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About Spotlights

If you have witnessed a rock and roll show, a theatrical performance, or an award ceremony, then you would've definitely seen those shimmering light rays pointing towards a specific area. We're talking about none other than the spotlights. So if you're planning a stage show, event or any special occasion, having them would always add zest to your function. But, just like any other electronic products, there are a lot of things that you need to consider before you buy them. We shall discuss all that and more in this article. Besides, having an in-depth understanding of the product you intend to buy helps you make a wise decision. 

As mentioned earlier, spotlights are a type of lights that you commonly use in stage shows or any other event. Its primary function is to maintain the right focus of the light on the person on the stage or a specific object that you want to highlight. Usually, these light sources send out a cone-shaped light beam that helps you highlight the object or person of interest. Torches, theatre lights, desk lamps are all classic examples of spotlights. However, many believe that they're an ideal light source for stage performances alone. But that isn't the case. You'll find several types of these lights out there on the market. Their sheer variety makes its purchase a bit challenging. However, you can turn around this scenario if you're aware of the product types and their specs. Let's look at a few popular ones in our next section.

The various kinds of spotlights to choose from 

Luckily today you have a vast number of choices when it comes to these lights. Depending on their functionality, they're classified into seven main categories. These include – the Plano-convex, ellipsoidal, Fresnel, Parabolic Aluminized Reflector (PAR), Beam Projector and Followspot lights. Each of them has a different function, make and characteristics. For instance, the Plano-convex light, discovered in 1870, comes with a convex lens, a bulb, and a reflector in a simple housing. However, the ellipsoidal is one of the most widely used light. It comes with a flexibility that's sufficient to light a broad area or concentrated spots. Just like these two, the others too have a specific function. Let's have a look at a few trending spotlights on the market today.

The wireless spotlight indoor

The wireless spotlights are an essential part of any commercial or residential indoor automated lighting system. Not only are they efficient but, unlike any other lighting systems, these provide you with vibrant and eye-catching lighting. Moreover, they also enable you to light an extensive area. One of the best spotlight for home is the wireless LED spotlight with motion sensor & photocell from Mr Beams. This product usually comes in a pack of three. Each of the units offers you 140 lumens of white light. Also, the light's come in a tightly sealed plastic encasement. This ensures the product's durability and excellent waterproofing. The lights usually cover an area of 350 sq. Feet.

The Wi-Fi outdoor spotlight

Outdoor spotlights are useful for a variety of reasons. One, they help you lighten up your home or any other place in a smart yet elegant way. The Wi-Fi operated spotlights enables you to connect them to several devices at your home. Plus, you can switch them on whenever you want without having to move from your couch. One of the best outdoor landscape spotlights is the LED solar landscape spotlights from LITOM. These LED lights from LITOM feature 12 bright LED lights at an adjustable angle. They come in high-impact plastic materials and have an IP67 waterproof design. All this makes it stand up even in the harshest of climatic conditions.

The LED spotlight for housing

Lights, in general, have a significant impact on how your homes look and feel. And with the market flooded with energy-efficient LED light bulbs, you now have more option than ever. Today you can explore and buy led spotlights online effortlessly. For instance, the best-led rechargeable spotlight like the one from Philips is a boon to any home. It comes with a robust variety of fixtures and accessories that you can add to your initial set up. These smart spotlights work with Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant for quick, voice-activated lighting changes. So next time when you're watching a movie and want your lights dimmed, then just tell your assistant to do so.

The waterproof spotlights

Spotlights are everywhere, even on the boats. Yes, you heard it right, your boats to need a spotlight. Many buyers think of the boat lights as big, bulky flashlights that are larger than any others in the market. However, the reality is far from this. These devices are relatively simpler, and helpful on various boating journeys, no matter what time of the day you decide to set sail. Fundamentally, the best spotlights usually come in designs that help users to sail to your destination smoothly. Moreover, most of them come in small constructions that help users to easily carry them along on the boat while travelling. In fact, if you own one, then you can set your worries aside about night sailing.

Tips on how to buy Spotlights online

So are you ready to replace your regular halogen bulbs with the efficient LED spotlights? Of course, you're familiar with their types, so the purchase will not be a problem. Isn't it? Well, not exactly. There are several other things you need to consider when you're out purchasing your favourite spotlights, particularly online. To make things easier for you, we've listed down those factors that you must keep in mind while buying the spotlights.

  • Consider your requirements– This is one of the first steps you need to keep in mind while purchasing spotlights You must first know what you need. Where do you want to place these lights? Indoors or outdoors? What type of light you want highly depends on this factor. Therefore, always make sure to consider your requirements and placement of lights first.
  • Check out the voltage– Do you need spotlights with main-voltage capability, or do you wish to buy low-voltage fittings? Remember, if you're upgrading your low voltage halogen bulbs then you'll need to upgrade your transformer to an LED-compatible driver. Alternatively, you could also convert your existing low ones to high.
  • Consider the light colours– LED spotlights come in several colour temperatures. This great feature enables you to tailor the ambience of your room, event or any area lighting according to its mood and purpose. For example, the warm light (3000K) casts a soft light and is suitable for living areas in a home. However, the cool white ones have a bright white light that is best for kitchens or bathrooms.
  • Check out the width of the light– Note; these lights have a narrow or wide beam. However, which one you choose depends upon where you're going to place, install and apply these bulbs. For example, if you're going to use the bulb for general illumination, then you may want to choose a spotlight with a fairly wide beam angle. This creates a nice, even coverage. Conversely, if you want to highlight a piece of artwork, then choose a multi-directional LED ceiling spotlight.
  • Consider the size of the bulb– Most light fittings come in designs that accommodate bulbs that measure 50mm by 50mm. However, not all LED lights are similar. Therefore, it's important to check out the size of your lights before you buy them. In general, the more powerful the light is, the greater its size will be.
  • Dimmable or not– One of the many myths about the LED spotlights is that they aren't dimmable. However, remember that many dimmable models offer you great performance for various purposes. Not only that, many a time, these considerably save energy when you're using them in any conditions.

So, there you have the critical factors that you need to keep in mind while purchasing your perfect spotlight. Hopefully, these handy tips will enable you to make more informed decision when you're navigating through the various options available online. However, in the end, everything boils down to your personal preference. Therefore, make sure to analyse the product carefully and then make an investment.

Question & Answer

Are spotlights dimmable?

With the advanced technology now seeping into every sector, you can find several LED spotlights that have the dimmable feature. But remember, not all of them dim in the same manner. Each model has a different spec and dims accordingly. Also, since some LED consumes much low voltage, many types of dimmers do not function with LED, in the same way, that function with the high voltage load lights.

How many spotlights should I place in a room?

Spotlights inside a room light up the room in an elegant manner. However, many a time people get into a dilemma on how many of them to install in a room. Well, as a general rule of thumb, we recommend you to divide your ceiling height by 2. This gives an idea about the space you need to leave between each light. For example, if your ceiling is 8 foot high, then position your lights 4 feet apart in the room. But, then again, this is just a guideline. You must fix the lights that best suit your interiors.

When to use spotlights?

As defined earlier in this article, spotlights are devices used to product intense illumination in a specific area in a stage, film, ballet, events, or any other special occasion. Typically, it resembles a small searchlight but usually has shutters. You can use these lights for various purposes. Some of their common uses include – task lighting, where they serve to illuminate a desk or working area. Sometimes, you also use them for mood lighting. Other uses include highlighting artwork, architectural features, general lighting and many others.

What spotlights do I need for a bathroom?

If you're keen on creating soft and elegant ambience in your bathroom, then consider investing in these fantastic spotlights. However, any fitting that you use in your bathrooms must be of low voltage and be rated at least IP67. Moreover, it must also be immersion proof. You could divide them into zones. For instance, Zone 1 is the area above the bath or shower to the height of 2.25m.

Which spotlights to buy?

There are several kinds of these lights online. However, you must always go for the best quality. Some popular brands that offer you a comprehensive collection of the surface-mounted spotlight, battery-operated spotlights and many more as such include Dewalt, Canarm, Excloosiva, Philips, Nicor Lighting, and Havells. By the way, you could also check out several other kinds of indoor lighting options from these brands.

So are you ready to light up your space with some excellent types of spotlights? If yes, then do not miss to check out the fantastic collection on Our product search engine offers you a unique platform that enables you to navigate through various kinds of spotlights from popular brands, compare their prices and then purchase them. What's more, you can also check out several other high-quality home & living products from over 500+ online stores like Mamas & Papas.