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About Painting Lighting

We all know that painting or artworks bring zest to your interiors. But, here’s the thing, even the most elegant artwork can reduce to a mediocre one under incorrect lighting. After all, what’s beauty if shadows and glares hinder it? The way a painting is lit can either accentuate or diminish its qualities. This also means that only the right paintings lights can bring out the best in the picture. Since lighting has such a significant part to play, you need to make sure that you select lights that do justice in lighting up your picture for good. In this article, we shall look at a few trending models and some smart hacks to buy picture lights online in UAE effortlessly. So, keep reading. 

Many believe that the painting lights only light up pictures in museums and galleries. However, that’s completely untrue. You can bring a splendid sense of drama to a room by illuminating your favourite painting or photograph in the right way with the special painting lightings. So if you’ve invested in unique artwork, then it’s imperative to spend a few bucks on the right painting lighting too. But, let’s warn you, there are several varieties of these lights on the market. Of course, it’s a good thing to get a wide collection to choose from. But, many a time, you may also find yourself in a dilemma when you have to pick the best among the lot for your painting. To avoid this, we’ve laid out a few trendy models of painting lights in our next section, which you can consider investing in. 

The different types of artwork lighting to light up your artwork 

Modern technology has pushed the manufacturers in the industry to bring out new contemporary lights for lighting up your paintings in the right way. Which is primarily why, you can today, find several varieties of lightings for art. For instance, the ceiling-mounted picture lights are ceiling fixtures that ensure the light beam spreads throughout the painting. Even the track lights perform similar functions. Wall washers and picture lights are all different kinds of painting lighting. As mentioned earlier, this sheer variety and many lighting jargons can put you in a severe dilemma when you want to choose one for yourself. Well, let’s stop that from happening. Check out the trendy models below. 

The photo clip string lights

Do you love setting up your photo clips in a magical atmosphere? If yes, then consider investing in the photo clip string lights. You can beautifully light up your memories at one place with these quirk contraception. One of the best parts about these string lights is that you’ll find them in several different lengths and power sources. For instance, there are heavy-duty clips if you want to hang up documents instead of photo clips. Which is why you must always consider the number of documents or photo clips to hang when you want to determine the length of the string lights. Homo Trends, Dreamiracle, Cookey, FengNiao are some of the popular brands that offer you the best string lights out in the market. 

The remote-controlled battery operated picture light.

One of the best parts about the lighting artwork is to have a light that you need not adjust with your hand, aka a remote-controlled one. If you’re on a lookout for a low-powered remote controlled picture light, then you can never go wrong with bronze-themed Concept 102L one. It is indeed one of the best battery operated picture lights that’s stylish, durable and has bright LED bulbs. The cordless design of the product with its LED lights ensures to accentuate the beauty of your picture without damaging it. Besides, it’s stylish, and polished metallic hardware offers elegance and guarantees your durability. And one of the best parts about this light is that it doesn’t emit UV and infrared rays. 

The wireless picture lights

Are you looking out for a bright light that’ll give life to your wall painting and artwork? If yes, then this picture lighting will serve you well. The light comes with rechargeable batteries that illuminated your room for long hours before recharging. Thus, it ensures to offer you a reprieve from power blackouts when you have guests at night. Moreover, it features a chargeable cable that fits almost all kinds of power sockets. In fact, it’s unique and straightforward enables you to install them yourself, without the help of an electrician. The beauty of the product is that you can mount them smartly on the ceiling. You can buy LED picture lights online easily from many online stores. 

The bronze slim hanging painting lights

Of course, the functionality of the light is prime, but its aesthetics also plays a vital role in highlighting your paintings. If you want a painting lighting that ensures you a safe and bright light without damaging the pictures, then consider investing in the slim bronze picture lamp from Cocoweb. This carefully crafted 16-inch bulb lets you enjoy some of the premium services. With LED bulbs, it usually has a reliability of 50000 hours. Moreover, the 10 feet long power cord allows you to reach out any faraway power sockets without any struggle. Also, the dimming controller ensures light adjustment to the accurate level. Above all, you can find its frame in several colours apart from bronze. 

Tips on how to buy Painting Lighting online

Now that you know the best products on the list, it’s time to head out to shop for one. But how do you choose from, let’s say, an option of five excellent painting lighting? How’ll you choose one? Well, that’s because you need to have the right assessing parameters in hand before you set out for the online purchasing process. To make things easier for you, we’ve enlisted those significant factors below.

  • Consider the lifespan – One of the first and foremost things you’ll want to check is the lifespan of your lights. In general, the lifespan refers to how many hours the light can last in total before it burns out. Some cordless painting lights last for up to 30000 hours while there are also lights that last up to 100,000 hours. Obviously, you’d want the one that lasts for 100,000 hours. But make sure you look out for your requirement too before you make the final call.
  • Check out the power – The next up in line is the power. You typically measure this in the lumen. Remember, the higher the lumen count, the stronger the light will be. You can find painting lightings with different lumen count. But with our experience, we believe that the optimal lumen for any paintings is 100 lumens per LED. This count accentuates your painting and gives out a nice glow. Besides, it also ensures proper visibility of the artwork without damaging it.
  • Look out for safety features – When we talk about safety feature, we mean that the light you choose should overheat. This is mainly because heat is an enemy of any artwork. But, most often, many lights do have stringer power and emit more heat. So if you want a safe light, then you might want to get a light with a timer. This way, once your timer finishes, your light will automatically shut off. This feature itself prevents overheating and keeps your painting intact.
  • Check out the colour – You can find painting lighting in several colours. However, when you choose one to install for your artwork, make sure to select the one that matches with your painting’s finish. This one will take a bit of creativity on your end. Painting finishes, in general, come in chrome, gold, bronze, and brass. Thus, keeping this in mind, you can pick the picture lights with lower temperatures that match the paintings finishes.
  • Explore the mounting options – Next, you need to consider the mounting options. Mounting, in general, refers to how you install your painting lighting. Typically, you’ll three major types of mounting style. They include wall mounting, ceiling mount, and clamp mounting. Select one that you can easily manoeuvre. For instance, if you have a very high ceiling, then it’s best to go for wall mounted. Alternatively, if you have a low ceiling and less ceiling space, then go for the ceiling-mounted light.
  • Price and branding are essential – The last but not the least thing you would want to look out for is the price and the brand of the light. When you want to purchase a specific brand of light, you must always check out their price first. That’s because this is usually an indicator of their quality. If it’s too cheap, then there are chances that the products come from a brand that isn’t reputable. Therefore, we recommend you to get one from famous brands.

There you have it – the assessing parameters that’ll help you pick the right product. However, in the end, it’s always your personal preference while buying the lights. But make sure to carefully assess the various features, specifications and characteristics of the picture lights you buy. You do not want to be replacing the product now and then.

Question & Answer

What is the best lighting for artwork?

In general, LED lights bring out the best in your artwork. Besides, it largely contributes to beautifully showcasing your paintings in both rooms and art galleries. One of the primary reason why they outdo the others is because they do not give off heat. Moreover, they also do not emit damaging ultraviolet rays or infrared rays. Of course, they cost you more, but they have a longer life span. However, in the end, the best lighting is something that sits right for your artwork and suits your liking.

Do LED painting lights damage artwork?

Heat, infrared lights, and ultraviolet rays are the three primary enemies of any artwork or painting. Therefore, you need to make sure that the picture lights that you use shouldn’t emit any of these rays or give out more heat. This means LED lights do not damage the artwork. As we saw earlier, LED, lights are the only lights that do not emit ultraviolet, infrared or heat rays. Thus, we can confidently say that LED lights are safe for your paintings.

How high should a picture light be above a picture?

If you want to accentuate your paintings look, then you need to make sure that you place the painting lighting at the right height. You must place them in such a way that they spread the light over the picture evenly. Which means you need to avoid creating hot spots on the top half of your image. You can achieve this by placing the picture light centrally above the picture, approximately 30 to 35-degree angle to minimise glare.

Where to buy picture lighting in Dubai?

You can easily buy picture lighting in Dubai on several online platforms or in-store. If you’re hunting down a perfect painting lighting for your artwork, then check out the comprehensive collection at The superfast product search engine let’s you buy led picture lights and many other indoor lightings from popular brands like Ikea, Philips, Concept Picture Lights, Cfl, Astro, Cocoweb, and Hudson Valley. What’s more, you can navigate through many other high-quality home& living products from over 500+ online stores.

Now you know, that you can make your simple artwork an elegant piece by just setting your painting lights in the right way. What you need now is a perfect painting light. So, start exploring your options here now!