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About Arc lamps

Among all the rooms, your bedroom might be the only one where you mostly spend your time in. No matter whether it’s dark, bright or entirely somewhere in between. So, making your bedroom lighting design correct is essential to make it a comfortable place to rest or sleep. The arc lamps are the versatile piece of lamps which can easily fit in any corner of your room. Thus, provide healthy natural ambience to light up the entire room.

Arc lamps with its pleasant glow, dimmable feature and versatility have topped the chart of the best lamps for bedroom or living room. It is a type of electric light. Back in the 1800s, Sir Humphry Davy invented the first arc light lamp. But nowadays, the gas discharge lamps are widely used all over. There are enumerable of types of arc light available in the market which might attract your attention. But without having a proper insight about the home & living models, it is painful to buy electric arc lamps online. Therefore, in the next section, we will discuss the same. So, keep on reading.

A Brief Description of Floor Arc Lamps for Home or Workplace

The architectural style and chrome finish form make this lamp an ideal choice for living room space. However, the adjustable stand to fix as your comfortable makes a long-lasting impression of its. Besides, the lamp's lightly veined marble base makes it a stately foundation piece. So, try to embellish a contemporary space with an outspoken accent. Moreover, this gorgeous lamp stands out as a focal point in a living room. And it requires 8W bulb and no battery needed to operate it. Now, learn about the varied kinds of indoor lighting models. After that, look for floor arc lamps for sale online.

Modern Arc Floor Lamps

If you wish to change the monotony in a room, then these modern floor lamps are the perfect tool for it. It lightens the things with its lively red hue, tilted lampshade, and pronounce kink in the arch. Moreover, it's available in silver or black finish. Besides, it generates 680 lumens for black and 850 lumens for silver. These luminous and wisp-like form lamp extends up to 67 inches height. However, it matches any décor style from modern, mid-century, urban, minimalist, or traditional. So, place these heavy base lamp behind the couch or bed and enjoy the cool light floating over your sofa or bed. 

Mercury Arc Lamps

These mercury lamps are the oldest HID technology. However, it has a large installed base, which continues to be the tools for the replacement of old lamps. From street lighting to parking plot, this technology of illumination is used. Moreover, it has superior efficiency and has a higher lumen per watt. Thus, it saves your electricity bill. And the best thing is its exceptional service period which exceeds 24,000 hours. So, if you are looking for carbon arc lamps for sale, then have a look at the popular brands' product. And they are Brightech, Adesso, Ikea, Versanora, Guzzini, Allen and Roth, George Kovacs, and many more.

LED Arc Floor Lamps

Nothing can ignite more heavenly pleasure to book lovers than a comfy chaise lounge with a soft blanket, two fluffy pillows and a good book. However, a proper reading light is all you need to enjoy those moments. Thus, these LED arc light lamps come in a unique crescent shape which arches over to shine, over your shoulders. Moreover, you can adjust its height between 47 and 66 inches until it gets fixed to your preferences or need. Besides, its 2000 lumens allow you to read even the small printed lines so easily and effortlessly. And the LED lamps make you worry-free about the excess electricity bills.

Tips on how to buy Arc lamps online

Undoubtedly, floor arc lamps are the real heroes of any lighting segments. It can change the room decor with its elegant yet sleek design. Moreover, it provides immense illumination to a variety of rooms without any time-intensive installation. It's evident that each of the arc lamps has its unique style and made from different materials. However, it's essential to choose a light that not only matches your needs but also matches with space where you intended to place it. Hence, you need to research every bit about the product before you buy an arc lamp for the dining table. But you don't have to waste your time, as we already did for you. All you need to do is go through them carefully. So, have a look!

  • Price – This is the foremost thing to look for while looking for the lamps for your bedroom or living room. However, the cost of the floor arc lamps varies from cheap models, purely functional models, too expensive artistic or design pieces. Besides these lamps are come with a fantastic design which serves the purpose of the art of the room.
  • Size- It is the first thing to be considered while looking for modern arc floor lamps. However, some of the lamps take a narrow amount of space to vertical orientation. On the other hand, some of the lamps take more space due to its horizontal extension. Thus, it’s essential to know how much space you have to fit a lamp properly on your bedroom or living room.
  • Height- It is another factor that needs to be considered. The higher the light source, the wider spread of the light. However, many are suitable for ambient lighting. But may be less efficient for task lighting in which you want the light to be closer and more focused. However, some of the floor lamps come with an adjustable height which can be brilliant for your every need.

However, you need to pick a lamp based on the type of lighting your room needs. Thus, look for ambient, task, and accent the three layers of the light. So, start with your shopping spree today. Browse And scroll through the marvellous collection of products and get exciting offers throughout the year. Unlock your offers today!

Question & Answer

Are Arc Lamps in style?

The answer entirely depends on your choice. Whether you wish to add theses home decor item on your interior or not. However, floor arc lamp enhances the appeal of your home's interior only if you pick one that complements other features of your abode. Besides, an eye-catching arc light lamp can just be a subtle addition to a given space. However, you can pick one that would add character, colour, and height to the room. Or go for a unit that would blend into your room's fittings and furnishings. Moreover, the size of your room would be the main factor to decide which lamp should work for you.

Where to use Arc Lamps?

Floor arc lamps not only add a stylish statement in your room but also enhance your lighting situation. It acts as a stand-in for an overhead or pendant lamp. Moreover, you don't have to relocate your furniture to adjust it below existing light fixtures. So, if you wish to rearrange, you need to transfer your lamp to make it work. However, this lamp has a minimalistic shape. But it varies a bit in size, span, shade and price. Besides, a small arc in this lamp makes it excellent for a reading chair to illuminate the pages of the books which you are reading. On the other hand, the far-reaching arc in this lamp is ideal for a dining room, where you need an overhead lamp.

What is the Carbon Arc Lamps?

Carbon arc lamps are one among the many forms of arc lamps, which is quite popular. So, these lamps have electrodes of hard carbon which is placed at one end and connected to a d.c. Source. So, when the current flows through them, the ends of carbon rods become incandescent due to high resistance. However, if this formation is pulled slightly apart about 2-3 cm distance, then an arc will be formed. It will be between two carbon rods which produce white light. Moreover, the luminous efficiency of this lamp is about 9 lumens per watt. And in cinema projectors and searchlights these lamps are used.

Where to buy Arc Lamps online?

Floor arc lamps are the stylish lighting, which is a part of the decor. Moreover, it is part utility, able to stand on their own and make a distinct impression even when they're not in use. These make it hot fab among the interior designers. However, selecting a unique lamp for your bedroom or living room isn't that easy, instead became hectic. But, the whole experience can be hassle-free and exciting, if you choose as your default shopping browser. It is the best online shops which collaborate with more than 500 famous brands. Some of them are Brightech, Adesso, Ikea, Versanora, Guzzini, Allen and Roth, George Kovacs, and many more. Thus, you enjoy massive collection from modern arc lamps to vintage arc lamps.

By now, you might have got the knowledge about which product to look for and which one to avoid. If you are still not certain which type of lamp you want, then you have a trick for you. Browse And scroll through the mind-blowing collection of indoor lighting. You can also choose to shop from popular shops like Virgin Megastore. And get exciting offers on every hour of shopping. So, go and grab the offers today!