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Have you ever walked into a household that feels dull or empty? If so, you can attest how frosty it was. In many cases, natural or artificial light is to blame. Good lighting is crucial in fashioning a warm and fascinating space as it can be manipulated in countless ways to transform a small space into a remarkable one. Highlighting and making it more appealing and friendly. For effective running of the light source, it has to be supported steadily by a base lamp which functions both to transfer electricity and give firm support to other parts of the lamp like the globe.

A lamp base is a constituent of illuminant that is responsible for creating an electric current to the socket. These bulb bases come in various sizes, shapes, and designs. Usually, they are nickel-plated. Their coil is made of tungsten while the radiation material is made of calcium oxide, barium oxide, etc. The majority of lamp bases are ceramic-based. When employed in an empty space, lamp base can amplify a space giving it a nice and welcoming look. Most lamp feet arise from the Edition screw-type which was the first lamp base to be invented. Each used for different purposes. For example, a lamp base for stained glass shade. For more information regarding lamp feet, check out our online search engine!

Types of lamp bases

Are you on a hunt for the finest type of lamp base to buy? If so, we got you covered. offers numerous types of lamp bases each with its individual application. And so, it’s important to pick the light bulb that matches your prerequisites. Remember each lamp have a matchless lamp base which averts their use in a luminaire that might result in higher wattage and even turn to be a fire hazard. The following are some of the most common types of lamp bases you will encounter in the market. They include the Edison screw lamp base which discharges low to medium radiance based on wattage to generate a comfortable and cheerful mood around the area. Others like Bayonet lamp base, pin-type lamp base, GU10, etc. are also offered. Explore our online search engine for further information.

Edison lamp base

Edison lamp base is the most common type of lamp base available in the market. It was invented back in the 1880s by Thomas Edison. It uses the E26 screw type to control the illumination of light. Edison lamp bases are mostly employed in broad lighting in standard gears, ceiling luminosities, and other places within your home or office. They are customarily found in the boudoir or living room and can be used with glass bulbs, spotlights, and photoflood to control illumination. According to size, Edison lamp bases are subclassified into four classes namely E12 screw type (Candelabra) ideal choice for table lamps, E14 screw type (intermediate), E27 (standard), and E40 (Mogul) a perfect choice for high-wattage lamps. If you are looking for an E12 screw type then buy a table lamp base, and you will not regret it!

Best lamp base to buy online UAE

Are you looking to buy the best lamp bases in the online UAE? If so, we’ve got you covered. Regardless of the size, design, or any other features you are hunting for has it all for you. Our top-selection has been comprehensively examined by our editorial team to give you the best. The selections were based on the size, shape, durability, performance, convenience, etc. The following are some of the best brands of lamp bases for sale online in Dubai: Rhubarb Home, Lucideo, Nkuku, TRIO, EGLO, Watt & Veke, and many more. And if you are lucky enough, you can get them at exclusive price drops.

Cheap lamp base for sale UAE

Light is a very crucial thing in every household and minus light, the space may look uninhabited and gloomy. We can all aspire to generate a conducive environment following the incorporation of various indoor lighting fixtures but not all of us can afford it as some may have a limited budget. If you have been hunting for the best and cheap lamp base to buy in Dubai, we are here to guide you. Irrespective of your budget, has got your back. We offer an extensive range of affordable yet high-quality lamps here on our shopping search engine. And the best price is they are offered with exciting discounts all year round. So, stay tuned to us to be the first one to avail these deals!

Tips on how to buy Lamp Bases online in the UAE

Decorating a house is an exciting procedure but sometimes it can be a very challenging one because of lots of decisions to be made. The style, design, and color of paraphernalia integrated into space are what defines it, and lighting is what sets the mood of a space. In fact, a guileless change in lighting can totally alter a room’s ambiance transforming it from a boring room into a friendly, appealing retreat. Every illumination produced is governed by lamp base so if you are looking to brighten your apartment, then lamp feet are a must-have. And with so many lamp bases out there, choosing the right one is not easy, but we have a guide for you. The following guide will help you navigate the best lamp base for you. They include:

Form and function of the lamp – Before buying any type of lamp feet, you must consider the functionality of the lamp. Do you know why? It’s because lamp bases are used in different areas. For example, the E40 lamp base is ideal for high wattage illumination.

Layered lighting – While decorating a house, some rooms will require more than two lightning types particularly when there is a specific action carried out in such a room. In such cases, select lamp feet that can generate a specific mood. Remember, proper layering ensures the light is equilibrated minus undesirable shadows. For instance, choose Edison if you need ambient lighting.

Types of lamps – Before choosing any lamp feet, consider different types of lamps you have in your home or office. For floor lamp, buy floor lamp base whereas for a table lamp, buy table lamp base. But still, you need to consider the design, shape, and style.

Cost – This is also an important factor to look into while buying lamp feet. Some lamp feet is priced higher than others so just stick to your budget. If you can afford them, invest in them. But it can’t, don’t break your bank, as is here to offer the cheapest lamp feet in the market. Just take your time, pick your favourite and then order.

A lamp base is an essential equipment for illumination. It does not only control the intensity of lighting but it also blocks risky associated with high wattage. If you have been looking for lamp feet endlessly without success, your case is settled. Just follow the above tips and pick yourself the best lamp feet in the market!

Question & Answer

What is a resin lamp base?

The resin lamp base is a type of designer table lamp base made of resin. Why resin? Because of it weighs. The resin lamp feels extremely hefty when hold and can be plonked down on the table with a satiating thud. Through their malleability, these wonderful lamp bases can be fashioned to meet customers’ requirements. It can be modified into all wonderful shapes you’ll never imagine. The outcomes range from the sophisticatedly simple to the explicitly flamboyant design. With resin lamp feet, designers can add as many vibrant colour tones as possible. You will treasure a variety of colors ranging from solid black to luminous oranges that shine resplendently below a lit bulb. Some of the wonderful resin lamp bases you will encounter include an Aurora resin table lamp which is a universal choice of lamp feet.

Where can I buy lamp bases online Dubai?

Are you looking for a place to buy your favourite lamp bases? If so, then you are on the right site. For anyone who is looking to fashion their own personal lamp, we have a multiplicity of lamp bases for you. Regardless of the material, the design you are looking for, at, you treasure a multiplicity of styles and material from glistening metals to glass lamp feet for illumination for instance in a floor lamp, table lamps, etc. You can check out our online search engines for shades to fashion your lamp and transform your positive idea to veracity. To get these lamp bases, explore and buy your favourite lamp base from over 500 online stores and brands like Ikea, Där Lighting, Light & Living, etc.!

How to repair lamp base?

If you have a lamp with a faulty base making it to be unbalanced, difficult to switch on or light, then you can replace their base to give your lamp a new life. Replacing a faulty lamp base is very simple. You can either fix the faulty part or replace the faulty lamp feet with a new one. You can buy any parts of the lamp base online. Before initiating the repair, confirm whether or not your lamp has a tripartite bulb. You can also unsnarl lamp base part according to the provided manual and point-out the faulty one. After that, you unplug the lamp; remove the shade and other intertwined wires then snap-off the socket shell base pulling them out to uncover the wires attached to it. Unscrew the wire then replace the various part of the lamp base.

Lamp bases are essential gears for those who are looking to transform the look of the home through unique lighting shades. These gears are not only employed for the artistic look, but they are also helpful in averting harmful lighting risk. Choose the one you like from our Home & Living category now!