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About School Bags

Given that a school backpack is essential for any back-to-school list, one may assume that they have existed since the dawn of schooling. Is this the case with you? If yes, the fact might surprise you that the modern school backpack has been around for about 50 years or so.

Although we cannot deny the fact that the idea of strapping bags at the back is as old as time, contemporary school bags are a relatively novel idea. Knowing this, we feel sorry for the little mittens of the yesteryears and appreciate the efforts of the world for making a school bag. Today these backpacks come with prominent features that distinguish them from other types of bags available in the market. These bags are especially important for kids at an early age; thus, comfort is the core concern. Today we will have a look into the core features of a modern backpack for early age schooling.

Core features of school bags for teens

Buying a perfect bag is not a piece of cake. Despite the fact it looks a basic yet simple thing but comes with many different features, each of great importance. Specifically, when it comes to buying bags for teenagers or early schooling kids, attention to detail is necessary. Most parents prefer buying bags that come in handy for kids, keep their stuff organised and offer security. Apart from basic books and school accessories, these bags are meant to accommodate stuff like water bottles, lunch box and other occasional necessities. Today many companies are making school bags but not all are reliable. Thus, make sure your school bag contains the following.

Messenger Bags vs School Backpacks – Know the difference

Commonly, school going kids use these two types of bags. A messenger bag is a satchel shape bag that hangs on one side of the body. It is easily accessible but not ideal for kids at an early age. The best option for elementary or early year schooling kids is to have Backpacks. These are classic style school bags that come with two straps. This style helps to spread weight equally across the body. This is the reason why doctors also recommend backpacks for early or teenage kids. Here you can enjoy different verities with a slight difference in the style and features. Some to name are sling bags, mesh backpacks, athletic backpacks, or academic backpacks that are most suitable for early classroom times.

The material of kid’s school bags

The material of the school bag defines how much weight it can carry. Hence, you must consider the fact that your child will be carrying books, notebooks, a pencil box with stuff in it, a lunch box, a water bottle and other necessities. All of these have weight, and a bag must be able to carry it well. Considering the need, companies focus on providing bags made of rigid materials like canvas and parachutes. However today people also appreciate using bags made of synthetic fabrics, or leather. All these materials are lightweight, water-resistant, easy to maintain and look good. Such a bag is a worthy investment and will stay with you for a long.

The organisation of secondary school bags 

The organisation of any bag is the most important aspect. It is always important to double-check and make sure the bag has enough space to accommodate all the necessary books and supplies. Generally, a school bag has a large compartment that offers room for several notebooks or books. While the different size of organisational pockets offers convenience to hold pencils, pen or cell phones for teenagers. However, today school bags and backpacks come with built-in laptop compartments as well. The inner lining of these sleeves come with some cushion that gives protection to your smart devices. Such features can help you protect your devices from any wear and tear or scratches.

Understanding the design of stylish school bag

Backpacks and simple school bags come in a variety of design features to boost your day to day schooling ventures. A Shoulder strap is of core importance. Today branded bags come with an adjustable strap to enjoy different lengths. Likewise, you can find bags with removable straps to make styles every day. Likewise, a quality bag comes with padded cushions to help you keep all your stuff handy. Plus, the cushion offers comfort on your shoulder and back. Many branded bags come with waist straps that can help to distribute weight all over the body. These straps help to reduce strain on the back and shoulders. However, these features are available only in branded school bags.

Tips on how to buy durable and stylish School Bags for kids 

By the end of summer and the starting school sessions, manufacturers start bombing customers with advertisements claiming their product to be the best. We won’t say any of these claims are wrong. But not every product available in the market is worth investing. Likewise, it becomes overwhelming for many to pick the right bag from hundreds of available options online. To help you with your online shopping venture we are here to share some tips on how to pick the right option for your kid. With these tips, you can expose the best deals on school bags online to pick from economical and high-quality school bags for sale in Dubai.

  • Check the material – The material of the bag must be durable. So you must look for a bag that is made of a material like canvas, leather, parachute or synthetic fibres. Also, check if the material is waterproof or not.
  • Check the pockets – Here you can investigate different images from inside of the bag as well as read the product description. Know how many small or large pockets the bag has. Moreover, know the sizes of these compartments to ensure your staff can stay in.
  • Look for wider straps – The online market is big; here you can find all the variety that exists. Although bags come with thin straps. Buying a wider strap can help you protect your shoulder muscles from pain. Also, make sure the straps are adjustable in length.
  • Read product details – To know all the above said details about the bag, read the product description section in detail. Here you can find details about the material, size, pockets, inner lining and other details about the ins and outs of the bag.
  • Styles of the bag – School bags are segregated according to the gender and personal preferences of kids. So, if your kid is a fan of any superhero or your little prince love to have hello kitty themed accessories, find one that soothes their mood.
  • Check the purchase policies – Before you place an order for a school bag that seems perfect to you, check the buying policies. Know terms of exchange or return. It helps in case of any bad experience in size, material or if you don’t like the product at all.

Here at you can find more than 500 brands selling the best waterproof school bags and luggage bags to buy. Thus, if you are looking for cheap school bag offers in Dubai, we have it all. Just click on the brand or style of bag you are willing to buy for you or your kids and get unlimited options in one click. Here you find the best waterproof school bag to buy. Meanwhile, if you are thinking to buy trolley school bags online in the UAE, our retail search engine can be a nice idea to do a bit of market research on fashion accessories while sitting at home.

Question & Answer

What school bags are in fashion to buy?

Everything can be customised on this date. So is the case with the school bags. In recent years the customised and themed school bags with matching accessories are trendy. Kids at early ages prefer a backpack with Iron man, or Loki printed in their bag. Likewise, girls like to have an Elsa or Cinderella-inspired backpack with matching accessories. However, kids in later ages prefer going for bags in leather or cotton canvas bags with different shades like cotton candy theme or neon shades to stand unique in their peers.

What is the best brand of backpack for school?

Backpacks are becoming an important style essential for the youth of this time. This is the reason why brands and manufacturers have gone far beyond the quality of material and size. Today these bags are available in varying shades, combinations, pocket styles, zippers and materials. Some of the top-selling brands include Nike, Gucci, Jansport, Puma, Pottery Barn, Tommy Hilfiger, Vans, Kipling, and Satchel. All these brands are known and trusted for the uniqueness and quality of their product.

What size school bag should I buy?

The size of the bag depends on the intended use. Thus, before you head to buy a school bag online, consider the stuff that you may need to carry in it. Always look for a bag that leaves a little extra space after putting in all the necessary stuff. While shopping online, you can read details about the product to know what weight it can carry at a time. Always look for a bag that is designed to carry weight more than what you want to carry in. Hence choosing a bag according to the weight capacity can help you get the right size.

Where to buy school bags in Dubai?

Here at you can find the most variety of school bags or backpacks online in Dubai. With more than 500 brands and top stores, we offer access to every possible style and size of the bag. At you can compare and buy products according to brand or price preference. Although a bag is a worthy investment, the right option can help you save your money for years. This is the reason why people prefer buying branded bags once every five years, rather than making a purchase every 12 months.

Where do you want to stand? If you need to make the right choice, nothing can help you better than for quality products at a low price.