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About Lava Lamps

The golden years of lava lamps were in the sixties and seventies. Back then, almost every household had at least one. Then it faded in popularity for a few decades. But they are back in vogue now and this is the best time to get one for your home.

The idea of a lava lamp is not complicated. All lamps have wax that is suspended inside a viscous liquid. Apart from these, some also had glitters and other elements to make the lamp even fancier. But the visual effect that it creates is unique and is pretty surreal. It can also add a subtle touch to your interior decoration. Also, the patterns that form in a lava lamp are chaotic yet beautiful. You can watch the motion inside a lamp for a long time without the same pattern repeating. But before you go shopping for these lamps, read this article to know more about them. Having a better understanding of them will help you make better purchase decisions.

Best lava lamps to buy for your home

Because there is no clear definition that defines what exactly is a lava lamp, this leaves plenty of room for innovation. And for the same reason, there are so many different types of them available out there. You will notice that even the same type of lamp from different manufacturers will have subtle differences. This level of selection can be overwhelming for people who are trying to select a lamp out of thousands of different models. Here is a pick for the best lava lamps that will add beauty to your home. This will make it easier for you to select the right one for you.

Glitter glow lava lamps

Bring some inspiration to your home with a set of glitter glow lava lamps. A typical glitter glow lamp will have a height of about fifteen inches. And the glass that surrounds the lamp is clear white. But you have the option to choose the colour of the liquid that is in the lamp. Apart from that, what makes this type of lava lamp unique is the presence of glitters suspended inside the liquid. This glitter will move around the lamp with an attractive oozing motion. You can also use glitter glow lamps as nightlights. Because the base of these lamps is narrow, it won’t take up much space on your bedside table.

Liquid peace motion lamp

With an attractive black base and red wax, this is a signature piece from the company Creative Motion. The red wax will flow slowly from the base to the top like a falling upside-down droplet slowed down a thousand times. Unlike the glitter lamp in which the glitter is everywhere inside the liquid, the glitter in the liquid peace motion lamp is only within the red wax. This creates a hypnotic feeling that you can look at and feel relaxed when you want a break from your busy life. The base of this lamp is sturdy and does not wobble if you place it on a solid surface. The base is wide enough to prevent any accidental tipping over as well.

Rhode Island Tornado lava lamp

The motion of this lamp is very different from the above two. The vortex that extends from the top to bottom of the lamp looks like you have caught a tornado in a bottle. Both the liquid and the glass of the lamp are clear. It is the light at the base of the lamp that gives it attractive colours. To make things even better, there are multiple colour LEDs on the base and the lamp has the ability to change the colour after some time. So, you can use this lamp to add contrast to any kind of background. With a height of 13.15 inches and a clean cylindrical design, this futuristic-looking lamp will do magic to your interior decoration.

Lava Lite large lava lamp

Some people want a lamp that is a little more conspicuous. If you are like that, get this large lamp by the famous lamp maker Lava Lite that is a whopping seventeen inches tall. To light up this giant, there is a 40-watt incandescent bulb at the base of the lamp. So, it can get a little hot when the bulb is on. This lamp comes with a long power cable that you can plug into a wall AC adaptor. This might come as a bummer if you want the lamp to be portable. But wherever you place the lamp, it will pretty much stay there as it has a wide and stable base.

Tips on how to buy a good lava lamp for your home decor

There are several thousand types and styles of lava lamps. Therefore, choosing one out of these many can be a little more than difficult. But you can narrow down your range of options if you know the criteria to look for when you choose lava lamps. Here are some tips that you can follow when you are shopping for them.

  • Choose the type – Because there is nothing to strictly define what a lava lamp is, there are literally infinite ways to make them. This means the range of options is endless. The first step to take before buying the lamp is to decide the type that you want.
  • Power options – Lava lamps have bulbs that produce a lot of heat. This demands the consumption of electrical power. You can choose a lamp with either a built-in battery or one that comes with a power chord. If you think charging the lamp every few days will become a chore, then go for the latter.
  • Colour – A lava lamp is primarily a decorative item. For that reason, the colour of the lamp is of importance. So, you should look for a colour that will blend in well with the rest of your indoor lighting. The best way to do this is to stick to a particular colour palette.
  • Size – Manufacturers use a few different ways to represent the size of their lava lamps. One way is by specifying the height of the lamp. Another method that some of them use is to specify the size of the lamp depending on the amount of liquid that the bulb holds. This will be represented in ounces or litres.

Lava lamps are the modern take on decorative lamps. It is the result of the centuries-long evolution of lamps beginning from the era of lanterns. This is evident in the various innovative lava lamp styles that reflect the spirit of scientific inventions. Electro plasma and tornado versions of the lava lamps represents this aspect of them in the true sense. And also, don’t forget to check out other products from Home & Living.

Question & Answer

Is the liquid inside lava lamps?

The liquid inside the lamp consists of coloured wax and some type of mineral oil. And there will be other additional dyes and other mixtures that are there to give it a visual appeal. Generally, manufacturers take special care to make sure that the things that they put inside the lava lamps are not toxic. But that doesn’t mean it is okay to ingest the liquid. Even though it is true that they are not toxic, in the sense that they don’t kill you immediately, ingesting it can probably result in some serious temporary and long-term health issues.

Can lava lamps explode?

All lava lamps have a heating element and a source of light. In most cases, both of these will be the same in the form of an incandescent bulb. The amount of heat that the lamp generates depends on the power of the heating coil or the bulb. Manufactures will make allowances in the design to accommodate the expansion the liquid undergoes under this heat. But that is if the temperature of the bulb stays within the manufacturer recommendation. If somebody tries to heat the lamp more than that, the heating of the liquid will result in a pressure build-up and the lamp will explode.

Are lava lamps expensive to run?

The actual power consumption of lamps varies from model to model depending on the size and working of the lamp and the type of heating element. It is easy to find out the power consumption of the lamp because manufacturers usually specify it in Watts on the packaging itself. The power rating of the average lamp will be around 40 Watts. This is similar to that of a typical tube light that people use in their living rooms. If such a lamp runs continuously for twenty-five hours, it will consume one unit of electricity. So, the actual cost will depend on how often you turn on the lamp, its power rating, and the unit price of electricity.

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