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Is there a corner in your house that is always dark and dull at nighttime? If yes, then we are here to give you a way out. You all know that light can make a difference amidst a gloomy and cheerful room. Even though you can behold down as regards light fixtures, we have abundant options for the lamp. All lamps are perfect at brightening a home, but some are matchless. The only lamp which can brighten all corners of a room is a floor lamp.   

A floor lamp is a tall-standing lamp premeditated to position light higher in the space. These lamps are often situated either in a corner or behind seats as the amplified light is valuable for executing activities such as reading. Such lamps are not only used in brightening a dim room, but they can also supplement the aesthetic of the chamber. These lamps can turn out to be a masterpiece of whichever room, fashioning a prime focus that stands out in a gloomy corner. They also high spot any feature you might wish to add. These floor lamps come in many shapes, sizes, and colours that you can excellently augment by adding any lighting device. Based on the category of light and shade you custom, it can radiate different effects. Get more information about lamps below. Also, find tips to buy floor lamps for the living room online. 

Popular varieties of tall floor lamps  

These lamps are a useful indoor lighting source that can be employed in nearly all rooms. These lamps are not only meant to lighten, but they also instigate the mood of the room. The categories of floor lamps are available in the market range from ones designed for lighting tasks to ones premeditated to upsurge the extent of ambient lighting in a chamber. Some floor lamps have numerous light sources, permitting you to direct light to your preferred areas. They are classified into a traditional tripod lamp, swing-arm lamp, club lamp, LED floor lamp, modern floor lamp, and more. All these are accessible easily in the market. Let us explore the little details about popular styles. 

Tripod floor lamp 

If you want to go for vintage and classy lamp, you should immediately get your hands on a tripod floor lamp. As the name suggests, they stand on three legs, emerging out as you go down. You can find them in many colours and light options as per your existing décor. They usually come in graceful design to accentuate any room’s look. In addition, in many models, you can also adjust the height according to your preferences. Wooden tripod base lamps have been popular for years. Whether you are in search of a realistic or classy variety, you can stop right here. It would take a little floor space but illuminate really well. Moreover, many brands offer this amazing lighting solution. 

Arc floor lamp

Another popular type of lamp is an arc lamp. As the name suggests, an arcing lamp features a long arm that extends out over something and remains attached to the lamp’s base. It is one of the best ways to illuminate a particular area, like the seating area or the place you read. Not just that, you can even place it near the dining table. So, instead of overhead light, you can light up this. This mid-century design is clearly making a comeback in a contemporary look. However, you need some space to keep this as it has a base and an arm. It would not be okay for you to keep it in a small room. So, if you have a spacious living room or study, this is a good fit for you. 

Other popular styles like bohemian & industrial floor lamps

The homeowner prefers many varieties; however, some are popular among industrial, bohemian, crystal, and more. Bohemian lamps are there for the one who loves to decorate with a mix of colours and patterns. It creates a traditional and jumbled look. Industrial lamps, on the other hand, are of cast iron or wood mostly. If you like to go for contemporary styles, then minimalism is the key. Minimalistic floor lamps have been popular for the past few years. You will mostly find them in neutral colours and clean lines. 

Tips on how to buy Floor Lamps online in Dubai

These are great lighting gears. They can both brighten a room and augment your overall design. And depending on the style of your lamp, it can assist you to lighten certain chores. Floor lamps are known to upsurge the quantity of ambient light in the room. Therefore, while choosing floor lamps for a room, pay attention to what you want. If you consider buying floor lamps for the first time or want to revitalize your room, follow the tips below.

  • Style – While looking into style, it’s advisable to choose a style that complements your bedroom or living room designs. Most of the current lamps come in a pronounced style pigeon-holed by their colour. In addition, look for a floor lamp that will radiate the right light. Remember, it’s a personal decision.
  • Adjustability – Before buying any of the lamps, you must check whether it’s adjustable. Remember, you want to adjust the lamp’s illumination, but you also need to change the summit and direction of the floor lamp. Some of these lamps feature telescoping posts to raise and lower the lamp’s height to match the fixtures’ height in a room.
  • Colour – Lamps come in an array of colours, ranging from basic neutrals to cheerful shades. So it’s up to you to choose the colour which can stand out. You can either choose a lamp with a dispassionate base and a flamboyant shade or swap out the gloominess for a different design.
  • Energy proficiency – If possible, you’ll need a lamp that customs the most energy resourceful bulbs available. Remember, you don’t need to pay extra to brighten as you can employ some energy-efficient bulbs. Some typically cost more, but they are very durable.
  • Dimmability – These features must be checked since only light can help you set the mood in a room and fine-tune the illuminations in the room. Some lamps feature in-built dimmers, which help in turning brightness either upwards or downwards. You can likewise buy a dimmer set discretely and fix it on the floor lamp.
  • Alignment – Lamp alignment defines whether they are great for the living room or bedroom. Swing-arm floor lamps are inordinate for an operational table, while Torchière lamps are the lamp of choice for the living room.

With ambient illumination, lamps can expressively increase the volume of space required in your room. It’s only through the above-mentioned tips that you can treasure the precise present-day cheap floor lamps. Just follow then, and you will be good to go. If you are in search of the best styles online, you are in the right place. On our product search engine, i.e.,, you can access a wide range of choices. Find the best brands here like Dunelm, IKEA, TRIO, EGLO, Premier Lampshades, Lucide, and Faro. Also, do not forget to explore other products home & living here. So, go ahead and explore now!

Question & Answer

Are floor lamps dangerous?

Selecting good illumination can be daunting if you have little ones. Though It’s an inordinate idea to allay your room and give your household a new look, children’s life must be given a priority. Some lamps like Torchière utilize halogen bulbs that often get hotter, posing a danger to clothing, draperies, or any other things they encounter. Some safer Torchière has a guard to prevent flammable gears from coming in contact with them. If these bulbs fall, you can get a serious burn if you effort to tad the bulb with your bare hand. But all these can transpire due to negligence. In short, floor lamps are very safe if used appropriately. For more information, contact us through our home page on

What floor lamp is the brightest?

If you have quite a few windows and slide lights, floor lamps can lessen asthenopia and regulate a room’s brilliance, not improve mood. Remember, floor lamps’ attractiveness is based on their style and how they painlessly bring light to the precise spot. You need a lamp that offers the illumination you need, and that’s why some floor lamps are designed to be brighter than others. If you are looking for the brightest floor lamp, then we got you covered. One of the brightest floor lamps offered in the market is TaoTronic TT-DL072. This lamp can be used anywhere, be it office, bedroom, living room, etc. It offers the brightest light, which does not strain the eyes. To get it, visit our best shopping search engine and get it instantly.

Where to buy floor lamps online in the UAE?

Following the above information about floor lamps, we are sure you are ready to begin your online shopping. If you are looking for the best varieties, you can find them here on our product search engine, i.e., Whether you are looking to buy eclectic floor lamps or any other floor lamp, you can find them in stores listed here on our website. You can also filter products based on your preferences like budget, brands, and choices. So, wait no more and start exploring now!

Floor lamps are a must-have for those who love bright light. These gears offer more than you can imagine. Apart from aligning the look of your house, these gears can lighten a dark corner. They are a basic asset in modern houses. For those who need to brighten their house with floor lamps, please visit! Find the best floor lamp for the bedroom and other rooms right here. Explore many choices and choose the one that best fits your preferences.