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The best thing about a cooler bag is that it takes away the worry about food. Be it a beach trip, a day picnic or a long road trip, the cooler bag can be your favourite companion if you’re in a large group. No more wrapping bottles in wet paper or carrying uncomfortable icepacks.

The concept of the cooler bag isn’t new, but it is something that is underestimated a lot. With this one, travels get so comfortable that it’s challenging to go without it once you get into the habit of using this fashion accessory . Buying a cooler bag in the UAE is easy and affordable, thanks to so many people wanting it. Even around the world, people use it, sometimes every other weekend, because road trips and holidays are getting so popular. Especially when you have small kids, most parents fear long flights and other means of public transport. Instead, they prefer taking out their car, loading it with all the essentials without any space constraints and getting started. The cooler bag is their best friend here.

Different types of cooler bags to make your trips enjoyable

Now, who doesn’t like to pop open a chilled one and get some life on that road trip? Yes, everything from cheese to nibble on, beers, juice packs for the kids and delicious yoghurt tastes yummy only when it is well-chilled. With everything that’s going on while organisation a road trip, it’s not practical to make sure things stays chilled till the end of the journey. The cooler box is the best thing in this case. Being compact and lightweight, you can quickly push it under your set or at the backside of your car. Pop open some snacks when you get hungry and finish the meal with cold drinks. The best thing is they are commonly available everywhere, and it’s pretty much a one-time investment.

The lunch cooler bag

Cold sandwiches and some tasty beverages are everybody’s favourite. Whether you love snacking on pastries, subs or cold noodles, the lunch cooler bag is bound to be your next best friend! This one is mainly designed to hold lunch and other eatables, along with a drink, of course. The spacious bag comes in different sizes so that you can choose as per your requirement. However, it is a good idea to always go for something more substantial than you think, instead of carrying two. The best thing is that the temperature of the bag stays constant, so even if you don’t end up finishing the food after the trip, you can reuse it later.

The picnic cooler bag

Picnics are so much fun as a family and a great way to relax and make some memories. Food is one aspect that makes it even better, and there is nothing like a great picnic basket! The only issue is that you need to find a cooler way to carry your stuff. So, the best thing to do here is to opt for a picnic cooler bag. This one will keep your food and drink cool so you can enjoy them later. Everything from cheese, cold cuts, fruits, crisp sandwiches, noodles, juice boxes, beers etc. can be packed easily in the picnic cooler. Opt for one that is a convenient size and will fit well in your car.

The insulated tote bag

Now, who doesn’t love a tote bag that can carry your foodstuff and keep it cold? It sounds like a dream for travellers and picnickers, right? Well, the insulated tote bag is here to make those dreams come true. If you own a small car or will be travelling in someone else’s, then the tote insulator bag is the best thing here. You can conveniently carry it like a tote. Pack your foodstuff into it neatly, and it can also suffice your wallet, keys etc. This way, you don’t have to rely on a separate bag or purse. The best thing is that you can snack as you go. Make sure everything you carry is in spill-proof bottles, though.

The rolling cooler bag

For those who have a larger family or have a big group coming along with them, the rolling cooler bag is the right accessory for you. Just like a travel suitcase, this one too has wheels. It is more significant than regular cooler bags; thus, there’s more space. With the wheels, you don’t have to worry about the weight or carrying it. It is the best cooler bag for lunch for a whole day trip or an overnight one too. You don’t have to struggle with separate cooler bags and can easily fit everything into one. Again, ensure your drink bottle won’t spill, and the snacks won’t create a mess either.

Tips on how to buy Insulated Cooler Bags 

If you have never used a cooler bag, you don’t have any idea of how convenient it make things. If you are a traveller, trekker, or just someone who loves holidaying and picnicking, you should, without a doubt, invest in one. Since it is not a popular choice that a lot of people make, shopping can be a little tricky. However, you have so many brands and many varieties of small cooler bags that taking a decision isn’t difficult. Here are some quick tips.

  • Make sure it is the right size – The right size bag will make carrying and using it easy. A medium-sized one should suffice a family of four and so on.
  • Check the insulation – The insulation is the backbone of any thermos cooler bag. So, pay extra attention to its lining and durability and go ahead only if you know it will do a good job.
  • It should be easy to clean – the insides should be waterproof, and it should not have corners in which food can get stuck. Stay away from fancy designs, since they can restrict cleaning.
  • Take your car along or measure the spaces – Taking the car with you is the best way to make sure it is the right size and height. This will prove to be an issue later if you don’t consider it while buying.
  • Invest in a separate wine cooler – If you fancy carrying wine, beer and other beverages in glass bottles, opt for a specific refrigerator that can help you in this. Going for a regular one can be dangerous if it doesn’t have the necessary measures to provide protection.
  • Ease of handing – It should be easy to use, store and carry the cooler where you travel. The rolling one is perfect for those who will be having multiple stops in their road trips or travels.

With a cooler bag, a lot of your problems can be solved. However, making sure you know how to use it right is very important. This is very important while travelling as a group. Online websites and travel bloggers can give you some super useful tips to make the best of your cooler bag. Don’t overstuff your pocket, and make sure you take it along every time you plan a trip to get into the habit. It is the best accessory for those who love day trips, and it’s only a matter of time to get the hang of using it.

Question & Answer

Which are the best small cooler bags?

Smaller cooler bags are perfect to start if you’re a beginner or you travel with your spouse or just one other person. These are compact, lightweight, and there are several choices that you can consider. Some of the best ones are YETI Hopper Flip 18 Portable Small Cooler, Coleman 30-Can Small Cooler, Igloo 14.8 Quart Playmate Work Small Cooler, SCOUT Pleasure Chest Soft Cooler and the Stanley Adventure Cooler.

What are the factors to consider before buying a thermos cooler bag?

Along with the size and space constraint, durability is one thing that you need to consider. This is very important whether you plan to use it frequently or not. Reputed brands also give buyers a warranty or guarantee, so the steep prices are worth it in the long run. Insulation is the second most important thing. Next, make sure it is portable and has a separate space for cans and bottles if you plan on carrying those too. Different bags for bottles/cans are also available.

Which are the best portable wine cooler bags online?

Be it summer, winter or spring, a class of lovely rose or crisp white wine is something that everybody relishes. Add a few cheese options, and it makes your day. If you love wines, too, then a unique wine cooler should be on your list. There are some of the best ones – PortoVino Beach Wine Tote, Wine Cooler Set by Reduce, Plush Picnic Insulated Travel Wine Tote Bag, Wine Enthusiast Weekend Wine Bag and the Obstal Insulated Wine Growler & Wine Tumblers Set.

Where can you buy large ice cooler bags online in the UAE?

The UAE market is full of fantastic choices for accessories like cooler boxes and wine coolers etc. With stunning brands, it won’t be long before you find the perfect one for yourself. If you want to make things easy, shopping online is one way to go ahead. With this, it’s easy to see all the options, compare prices and then take the call. You can consider, an excellent product search engine that will help you understand the possibilities offered by more than 500+ online stores listed under it. Fit & Fresh, Medela, Coleman, Packit, Thermos, IKEA, Under Armour and Aosbos are some of the best brands.

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