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A laptop sleeve helps you keep your laptop safe, which is only one of its many advantages. Be it protecting the laptop from wear and tear, shielding it from dust or ease of carrying; it is the best thing you can invest in for your computer.

With computers, you can never be too careful. The new-age ones are sleeker, fragile and have stunning aesthetics. All these features mean you need to take extra care when it comes to maintaining them. For those who use the laptop every day, understand how easily you can get a scratch on it, or worse, drop it. Due to its delicate body and design, even minor accidents may mean spending through the roof to get it working again. Plus, most of us don’t have another option when it comes to carrying your laptop to and fro from the office. The only thing here is to invest in laptop sleeves and other protective accessories to keep it safe. Sleeves are commonly available today and are also fashion accessories.

Different laptop sleeves to safeguard your super-computer 

Even if you are a person who is extra cautious with their things and not very clumsy, sometimes it’s another person’s fault due to which you may suffer. Hence, it goes without a say that taking steps to make sure your gadgets and devices, especially the pricier ones, stay safe at all times, is crucial. The laptop cover is perfect for everyday use and very convenient to use too. They’re inexpensive, make a difference towards keeping your computer safe and look great as well. Be it buying women’s designer laptop sleeves or simple, professional ones; you can easily find them on most online stores. 

The basic laptop cover 

The good old laptop cover is something that everybody should buy for their system. These are simple and cheap, and you can quickly get them in the right size. The 13-inch laptop sleeve works for most models. However, the 15-inch laptop sleeve is also an option that is readily available today. Take time to consider its aesthetics and the safety factor before deciding upon it. Everything from the size, material and other details of the pouch are mentioned online. So, the only thing left is to study it cautiously before taking a call. Check if it will fit well before you buy. 

The stylish laptop sleeve  

Who doesn’t love a statement-making computer accessory? Yes, designer and attractive, elegant laptop sleeves are the best things today. They are the products of designer brands and may often have logos, animations, quotes etc. featured on them. A lot of non-designer brands are also available, which are not expensive but look great. If it works with your personality, then feel free to go for one, as it adds a unique touch too. Again, make sure the size of the pouch is perfect for the laptop you own. These are not an excellent option for the workplace, but if the environment is casual, it might work. 

The laptop carrying case  

Just like the sleeve, the laptop carrying case is great for those who like a little extra protection. This one has a handy carrier that is attached to the sleeves in most cases. It then becomes the perfect carrying case. This way, you can carry the laptop on its own in the case if you need to. A separate protective bag isn’t required here. The bag is slightly large and does not fit as snugly as the sleeve, and that’s okay. However, the size is essential in this case too, so know the size of your computer before you shop for them. They are easy to use and are practical also. 

The laptop pouch 

Just like the sleeve, the laptop pouch is another accessory that works great for your system. This one is a combination of the sleeve and carrying case, to understand easily. The pouch has some storing space for another small accessory, say a pen drive, mouse, pens etc. It is an excellent choice for professors and bosses who often travel with just the computer and don’t need a lot of other things for their meetings, conference etc. This again is larger than the sleeve, and more spacious too. You can also use a sleeve as a bag and then put the laptop in the pouch for more security. 

Tips on how to buy Laptop Sleeves online in Dubai

If you own a computer, the chances are that you already have a pouch for it. It is a basic necessity today, and a lot of people prefer buying it at the same time while investing in their computer. You can get a discounted rate while buying more products. Plus, you get into the habit of using it right from the beginning. The computer thus stays scratch and accident-free from the start. If you’ve never purchased one, here are some pointers to help you out.

  • Check the size – The laptop pouch should be of the right size. Too loose and it has the chance of slipping out, and if too tight, it won’t let the system fit inside, so choose the perfect one.
  • Buy of the same brand – If it is possible, buy the case of the same brand as the laptop. This is good since the fit will be better. Other aspects like size and designs per its exteriors is also a consideration here.
  • Breathable fabric – With thick material, it should not cause an obstruction when it comes to air circulation. A lot of users have the habit of closing and inserting their system in the sleeve while it is still shutting down.
  • Carrier-style sleeve – It helps if you have a pouch that works as a laptop bag, so you don’t have to invest in one separately. This one will have handles that you can use to carry it.
  • It should be sturdy – Even though it is of breathable fabric, the pouch should be secure and sturdy. It should be easy to clean and use without the material showing signs of wearing out.
  • Ask for options – Don’t forget to ask for options in terms of colour, fit, style and other additions while browsing for sleeves, be it retail or online shopping.

If you have a friend or colleague who knows about computers, then it’s a good idea to get some advice. They can help you with some latest inclusions and help you decide better. Personal recommendations are the best and most accurate. It also helps if you manage to do some research on your own. Search the internet for pricing, colours, brand and options that you can buy. Being knowledgeable about purchases is one thing if you don’t want to be fooled.

Question & Answer

Which are the best leather laptop sleeves?

Tuk Tuk Press Handmade Distressed Buffalo Leather, FYY Premium Leather Laptop Sleeve, WerKens Genuine Leather Laptop Sleeve, The Leather Warehouse Leather Sleeve and Leather Sleeve and MegaGear Genuine Leather and Fleece laptop sleeves are some of the best one’s today. You can find the safest one that suits your lifestyle and personality. However, since leather is the most durable and stylish material, it helps to invest in it.

Which are the best women’s designer laptop sleeves 2019?

KAYOND Black Rose Patten canvas Water-resistant Laptop Sleeve, Lilly Pulitzer Tech Sleeve, Kayond Brown Leopard Print Laptops Sleeve, ODTEX Laptop Sleeve with Shockproof Protective Case, Canvas Love Flower Waterproof Sleeve Case and Tomtoc 360 Protective Laptop Sleeve are some excellent choices for women. There are also tote bags that are laptop-friendly, so you can put yours into one and use it for work and meetings. This means you don’t have to use a separate purse and laptop bag.

Which are the best laptop cases for 13-inch MacBook Pro?

Incase Hardshell Case for MacBook Air 13″ with Retina Display, Mosiso Water Repellent Lycra Sleeve Bag, Herschel Supply Co. Anchor 13-Inch MacBook Sleeve, Thule Gauntlet 3.0 15” MacBook Pro Retina Sleeve and Aqua Quest Storm Waterproof Laptop Sleeve are some terrific choices for the MacBook. All of them are designed to fit the 13-inch beauty with ease and have their unique attributes. So, depending on your requirements and budget you can choose the best one.

Where can you buy laptop sleeves online in Dubai?

With so many fantastic stores, you have ample choices when it comes to computers and their accessories. Thanks to the many international brands who have made the UAE their destination, buying something you like is never difficult. However, when it comes to online shopping, the best thing is to use a shopping search engine like With so many beautiful products under one roof, you’re bound to spot the ones with the best prices!

HP, DELL, Thule, Mosiso, Lenovo, Gmyle, Ibenzer, Okade, Tumi, Tomtoc and Acer are undoubtedly some of the best brands today. If you are searching for their products, you are in the right place. On, you can find many varieties. Moreover, you can filter and sort to quiken your search. Also, compare prices to find cheap options. So, go ahead and start exploring!