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Have you ever left the house thinking you look OK only to find out later that you look dreadful in a dressing room at a clothing centre? Does the way you look in some bathrooms of hotels make you look out of the world? Are you surprised by your reflection in Airplane lavatories? Well, it's not you, gentle reader. It's the correct mirror lighting with the right mirror lamps. It doesn't matter if you're a supermodel, in cruel light, you'll look like a villain in a classic horror flick. With dark circles under your eyes, creases above your brows, and tracing around your mouth, things just do not sit right with wrong lamps. 

Of course, cinematographers use professional lightings to accentuate your look. However, when it comes to domestic uses, an ideal mirror lamp will do the trick. Besides, it makes sure that you have ample lighting to dress yourself up without flaw. However, just like any other indoor lighting, you can find several types of these mirror lamps. On the one hand, you see this sheer variety a boon, but on the other hand, it does prove to be a bane too. This happens particularly when you have to opt for the best showroom mirror lights or any other mirror lamps. But you can always turn around this situation if you have the right knowledge about the product you intend to buy. Luckily for you, this article highlights everything you need to know about the mirror lights. Let's begin with exploring their types and a few trending models on the market.

The various mirror lamps to accentuate your look 

Crafty use of mirror at different areas of your home like bathrooms, dressing rooms, or living rooms is something quite useful. But what if a mirror is not only a mirror? What if it's also an infrared sensor, ambient light, steam-heated pad, and many others? Well, mirror lamps are versatile gadgets that not only enhance your looks but also make sure to elevate your home décor, regardless of where it's placed. And the best part is that you'll find them in several varieties that offer you different benefits and functionalities. Below we've compiled a few types of mirror lamps and some popular models that you can consider investing in when purchasing the mirror lamps.

The best-lighted makeup mirror lamp

It can happen to most of us. You're applying your makeup in the mirror, and everything looks flawless – or so you think. Just after you jump into your car, you'll pull down your visor for one last look. Much to your dismay, you'll see that your foundation is uneven and your eye shadow isn't the colour that you thought it to be. Most likely, these are all the result of poor mirror lighting. When it comes to makeup, it's always essential to have a dedicated mirror lamp that suits your skin tone. But before you buy makeup mirror lamp, make sure that you choose the right lighting colour, avoid overhead lighting and do not overdo it on wattage. One of the best mirror lamps includes a tri-fold two-sided makeup mirror from Jerdon.

The engraved mirror lamp

Personalised mirror lights are always a great gift. If you're on a hunt for such mirror lamps, then you can never go wrong with the engraved ones. The name itself gives out the structure of the mirror lamps. The carved mirror lights usually come with something engraved on the mirrors. This may include texts or even pictures. This feature also allows you to embed something that you like. This is particularly useful when you have to gift these mirror lights to someone. By the way, many a time, several manufacturers also enable you to engrave your memorable photos. Indeed, the engraved mirror light can be a special personalised gift if done right.

The bathroom glass mirror lamps 

When you're designing your bathroom, there are two essential things you shouldn't ever miss out. They are – lights and mirrors. Of course, one seemingly popular options is to install a wall light and an excellent mirror. However, many a time, this might not suit the entire décor of the bathroom. Well, this is where the bathroom glass mirror lamps enter. It's a streamlined, two-for-one choice for vanity lighting in the bath. You can easily buy a bathroom mirror lamp online. One of the most common and prevalent models includes the Imola LED mirror. This product combines the functions of a bathroom mirror with decorative LED lighting. This two-in-one design complements any modern or contemporary bathroom design.

The antique mirror lamps 

Of course, modern lamps are stylish, sleek, and peculiar. However, we know many among you like to throw in a retro look to your interiors. Well, if you're an ardent fan of retro products, then you must surely not miss out on the antique mirror lamps like Raleigh Hexagonal Mercury Glass Antique Mirror Table Lamp. This product is an ideal lamp to illuminate your dressing table. Not only does it have an elegant design but also comes with unique functionality. Furthermore, it comes with a stunning antique mirror finish. Besides, the oyster faux silk shade version of the model compliments any kind of mirror.

Tips on how to buy Mirror Lamps online

You're now familiar with the trending models of mirror lamps on the market. SO what's next? Of course, shopping. But wait, how do you pick one if you have five options laid out in front of you? It's simple; all you need to do is to assess the products based on certain factors. So what are those factors? To make things easier for you, we've enlisted those factors that'll help you buy mirror lamps in UAE effortlessly.

  • Know the location– Always be sure to know the placement of the mirror first. If you're looking out for a mirror light that you intend to place in a bathroom mirror, then you need to pick a different hue, types and a one that resists water. However, if you intend to place them in the dressing room for makeup purpose, then the requirements are different. Therefore, always know where your mirrors are and where you want to place these lamps.
  • Explore their types– A good product knowledge always leads you to a good buy. This means you must be aware of the product you intend to buy. For this, a bit of research about the product is imperative. You must we well-versed in their various models, their specs, characteristics, and features. Only understanding the product thoroughly will help you buy the mirror lamps Besides, product knowledge is always a boon for any online purchase.
  • Consider the colour– Colour temperature refers to whether the light source appears cool (bluish) or warm (yellowish) or neutral. It is expressed in degrees Kelvin or K. Typically; you'll find mirror lights in ranges from 2700K (incandescent) to 4200K (cool white). Therefore, see which tone suits your interiors first and then make the final call on your product. But remember, skin tones look most flattering in medium to warm colour temperatures, i.e. below 3500K.
  • Check out the style– Light distribution is key in mirror lighting. Uniform, shadowless light is easy on the eyes. Fluorescent tube lights well suit the bathroom mirror lights (just make sure mount the tube above the mirror, it's long enough to illuminate both sides of the face). However, you might require shielding and glare control for spotlights and clear bulbs. You see, the style of the lamps play a pivotal role, so make sure to consider them.
  • Consider the price– Even though placed at the end, the cost of the product is one of the first and foremost things you need to consider. With different types, the mirror lamps also come at different price ranges. Thus, it's best to set a budget for yourself. Setting a budget ensures that you do not stray away and pick any option that comes to your mind. Having a set budget in mind helps you choose the right product from the right brand.

You always want a mirror lamp that not only enhances you but also compliments the mirror itself. For this, you need to carefully assess your products in line with the above assessment factors. That'll make your buying process a breeze, as you can quickly narrow down your choices and pinpoint on the one that best suits your needs and liking.

Question & Answer

How to clean a mirror lamp?

Keeping your mirror lamps clean is vital to make sure that it emits the same amount of brightness for a long time. Besides, the cleanliness of the mirror also affects the functionality and efficiency of the product. One of the easiest ways to clean the mirror lamps is to brush the dirt or dust with a dry cloth. You could also use soapy or plain water if you have hard stains. But, make sure you have switched off the lamp before you begin the cleaning process to stay safe.

Why use mirror lamp?

Indeed, natural lighting is one of the best for both dressing up yourself and checking yourself out. However, the mirror lamps enable you to elevate your look. How does it do that? Well, by offering you more light. This extra light and brightness allow you to find out even the smallest spot on your face and readily rectify it. Apart from that, it also lightens up your room.

Do mirrors make a room look brighter?

Mirrors generally reflect light from a window, provided you're hanging it adjacent to a window. Similarly, if you hang a mirror opposite a window, it gives an illusion of another window. This instantly brightens the room and makes it feel more spacious. This means that mirrors indeed make a room look brighter along. Further, it also makes the room look larger.

Where to buy mirror lamp?

Several brands offer you an excellent collection of mirror lamps. Some popular brands include Ikea, Philips, Tom, Dixon, Modern Bathroom, Xiaomi, Flos, Opple, Floxite, and Havells. However, navigating back and forth through millions of online platforms and brand online stores kind of feels exhausting. But, what if we tell you that you can enjoy shopping your favourite mirror lamps from your favourite brands on one single platform? Yes, you heard it right, the superfast product search engine offers you that convenience. You can not only browse but also compare prices of various mirror lights from various brands and purchase the one you like. 

So are you ready to add some spice to your look and zest to your interiors? If yes, then check out the various indoor lighting options and many other home & living products from over 500+ online stores.