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About Briefcases

A briefcase is a hard-sided, narrow bag that is basically used for carrying important papers, and other types of documents. These boxes are secure and come with a handle for convenience and protection.

Today we can see lawyers as the most loyal user of the product. They use these cases to carry briefs to present in the court. For the same reason, they are named as brief-case. However, businessmen other white collar professionals also use these cases to carry important documents and electronic devices like Tablets or Laptops. Today we can find a wide range of briefcases the vary in style, size and material from Briefcases for men to that of ladies Briefcases. However in all cases they have a main internal space and variety of style and sizes of compartment based on design and other factors. Today laptop briefcases are an important and practical fashion accessory for working people.

Reasons to carry a briefcase

Ever you have had you a chance to walk down the streets in business bay, at 9:00 AM on a Monday morning? One thing that you will see in almost every man’s hand will be a bag. This is where you will see all sorts of bags to carry daily essentials. Some to name are duffle bags, backpacks, tote bags, paper bags or briefcase. While those paper bags are fine to carry a banana and a cupcake with a cup of hot chocolate coffee, a briefcase is what you will need to secure your important papers, deeds or presentations papers for the upcoming meeting. If you don’t hold one, you must be wondering what role they play in your daily work life. Here are some reasons why you should start using a briefcase now.

It will protect your attire

The ways you dress tell a lot about you at work. An untidy and wrinkled getup with get you no attention or appreciations. Even if you are able to protect your clothes from coffee spills while rushing to the office, that bulky strap of your backpack will surely leave its scars on you’re freshly pressed wrinkle-free dress shirt. Whether you woke up early to press it by yourself or paid the professional laundry service down the block, those straps made all the preparation for nought. It will not only wrinkle the shirt at should but will also damage the entire back- and do not forget about the sweating it will cause. A briefcase on the other hand will keep all the mess away from your dress in just one hand.

A professional image

It’s been a decade’s professionals are using briefcases bags to complete their office attire. Even today these small bags complete your professional look. Even if it is your first day on a new job, a well-managed business casual or formal with a nice leather briefcase will be enough to leave a lasting first impression. A fine quality leather briefcase will leave the impression that this isn’t your first rodeo and that you are a person with a serious attitude. Luckily you can carry a briefcase with anything including dress slacks, suits, and button-down shirts or even if you want to pull a button-down with jeans to work. Carrying a briefcase will not only make you look organized by more professional.

A trend setter and confidence booster

Professionals always love to carry a trendy briefcase. And fashion-conscious people love to hold stylish items from a range of coach briefcases or Tumi briefcases. With new designs coming up every day, you can now choose any style or colour with additional features. Remember, your professional bag does not need to be boring rather you can freely choose a sleek and stylish option. With the right design, you will naturally feel a boost in your confidence as you step out of the home, each morning. Therefore, even if you don’t have much to carry in these bags, do pick a professionally styled item to keep you aroused at work.

A luxury and style quotient

When it comes to luxurious items, there is a wide range available in men’s briefcase bags. But nothing can compete with the impression made by a leather briefcase bad – it is a true asset for any professional. And as the briefcases fall under luxurious men accessories, leather products are always top on the list. Carrying a leather briefcase bag at a meeting will simply increase your social status and will grab the attention of those around you. The bag, itself will speak for you and the personality you come with.

Tips on how to buy Briefcases online in the UAE

When it comes to finding the best leather Briefcases to buy online, there is a lot to think about. With a briefcase in hand, you will want to look and feel good as you carry it around. In the meantime, you will need to enjoy complete comfort to hold and carry it with enough compartments to organize everything you will need for work. But with the fact that different corporate settings and professional persons have different needs, the brands offer a wide range of briefcase styles, sizes, materials and other features. Here we are going to share some hints on what you should consider while picking the best option for you.

  • Start with the type of briefcase – There are different types of briefcases based on the material, style and compartment or storage space it offers. Each of the available options is suitable for a specific corporate setting. So before you head to buy, decide what type of briefcase will suit your need and daily use the most.
  • The material – As said earlier, you will find these boxes in metal, leather, faux leather, fabric or synthetic polymer cover with different types of materials. For professionals you use must always pick a rich and luxurious looking item. Most professionals prefer and recommend buying material like leather for day to day use.
  • The colour of the case – When it comes to briefcases for men, there are three common recommended colours – tan, brown and black. This is a bit general because that are several shades between those colours that are grouped within those. They will blend well with all styles and colours of clothing. Black is best for a professional look whereas tan and lighter tones are better for casual use.
  • Compartments – Make sure the case contains enough compartments to keep the content organized. Modern styles come with separate pockets for mobile, tablets, notebooks, chargers and other such important accessories. But remember, more compartments does mean better. Rather you must have enough space to arrange your stuff without getting overweight.
  • Sustainability is important – The last thing you will want is to take your laptop out of your case without leaving any scratches or scuff. They are common to occur around the edges or corners of the briefcase. So make sure you have a dedicated compartment with enough padding to keep the briefcase scratch and tear-free. It is an important factor if you travel a lot with a briefcase.
  • The weight and size of the case – You should consider the fact that the briefcase will be heavy when stuffed with files and smart devices. So, pick a durable item with a minimum weight of its own. Otherwise, you will end up getting uncomfortable with a large, heavyweight bag on your shoulder as you move around. Ideal dimensions to pick are between 15 to 16 inches width and 11 to 13 inches height.
  • Cost and warranty factor – Always look at more than one brand to find high-quality items at cheaper rates. While searching brands online, you can easily find an elegant model within $200 or so. Once you get hands-on with such an item, check for a warranty. Try to pick an item with a longer warranty period as this will also show the confidence of the manufacturer in the offered product.

We hope this guide has helped you enough to get a better insight into the briefcase for women and men. Just keep in mind that your occupation may lead you to get a certain type of briefcase, in the style and your appreciation for intricate details will depend on your taste and personality. To find an ideal option you can explore Here you can find more than 500 brands selling high-quality products from top global manufacturers.

Question & Answer

Do people still use Briefcases?

Yes, some people still use traditional briefcases. However, the number has reduced drastically over the years. This is because more and more people prefer using messenger bags or backpacks due to ease of carrying and functionality. But if you are looking for practically with elegance and a pure professional look, there is still no alternative to a briefcase. And with a little effort, you can easily find a comfortable item to carry at work every single day.

Why Briefcases are called Briefcases?

The briefcases are descendants of the limp satchels. These satchels were used during the fourteenth century for carrying currency and other valuables. Later in 1826, they came in use of lawyers who used the bag for carrying legal briefs to the court. For the same reason, they were named as briefcases, which we now use as “briefcases.” However today they are used for carrying a wide range of official content.

What are the best Briefcases to buy?

An ideal option is the one that matches your needs and is suitable for your occupational needs. Some of the bestselling items that you can explore and buy online include; Kattee Leather Shoulder Laptop Briefcase and the Bellroy Slim Work Bag which is a bestselling casual briefcase. For commuting, you should pick items like Brooks Brothers Filson Twill Computer Briefcase. Whereas Alpine Swiss Expandable Leather Attaché Briefcase is a classic option loved by many leading businesspersons.

What is the difference between a Briefcase and an attaché?

An attaché case is a small size, a thin suitcase that is mainly used for transporting documents, papers or laptops and other electronic devices if needed. This is a special type of bagel that opens into two distinct and usually symmetrical compartments. On the other hand, a briefcase is also a flat, rectangular item used for carrying important documents or electronic devices but it opens into a single compartment. Here the lid contains different compartments and gussets that can expand to provide additional space.

Where can I buy briefcases online in the UAE?

When it comes to buying fashion accessories online in the UAE, you should trust items displayed at Here you can find all the bestselling items from top global brands. Some to name are Samsonite, Tumi, Filson, Louis Vuitton, Coach, Barbour, Gucci, Mont Blanc, Mulberry, and Timbuk2. Here you can also use the price comparison tool to compare and buy products within your budget limits. With that many options, you can easily compare the products for price and features to make the best choice for your next professional appearance.