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About Ceiling Lamps

If you adore the concept of having ceiling lamps instead of regular tube lights or bulbs for your rooms, you’re in luck! A lot of the best brands have now started coming up with exciting variants of these. What is now left is only to pick what you like and brighten up your home.

You could have the best interiors, but without the right type of light to make it stand out, it’s useless. Even architects and interior decorators know how crucial proper indoor lighting is and often mention the same to their clients. These days, there is no restriction on the different ways in which you can use lighting. There are ceiling lamps, lights for the walls, columns and even floors. So, you can make the most of them and use them to your advantage. Even without other things to match it, simple lighting is sometimes the best visual appearance. They are also economical and long-lasting, so you don’t need to spend a lot either. Here are some of the different types of ceiling lamps today. 

Various types of different ceiling lamps completely transform your space

You can readily use the best lamps to your advantage. This does not only mean using them at home but also in your office and other unusual spaces. If you don’t wish to spend on many décors but still want a presentable space, then the great ceiling and wall lamps could do the trick well. You can check out some attractive online options and then choose accordingly. Ensure you are well aware of the size and the type of lamp before you take a call. This way, you will get the best one to match your needs perfectly. The large variety of choices is both a boon and a tricky thing for picking the best ones. Here are some of the different favourites that you can see. 

LED ceiling lamps 

Who doesn’t love a space that is nicely lit with some impressive LED lights? These have the power to completely transform a space in seconds as soon as the lights go on. They are illuminating and bright, yet you can play around with them. It is effortless to play with LEDs around your home, be it for ceiling, walls or more. They are beautiful and bright, so you can dim them with interesting add-ons which add a lovely touch. Modern architects love to play with LEDs wherever they can, as there are so many fresh possibilities! Make sure you consider some best and most versatile options in LED ceiling lamps before you decide. 

Bedroom ceiling lamps

The bedroom is supposed to be a very calm and private space. So, you don’t want something very distracting. At the same time, it should also be beautiful and soothing since you will be sleeping in here. For kids’ bedrooms too, you can choose lovely ceiling lamps with shapes or colours per their preferences. However, they should not be too distracting to keep them awake. Always go for the soberest ones in this type. Also, if you can, look for economical choices for kids because you will want to change it after a couple of months to something new. Make sure it is to their liking. For the regular bedroom, most of them are dull and straightforward to match well. 

Bathroom ceiling lights 

Lights in the bathroom again should not be too bright or distracting. Many people also prefer to have simple lighting, since you don’t spend too much time here. However, if you have a beautiful bathtub and other bathing areas for lovely showers, then the right type of lighting can up your mood in the best way. You can easily pick something beautiful for the ceiling to match the ambience in brightness, colours, appearance and more. Look for good options that will last you well over the years. You might want to check how they look at night and, in the evenings, to avoid any accidents due to poor lighting.  

Ceiling lamps for the kitchen 

The kitchen space should only have beautiful and bright lighting, so you can see and focus well while you are cooking. Some people also prefer to have additional lights near the platform and the cooking station to make it easy to see what you are doing. Kitchen ceiling lamps should be long-lasting and at a proper height too. It would help if you had something near the cooking platform to help you see what you are working on. Again, these lights should not be relaxing or too dull, so you don’t know what’s happening when you are in the kitchen. If you have a dining table inside, then choose good lights that help you eat your meals with ease.

Tips on how to buy Ceiling Lamps 

Buying ceiling lamps today is a fun thing to do, thanks to so many brands that have made it easy for us to decide. However, most people don‘t realise that it‘s not only about finding the best or cheap ceiling lamp, but also something that will work the best. So, for this, you need to understand a few things that will make your buying process easy. You don‘t need to be a professional to do this or pay a hefty fee to someone who is. Here are some fantastic and quick tips to make you a buying pro.

  • Look for the best choice as per the room – Make sure to consider the size of the room, the amount of light in the daytime and night too. This will help you pick the most suitable lamp as per your requirement. Consider different options and then decide accordingly.
  • Don‘t buy the same lamps for all your rooms – While this is one thing that many people choose to do because it brings uniformity to the home, it‘s not the best. The kitchen needs brighter lighting, as does the living room. However, the bedroom and bath differ. So, make sure you choose different ones as per the room abilities.
  • Research a little – Don‘t be in a rush since this isn‘t something you will often take up. Look online, research the different types and understand the best-selling lamps. Then go forth buying them and continue to observe whether they work the best for you.
  • Buy online for the best choices – You can easily pick the best lamps online as per your needs. They are relatively cheaper in most stores, and you are definite on getting a better deal too. Make sure you check for the most exciting options since you have so many at your disposal.
  • Make sure you know how to care for them – Ceiling lamps require a lot of care since they are delicate and cannot reach them easily. So, make sure you know how to clean them so as not to cause any permanent damage. Ask for help if you feel you cannot do it.

If you have an interior designer friend, then getting some options from them is a good idea. You can surely reach out and ask what they think of your finds. They could help you understand why something could be a misfit for a particular room and other tips. You can also check out the reviews of most online products on reliable websites from past buyers. They are genuine on good sites, and you can get a lot from reading them, so do check them out.

Question & Answer

Which are the best modern ceiling lamps?

Many fantastic brands are selling some classy ceiling lamps today. Gone are the days when people would opt for regular bulbs and tube lights in their homes. Today, it‘s all about making a statement and using the most exciting pieces in your home. Some of the best one‘s today are: Dalton LED Flushmountby Kuzco Lighting, Cloudy Bay LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light, Allegro Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light,  Saint Mossi Chandelier Modern K9 Crystal Raindrop Chandelier Lighting, Lifeholder Mini Chandelier, ZEEFO Crystal Chandeliers Light, William 4 – Light Lantern Square Chandelier by Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse, House of Hampton Louvenia 4 – Light 16″ Chandelier Style Drum Flush Mount, August Grove Phifer 6 – Light Candle Style Empire Chandelier with Wood Accents and Red Barrel Studio Pressnell 1 – Simple Light Bowl LED Flush Mount.

Can a ceiling lamp light up the entire room?

If you happen to come across a good LED ceiling lamp on sale, then it‘s the best thing in the market today when it comes to a single light. A lot of people have different perceptions when it comes to room and ceiling lighting. However, most modern ones are light and dull, which is how it‘s intended to be. So, you can pick something that works for your taste. The brighter ones are no longer in style. If you have adequate natural lighting during the day and wish to use lamps only for the evenings, then a single one is good. However, particular areas like the dining, kitchen and bath could you a few more to make it easy to concentrate on activities. Make sure you know all the features of the lamp before buying it.

Are hanging ceiling lamps?

If you want to buy hanging ceiling lamps online, you will surely find many choices. They are traditional and modern too, with many brands still restricting the style. They look exquisite and pleasing and bring about a charm to the room. You can choose small or large hanging lamps as per your needs too. Ensure they are easy to manage, or the larger ones have individual cleaning devices to make this simple. The pricing also goes up with the quality, weight and design, so keep a reasonable budget for these.

Where can you buy lamps in the UAE?

When you want to buy ceiling lamps online, make sure to look for the best available choices and take the call accordingly. You can search for them as per your budget, the size of the room and various other factors. However, budget is a critical factor that you need to do considerably for the more prominent lamps and if you need to buy multiple ones. You can check out, which will make it easy for you to decide since there are so many options under one platform.

Some of the best brands include IKEA, Philips, Xiaomi, Osram, Panasonic, Syska, Havells, Flos, and Orient. Also, find other home & living products here on our product search engine.