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Table Lamp Matrix
Table Lamp Matrix
The Table Lamp Matrix captures cubist charm with its eye-catching sculptural design. Handcrafted with a granite base, the lamp is finished with vintage brass and topped with a brown velvet shade. Illuminate a modern home with the minimalist, chic lamp on a sideboard or coffee table.
Crack Table Lamp
Crack Table Lamp
Kashida's Crack Table Lamp is an opulent design with unique aesthetic appeal. Rendered in gold-tone metal, the cylinder structure features the Arabic phrase for "a generous person casts a huge shadow" hidden amongst crack-inspired cutaways. Place it in any room to create create a warm and welcoming ambience.

About Table Lamps

There are some fantastic types of table lamps that you can buy in stores today. These exciting pieces which work well with indoor lighting have a charm of their own. With modern lighting options, some table lamps have surely taken the backseat. 

With some of the best types of interior decoration articles around, it is difficult to make the best decision for your home. You have to look up for many ideas and ways to make the space look appealing. The good part is there are many online ideas and websites to make the most of. You don't even have to spend extra for a designer or interior person to advice you on using the space in the best manner. All this is possible with some time that you can spend online and choose the best products that you like. Also, not everything needs to be vintage or modern. Choose as per your liking, and you will surely come up with a space that you will adore. Just like everything else, table lamps are also getting more popular these days. 

Different types of best table lamps that you can buy today 

Table lamps have been around since a very long time. It is easy to spot them in libraries and home study areas too. However, when it comes to making them a part of the living room or even a modern home today, a lot of people don't prefer it. The reason they might not the classic look as much or the fact there are many other options to pick. However, in some cases, nothing beats the charm and charisma of a table lamp in the corner. It could be your bedside table, study or private space where you like to be alone. It is mildly bright, and there are options to make this as you please today. Here are some of the different types of lamps we have today. 

Battery operated table lamps 

Different from its traditional variants, these battery-operated table lamps are fantastic choices for everyday use. In this variant, you can replace the battery as and when they wear off and continue using the lamp. It is better than the plug-in variant as you don't require electricity for it. These lamps are also brighter and work well for studying purposes too. Some of them might allow you to replace the classic yellow bulbs with the white or LED lights, that is much safer for your eyes. Either way, make sure to check the best ones that consume less electricity and burn as brightly or mildly as you want. 

Glass table lamps 

One of the prettiest types of table lamps, this one is unique to is style. The entire lampshade is of glass, and sometimes the body too. It's not the best for kids; they might topple it over. They are delicate and look beautiful, so they are perfect in your living room as well. The only thing is to buy a smaller one or something for a designated space where there is no mishandling. They are marvellous to look at. You can even look for colours and types of lamps that will work well for your living room décor and ambience to match accordingly. You can find several amazing choices and brands online.  

Crystal table lamps 

Just like the glass lamps, the crystal table lamps too are amazing and look very delightful. They are again very fragile, so you need to place them in the right spot. These are somewhat on the lines of chandelier light, so it looks excellent in the right space. They could have crystals hanging all around the shade, or it could be entirely made of crystals. You can choose something with big, small, oval, square or colourful crystals, whatever you prefer the best. They are generally more expensive when you compare them to other table lamps, so having a budget for this one is crucial.  

Ceramic table lamps 

Another versatile choice, the ceramic lamps are great to use anywhere and not as fragile either. They are comparatively cheaper and very popular too. However, ceramic can also crack if you drop it's so it'essential to be very careful again. These come in endless designs, patterns and colours so you can go all out when you need to pick one! The ceramic ones are trendy because people prefer it since it is versatile and cheaper too. You will also find they are the best when it comes to bulk buying for offices and schools. Look for some of the best deals as there are several variants and brands for ceramic lamps today. 

Tips to keep in mind when you want to buy table lamps 

When you are looking to buy table lamps onlinethere are many things to look for. The idea is that you realise the shortcomings of tings only after buying them, which then makes it impossible to do anything of. So, if you analyse these things before taking the big call, then it's a good thing. This means you are more prepared too. So, if you love table lamps, then these interesting tips are quite handy. Brush up on them before your next shopping spree:

  • Understand the space for the best size – Where are you looking to place the lamp? Check the space and understand the average size and height of the area. This will make it easy to check for the best lamp that will fit the space well. 
  • Check out the different variants – There are so many kinds of table lamps today so you can go all out when it comes to picking the best one. Look for the delicate or sturdy ones, crystal or plain and choose the best type. 
  • Look at second-hand choices – If you want to be cost-effective, then buy a pre-loved lamp. It will cost you a fraction, and you never know if you end up with an almost new one. This is also lighter on the environment and reduces your carbon footprint.  
  • Buy online if you can – Buying online is simple, hassle-free and budget-friendly too if you spit a good deal. The best thing is it saves you so much of time. There are also exclusive online discounts that can make it worth shopping online. 
  • Choose kids lamps with care – If you are getting a table or room lamp for your kids, check for attractive ones they will like. Don't go for glass or crystal ones as they are more prone to breakage. Look for something efficient as well as something to catch their fancy. 

It is essential to understand the best ways to handle the lamp after you buy it. While most people simply go and purchase a new one if it breaks, it's not the best idea to continue this way. So, know the material and type of lamps and what works for it. Whenever you can, switch it off and clean with a wet or dry cloth, depending on the type of lamp. Dust accumulation is also a common problem that can cause it to go out, so be sure this doesn't happen. 

Questions & Answers

Which are the best table lamps 2020?

Whether you want to buy table lamps for reading or only something for your home décor, there are plenty of choices today. The best thing is there are some amazing brands you can buy from. You don't need to skimp on anything, and you can get the best variants as well. Some of the top choices for table lamps are – Seaside Village Touch Control Lamp, Tensor CFL Desk Lamp, Ikea Forsa, Tensor Banker's Lamp, TaoTronics LED Lamp, Article Leap Table Lamp, Frama E27 Table Lamp, Hay Turn On Lamp, Umbra Shift Cup Lamp, Fully Beam LED Task Lamp, Schoolhouse Graduate Lamp, The Newhouse Gooseneck Desk Lamp, Phive Dimmable LED Desk Lamp, Danray Snake-Arm Desk Lamp, Etekcity LED Desk Lamp, Aukey Touch Sensor Bedside Lamp, Simple Designs Home Shades of Gray Ceramic Stone Table Lamp, HAITRAL Bedside Table Lamp, Kira Home Lucerna 13" Touch Bedside Lamp and OK Lighting Touch Lamp With Tiffany Glass Floral Theme. 

What is a tripod table lamp?

One of the newer variants for lamps today, this one has a base just like the camera tripod. So, there are three long stands on which the lamp rests. It makes for an aesthetically looking lamp and somewhat is very eye-pleasing too. This one is taller than most of the other lamps too. You can find several brands making tripod table lams today. The benefit is that it is taller, less bulky and looks great. Depending on individual preferences, you can sue it on the table, living room or your bedside table as well. However, it can be a little tricky to handy at times. So, it is best to use or keep in an area where it will not be disturbed much. 

Is a table lamp suitable for reading?

The best table lamp for the study is those that have halogen and fluorescent bulbs, as compared tostandard incandescent bulbs. However, this also depends on the time you are reading and if you will be using the lamp regularly. It is best to study under the light that does not strain your eyes, even for longer durations. However, when it comes to working n the evenings and the night-time, then you have to make a choice. The best thing is you can choose lamps where the light can be replaced to suit your taste. So, this makes it easy to decide. The lamp is also essential in this case because something too high or low is also not suitable. You can pick the ones particularly for reading and see if they work for you. 

Where can you get the best table lamps in the UAE?

If you wish to buy bedside table lamp with dimmer or just a regular table lamp for home use, then you are sure to come across some great choices. You can pick the best one that matches your needs since there are countless styles today. It all depends on your budget and preference. Also, since you will be exploring the online options, don't forget to check out This terrific product search engine is one of the best ones in Dubai today. 

You can also buy table lamp with wireless charging on online stores such as Menakart, Virgin Megastore, Sprii, NAMSHI, Just Kidding and Centerpoint Stores. Some of the best brands include Flos, Artemide, Louis Poulsen, Gubi, Kartell, Oluce, Marset, Muuto and Philips.