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Convertible Duffel Bag in Nylon
Travel with effortless sophistication with this Polo Ralph Lauren duffel bag. • Constructed in te...
AED 1050.-
EA7 Train-Core Small Gym Bag in Nylon
This EA7 Train-Core Small Gym Bag from Emporio Armani is a classic athleisure accessory that is p...
AED 350.-
D2 Icon Duffle Bag in Nylon
The D2 Icon duffle bag from Dsquared2 is ideal for carrying your kit to the gym or on weekend bre...
AED 2700.-
Mini Cruiser Duffle Bag with Rhinestones
Add a touch of 00s nostalgia to new-season edits with Alexander Wang's mini Cruiser duffle bag. T...
AED 3310.-
Black & Grey GG Duffle Bag
Gucci’s sleek Duffle Bag adds a hint of opulence to this season’s travel looks. Crafted from soft...
AED 7600.-
Triangle Logo Duffle Bag in Nylon & Saffiano Leather
Just as sleek as it is versatile, the triangle logo duffle bag is a spacious design made for spon...
AED 8400.-
Triangle Logo Duffle Bag in Nylon & Saffiano Leather
This duffle bag from Prada is ideal for carrying your gym kit or the essentials for an overnight ...
AED 6500.-
Heritage Duffle Bag in Recycled Cotton & Cotton
This Tommy Jeans Heritage duffle bag is perfect for weekends away or afternoons in the gym. • Th...
AED 455.-
Wheel Duffle Bag in Recycled Nylon
Carry weekend or getaway essentials in style with this duffle bag from French house Balenciaga. ...
AED 2415.-
Downtown Duffel Bag in Faux Leather
Tommy Hilfiger's Downtown Duffle bag is a handsome choice for weekend escapes, accommodating ever...
AED 975.-
Duffle Bag in Nylon & Saffiano Leather
A refined choice for overnight business trips or weekenders, this versatile Duffle Bag from Prada...
AED 7500.-
Triangle Logo Duffel Bag in Nylon
Refresh your luggage options with this stylish duffle bag from the latest collection by Italian l...
AED 7200.-
GG Embossed Duffle Bag in Leather
Practical and sophisticated, this new Gucci duffle bag will be a refined carry-on for upcoming tr...
AED 13650.-
Camp Duffle Bag in Nylon and Lambskin
A luxury staple for weekend getaways or everyday gym wear, this SAINT LAURENT camp duffle bag is ...
AED 8000.-
Off The Grid Duffle Bag in GG Nylon
Gucci's Off The Grid duffle bag is scaled to accommodate everything that's needed for a busy day ...
AED 7050.-
D Signature Holdall Duffle Bag in Canvas
The D Signature duffle bag by Dunhill will be a refined and practical addition to your luggage co...
AED 3240.-
MKC x 007 Bond Duffel Bag in Leather
Michael Kors' partnership with the iconic 007 film franchise presents a limited-edition collectio...
AED 8900.-
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About Sports Bags

Sports bags are multi-tasking as apart from utilising them for sports activities, you can use them while travelling as well. The small-sized bags can be carry-ons, and bigger ones can replace your suitcase. But that’s just a secondary purpose and an additional advantage. The specifications you should look for are different and must serve the primary purpose of fitting well with your sports activity.

Functional aspects and looks are two major things you should keep in mind while shopping and in the same order. The functions may vary depending on the athlete or otherwise sporty person’s needs. Along with that, the sports activities also influence the purchase because then, you may need dedicated spaces accordingly. If you are currently looking to buy a sports bag online in UAE, you should conduct full-fledged research before grabbing a product.

Overview of sports bags

A basic design of a sports bag has only one big compartment to stow all your items and a shoulder strap. This variant further enhances more advanced features. For example, you can have more than one compartment to separate your items. Further, you can focus on pockets and sleeves if you have more contents. These add-ons of interior and exterior pockets also make the bag look organised. Depending on your needs, you may also need a laundry or shoe compartment, haul handles, detachable sleeves, shoulder padding, and more. Well, this is how you choose the type of sports bag you want. Start with the basic one and keep on adding the specifications until it becomes perfect for your use.

Duffle bag LV

Louis Vuitton is one of the premium fashion accessories brands you can explore if your budget range is flexible. They have plenty of elegant designs from which you can pick the one you like most. You may like the one with an expanded zipper at the bottom, or the one with a stiff bottom. Depending on what pleases your eye, you can choose because LV is all about appearance, quality, and value for money. You can see some of the products and carry on with your sports bags online shopping in Dubai.

Nike sports bags

Nike is itself a sports brand, so the products must be apt for your purpose. You can filter the products here according to sports activities. For example, for your tennis playtime, the Nike brand has a bag with an appropriate size, handles, and capacity. Likewise, you can search for football, basketball, gym bags, or just lifestyle bags for multi-tasking purpose. You explore some of the cheap Nike sports bags to buy online in the UAE and then move higher in the budget range.

Sports bags with wheels

If you have any medical issues, or if you are pregnant, you can buy a sports bag with wheels. As you have to push them, make sure the bag is light in weight, and the wheels and handles are ergonomic. You can also invest in haul handles as they give you a strong grip. To explore the products visibly, you can hop on to our retail search engine and check on some wheeled products. About size, from small to buying an extra large duffle bag with wheels, there are plenty of options.

Tips on how to buy Sports bags online

One thing that sports bags must be is functional. It has to have the capacity to hold all your essentials and accessories in an organised manner. Otherwise, the purpose of buying a sports bag may go useless. Although you will be setting your eyes on products based on functions and looks, there are still some tiny details you must not forget. We have compiled some bullet points that may help you make an informed decision.

  • Organisation – Your sports bag may contain your sweaty clothes, dirty shoes, or other items that need a separate space. So, it becomes imperative for sports bags to have dedicated spaces for each of the items mentioned. Also, think of other things that need a space of their own and search for similar products.
  • Additional holders – It would be good if you buy an additional sleeve or if your bag comes with detachable ones. They would be helpful in keeping your dirty shoes, so your bag stays clean. Even if there is a separate pocket for sweaty clothes, you can still buy an additional one to keep the odour away.
  • Strong & sturdy – There is no way a sports bag can be delicate and flabby. Otherwise, the whole purpose of buying one would fail. Look at the material, lining inside, and strong handling while exploring the variants. By saying strong handling, we mean the belts should be ergonomic and shouldn’t stress your shoulder muscles.
  • Looks – Apart from the functional aspects, you should check on the good looks as well. Well, looks not only elevate the standards of the bag but motivates you every day to go to the gym and exercise. You can choose your favourite shades, trendy patterns, or even a painted canvas bag to cheer you up.
  • Water-resistant – The whole bag or just the bottom can be water-resistant because you sometimes don’t care about your bag when exercising. So, apart from being sturdy, you need to be cautious of the mishaps that could happen, and water spillage is one.
  • Ventilated compartments – If you spend long hours in a gym or took time coming back home, your sweaty clothes in their compartment can spread the odour all over the bag. So, it would be good if you have a separate ventilated laundry compartment. The same goes for the shoe compartment as well. You can also invest in mesh pockets on the exterior side of the bag to stow small items like socks or handkerchief.
  • Length, width, and height – Although the size depends on the quantity of the items you want to keep inside, there are still other factors that can influence the size. For example, if you have a petite size figure, a large width bag may look weird on you. So, you can invest in small width and larger length to compensate. Also, if you have short stature, you should not forget to invest in adjustable straps. Similarly, you should keep your preferences on top and adjust the product accordingly.

As much as you explore the product, you will broaden your perspective by seeing new and unique features. There may be features you want to add or want to discard. And this is what proper research sounds like. Along with the tips, you should also have some top brand names handy, so comparison becomes easy. A few brand names include Under Armour, Reebok, Jordan, and Dakine, among others. You can also start with some cheap branded sports bags.

Question & Answer

How much does a vintage Adidas sports bag cost?

A vintage sports bag from the Adidas brand can cost you in the range of 60AED to 1500AED, and the range can go even higher. The lower range is usually of mini vintage bags for those wanting to go on a jog with sports crossbody bags. In these mini versions, you can keep your smartphone, earplugs, and towel. The upper range, however, is a full-fledged sports bag in which you can stow all your sports supplies.

What is the best ladies sports bags?

A duffle bag LV is the best of all without any doubt, and not just for women, for men too. Although there are unisex duffle bags available in the market, some of you may require specifications that you may not find in unisex versions. So, you got to find gender-specific products. With that being said, you can explore a few other brands like Marc Jacobs, Lululemon, Tommy Hilfiger, and Nike sports bag to grab the best products.

What size duffle bag should I buy?

Duffle sports bags are usually OSFA, meaning One Size Fits All. Still, if you go by the size, you can choose from 35litres to 70litres capacity. The capacity can go higher to 100litres, which is often used in travelling like if you are going to hike or something. So, you should buy the size that matches your purpose. You can buy small size for the gym, and big size if your activity needs you to travel around. Also, a specific sports activity come with a duffle bag of its own with dedicated corners, pocket, and sleeves to organise your stuff.

Where to buy a duffle bag?

If you do not follow any specific sports brand and would like to explore the variants, you can then choose to explore online shops. The advantage of shopping from online shops is that you get to see multiple brands and their wholesome products under one roof. It becomes so easy for you to compare two products. Also, you can filter brands, budget range, style, and colour as per your liking.

Sports bags are no daunting task to buy unless you don’t know or haven’t listed the contents you will be throwing inside the bag. So, list all the items that will go inside the bag and start exploring the size, style, and brand that will fit best. Hop on to our platform,, and you will definitely find something worth adding to your shopping cart.