is not advisable to fall in love with the first handbag you see! Have some patience and be willing to explore a few more to find the dream clutches. Well, if already own a dark coloured clutch bag, go silver or other shiny clutches.
  • Go for budget-friendly clutches – Of course, quality is important. Well, when you are about to swoon over a $1000 leather Choo handbag, consider the cost per wearing. Do you have the least minimum of 10 outfits that match this pricey clutch bag? Well, if not, then step away from this designer and go for much cheaper clutch bags online.
  • Let your bag complement your body type – But why? Just imagine a petite lady carrying a considerably large clutch bag. It would be a fashion disaster. Well, it goes the same for the plus-sized divas carrying the itty-bitty clutches. So, it is best to buy clutches that match your size perfectly. For instance, balance a large and curvy frame with a square or angular bag.
  • Cling to the same colour family – Wearing a black clutch bag with black shoes is boring and basic. But, you can instantly change the look by wearing a handbag colour that complements your outfit perfectly. For example, try wearing an animal printed clutch bag with your primary red, pinks or blacks. However, if you are wearing a printed outfit, go for neutral coloured clutches.

Indeed, most clutches come with a straightforward design but are simultaneously beautiful and allow you to shine well on any occasion. Moreover, they are on such an accessory that enhances any kind of ensemble. In other words, we can talk about the best clutches without talking about the occasion you intend to wear them. So, have you now become a clutch person? Hope the above tips and types will drive you to the best clutches out there.

Question & Answer

Where to buy clutches in Dubai?

Clutches are now a necessity, rather than an option. They can be carried along for any kind of occasion. Just be sure that choose the right style. In other words, it must complement your outfit. Hence it is imperative to own a clutch bag that enhances your look. Check out if you want to buy glitter clutch bag silver, buy black glitter clutch bag, and many more as such. You can find some of the best brands here. There are many online stores that offer them.

Where to buy luxury clutches?

Clutches are indeed an iconic fashion accessory that when chosen right can lighten up your overall look. From classic to luxury, you’ll find many types of clutch bags in fashion right now. You’ll find some of the best luxury clutch bags from brands like Dior, Gucci, Chanel, YSL, Louis Vuitton, Bottega, Veneta, Hermes, Coach, Goyard, Valentino, Jimmy, and Fendi. You can rely on these brands to find stylish clutches online. Moreover, you will have a lot to choose from.

Are clutches in style?

Well, yes! The clutches are very much on-trend. However, people are moving away from carrying the usual classic clutch bags to designer ones. That’s because there are a plethora of varieties that are available for every occasion. This brings us to the fact that the clutches are something that hasn’t lost their beauty since their inception. You’ll today find them in all colours, shapes, and styles. There are many popular brands that offer them.

Where to buy cheap designer clutches?

Clutches are indeed handy bags, and you’ll find some high-quality bags from popular brands. However, quality comes at a higher price. But, fret not! Check out our product search engine to buy branded Kate Spade clutches on sale. You could also buy a wide range of these clutch bags wholesale from various popular brands. Much like any other purses and handbags, the clutches offer roomy interiors, convenient pockets, and optional shoulder chains. So, go for them.

What is the best clutch bag for the party?

Clutches are an ideal handbag to carry along during special occasions. Well, the best evening clutches are those that blend with the form and function and add style to your look. Check out our retail search engine to find a staggering range of party clutches. Moreover, you can shop them from 500+ online stores. You can find some of the best brands here. Since there are all good brands, you can rest assured of the quality of the product offered.

So, are you now a clutch bag pro now? Well, we hope you are. Because these clutches are one of the essential fashion accessories that every woman must own.

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