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About Chandeliers

For the perfect blend of style and function, good lighting never fails to set your mood. It has that potential to build or break a design statement. So, it's worth seeking for a remarkable fixture, for your living room, kitchen, or dining room. However, modern chandeliers can bring an elegance yet royal touch on contemporary spaces. It is the easiest way to upgrade your décor without completely remodelling the room you wish to place it.

Top interior designers are furnishing the dining room, even kitchen with these suspended lights. However, chandeliers come from the French word for the candlestick, which suggests warmth and traditional familiarity. Nevertheless, it has grown so far in terms of creating the look of a space or combining room. Unlike pendant or flush mount, girandoles are made for the ideal focal point of the room you hang it. Moreover, it is available in varied drop heights, shade styles, and illumination levels that you will almost run out of options. Then, how to buy online chandeliers in Dubai? In the next section, learn little more about the different kinds of home & living models under it along with tips. Thus, it will help you in picking the right one for your room. So, read further to know.

Different Types of Chandeliers Lamp for your living room

If you wish to get a royal finish on your room, then your search ends here! It is the stylish, attractive, and eye-catcher piece which enhance your room décor. Moreover, these indoor lights can be easily adjustable according to your choice or needs. However, it gets compatible up to 40W bulb and crafted with high-quality glass material. Besides, you choose this lamp to decorate your office, home, bar, restaurant, hotel, and many more. So, let's have overall insight knowledge about this model which will help you in seeking crystal chandeliers for sale in Dubai hassle-freely.

Hanging Chandeliers

It is the modern ring hanging girandole which is powered with LEDs which has a light output as compared to the 352W incandescent. Moreover, it includes 10ft of wire which can swing a maximum 120" height. Besides the height can be adjusted with the push pin locking mechanism at the canopy.  And it is adaptable to the sloped ceiling. Thus, you can install it in your dining room, study room or entry room. However, these suspended lights have 32" wide x 4" high; round canopy is 8" wide x 2" tall. It finishes with a brushed aluminium finish, die-cast aluminium frame and frosted acrylic diffuser.

Outdoor Hanging Chandeliers

Are you looking for a simple yet sophisticated touch for your outdoor lighting? Then, these suspended lights product wouldn't disappoint you! This stylish fixture has seeded glass shades with streamlines geometric shape. Besides, the overlapping metal ribbons create a sphere form with exposing bulbs. And these bulbs are wrap in seeded glass cylinders. Thus, it illuminates from the centre and contains three to five lights to brighten properly. It finishes with vintage iron and weathered zinc. And adaptable to the sloped ceiling.

Crystal Chandeliers

These suspended lights with modern functionality and elegant design create a centre of attraction in your living space. However, it's finished with polish glass for reliability and durability.  The crystal beads on the lamp catch the lights from drum shade and form a sparkling display in your room. However, these fixtures are ideal for dining room, hallways, conference halls, and living room. If you wish to buy mini chandeliers for the bedroom, then you can choose to shop from a popular brand. Among them are Arteriors, Currey, Jonathan Adler, Moooi, Ochre, Schonbek, Great Chandeliers, Hampton bay, and much more.

Chandeliers for Bedroom

Are you looking for remodelling of your bedroom? Then, enhance your bedroom design statement with this piece of suspended lights. Plus add ambience on your pretty personal space. However, the lamp comes with thirty points of soft and luxurious illumination design. And it produces vertical lines in a sophisticated globe cluster. Moreover, the lamp has suspension hardware of varying lengths. It finishes with modern brass, bronze, and polished nickel. And it lights up to 25W or 202 lumens and 120 Volte E12 candelabra base incandescent lamps. Besides, it comes with two tiers suspension.

Tips on how to buy Chandeliers online

Many people think that chandeliers are only for royalty and the elite. But that's not true! Anyone can have these suspended lighting in any room of their house. Moreover, it's no more restricted to the living room or foyer anymore. You can now install this lamp on your bedroom, kitchen. Thus, choosing a modern candelabra lamp for your space needs to be done with proper observation. And the selection should be based on a combination of personal preference and consideration of existing fixtures. Thus, you need to make sure this lighting complements your home décor without overpowering it. So, consider the below factors while you move to buy LED chandeliers for the living room.

  • Study the types- Before you move to your shopping spree, you need to understand the different kinds of candelabra lamp available in the market. From ultra-modern minimalistic girandole to those with exposing vintage Edison bulbs. Thus, depending on your search there is a type of lighting to fit your style. And you pick a style which complements other pieces of décor already in place.


  • Decide the place- These lighting can fit into any room of your house, but you need to be careful about blending with the existing implements. Therefore, you need to decide where do you wish to place it. This will determine the type of candelabra lamp, size you want, and the height hanging from the ceiling.


  • Pick the size- It is a crucial factor to notice, as you don’t want to end up buying a fixture that is too large or too small for your room. So, once you have decided where you wished to install it, make sure you thoroughly measure the room. Be careful about common sizing dimensions like height, width, diameter, hanging length, and weight.

Thus, when it’s time to look for the right suspended light fixture for your home, options are countless. Browse And start scrolling the mind-blowing collection of indoor lighting products. Moreover, you can select the filter to make a quick look according to your preferences with an incredible price range. So, go and commence your shopping voyage today!

Question & Answer

What size of Chandeliers for the living room?

Choosing the right size of the candelabra lamp for your living room is complicated. However, a small suspended light can easily get ignored if it's installed in a big space. And, if the lamp doesn't have a strong design to attract the attention of the guests. On the other hand, large girandoles can be too overwhelming in a small space. Thus, the right candelabra lamp is proportional to the height and width of the room. Moreover, it depends on the furniture size in the room where you wish to place the light. So, to measure the size of the candelabra lamp for foyers or living room, you need to measure the length and width of the room. Then you need to add those figures together. And the sum of those two numbers is the approximate diameter of this lamp in inches.

Can Chandeliers go in bathrooms?

Yes! Girandoles can go in the bathrooms. In fact, it's an excellent option for your bathroom renovation. If you are looking to make a statement and upgrade the look of your bathroom, these lamps will be a great option. However, the candelabra lamps take more space, physically and visually. Thus, it looks good in bathrooms that are at least 100 square feet. However, you can try these lamps for a small bathroom too but make sure you choose a small fixture for it as big girandoles wouldn't look good. Moreover, you need overhead space to hang the chandeliers. And due to the electrical requirements, candelabra lamps work best in bathrooms with high or vaulted ceilings.

Are Chandeliers out of style?

No! The candelabra lamps can never go out of style. There was a time when the candelabra lamps were a sign of wealth and power. Moreover, it was treated as the embodiment of authority. Even today, these lamps are still revered for their intricate designs and craftsmanship. But they are now more affordable with more sizes, materials, and designs to choose according to your budget. To know the technic, how to light a room is a display of artistry. And these lamps offer our interiors sculptural works of the detailed invention and a connection to the past. And adds romance, decadence, and art which converts a house into a home.

Where to buy Chandeliers online?

Shopping for the candelabra lamps can be a bit complicated. Primarily, when you have a mind-blowing collection of it in the alley. They are of varied size, shape, types, and price. Usually, shops provide you with a limited collection. And you left with no other option but to choose among them. But, things can be different, if you choose as your shopping companion. It will make your experience more thrilling and exciting. Besides, it is best shopping site of UAE and collaborates with more than 500 popular brands. Among them are Arteriors, Currey, Jonathan Adler, Moooi, Ochre, Schonbek, Great Chandeliers, Hampton bay, and much more. Thus, you explore the jaw-dropping collection of candelabra lamps with the best price tag.

By now, you might have got sufficient knowledge about the model, its material, size, type, and lots more which will help you with the right product. So, why not explore it now? Browse And scroll through the exquisite collection of home & living products with unbelievable offers and deals on every shopping. You can also check out the reputed stores like Newchic, Bloomingdales, Sprii, and many more. So, don’t wait anymore, start shopping today!