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SO ALLURE tiered maxi skirt - White
SO ALLURE tiered maxi skirt - White
Milk white tiered maxi skirt from So Allure featuring a straight fit, a high rise, a smocked wais...

About Maxi Skirts

Don’t you love how elegant skirts look? The best part is that you can wear them just about anywhere and still look fabulous! If you’re obsessed with them, you’re not the only one! Maxi skirts have been around for a long and people love flaunting them even today!

Skirts originated a long time ago, and since then, women have always loved them. The core attribute that a skirt can be worn just about anywhere is reason enough for people to consider wearing them. A classic skirt beats most clothing choices in terms of looks, style and comfort factor. Sometimes, women prefer to wear a skirt even when it comes to a special evening, because of several factors. They’re more comfortable than dresses, you can team them with a top or blouse of your choice, and they let your gorgeous shoes be seen too. However, apart from several other factors, the very aspect that a skirt is both high on comfort and versatility is reason enough to make it different from other common outfit choices. 

Different types of maxi skirts to up your style quotient 

Amongst several different types of skirts that are seen today, the maxi skirt is a truly unique one! The best thing about it is that maxi skirt outfits look great on women with different body types. Summer maxi skirts especially are trendy and conventional. Irrespective of the weather, you can wear it just about anywhere and for any occasion. Do you remember movies and television series portraying women wearing maxi skirts with such elegance and panache? Well, there are thousands of choices and options in this type, and they never get dull. With so many maxi skirt outfits, you can get innumerable choices to pick and style yourself. While the summer maxi skirts are the lightest, some thicker options like corduroy and wool can be worn in colder temperatures. 

The long maxi skirt 

Nothing beats a classic! The long maxi skirt has been around for as long as we can remember, and the style does not seem to be fading away. After all, if something looks so simple and beautiful, why should it? It is also the best maxi skirt for summer if you choose a cotton or cotton blend option. These are mainly fitted from the waist. This means the skirt does not usually flare out like a midi skirt but wraps around your body instead. They look great on women of all body types. However, those with a heavier lower body could refrain from investing in something too fitted. If you’re in doubt about that next big party, choose a subtle but statement-making maxi skirt, and it’ll be the best thing ever! It helps to team it up with something that matches the entire look, along with including great shoes. 

The sheer maxi skirt  

Next up, a sheer number is a must. If you’re bored of the good old regular maxi shirt, how about taking it up a notch? The sheer maxi skirt is classy and can also make for a bold choice, depending on your preference. While there are several variations available, if you’re a beginner, try to go for something that is not extremely sheer. This means that you can choose a type that is sheer along with your knees or further than that. This adds to the comfort level, too, especially if you’re a beginner. Those who are sure of carrying it off can go for a bolder choice. All-sheer maxi skirts are also available. Ensure you pair these impressive numbers with something equally stylish. A lovely silk blouse, flats or heels and a few accessories will make the number work. This isn’t the best pick for workwear, though.  

The high-waisted maxi skirt  

Are you still looking for something different apart from the regular maxi? Well, how about a high-waisted one? The high-waisted maxi skirt is truly one of a kind. The perfect blend of comfort and style, this variation seems to be inspired by high-waist dresses, but it works just as well—crop tops and short blouses that you can tuck in work exceptionally well with this kind. Keep the accessories minimum. For added appeal, you can include a thick belt, perhaps something in a bold colour or studded type etc. The best colour for a high-waisted skirt is a dark shade like black or navy blue. This helps to conceal any love handles and gives the body a slimmer look. 

The A-line maxi skirt

Those who love the maxi but don’t like the fact that it is so concealed can easily opt for the A-line maxi skirt instead. Perfect for just about any occasion, these skirts live up to their name. They are slightly more relaxed and in the shape of the alphabet A., which means they come fitted on the waist but look comfortable on the lower end of your body. Women with more full hips, especially, love the A-line variation. This is also great for those who feel that the regular maxi is too compact. It allows for better movement and breathability. You can wear most kinds of tops or blouses with this kind of skirt. When it comes to making a choice choose again, select something simple. Unlike the regular one, you have lesser chances of showing off your shoes in this type of skirt. 

Tips on how to buy Maxi Skirts 

Maxi skirts are elegant and pleasing to the eye, and you can wear them comfortably for so many different occasions. Plus, designers today are creating so many variations of the classic that you can choose to go either way. Irrespective of which maxi variation and style is your favourite, there are a few things to keep in mind while going shopping for them. This way, you end up making the right choice amongst so many different variations.

  • Know your body type – It is essential to ensure that the skirt works as per your body type. For women with heavier hips, something that is less fitted and more flared looks stunning. In the case of thinner women, compact maxi skirts are the way to go. Choose accordingly.
  • Make a note of your measurements – Ensuring you’re well aware of your size is the next important thing. This is very important while shopping online. Try a few skirts that you own and read the global size correctly. Ensure you choose while placing an order.
  • Online or retail store – While some folks are very comfortable with shopping online, others may not be as. However, along with giving you access to several options at once, online shopping is secure, hassle-free and has some great exchange and return policies as well. So, choose before you go ahead.
  • Take a friend along – Always have someone to go with you when you decide to go shopping. A friend can help you make choices on what fits and suits you. This way, you end up saving time and also have a second opinion at hand.
  • Go as per the occasion – Will you be wearing the skirt to the office? Or is it for a wedding, party or something else? Having this in mind helps you to limit your choices and ultimately in making the right decision.
  • Set a budget – Check online and see the range of maxi skirts. This will help you understand its average pricing. Although the brand also makes a difference in this regard, and some may be pricier than others because of their brand, having a budget set makes it more accessible.

Ultimately, don’t forget to have a little fun and break some rules. It helps to pick that unique skirt you saw on the mannequin and dare yourself to go further from black or white. In the end, it’s all about making different choices and getting further from your comfort level. Just look up the style online and picture what people are wearing with it—trying it on before the big occasion is also not a bad idea.

Question & Answer

Can I wear a maxi skirt in the summer?

Yes, lightweight and sheer or pure cotton maxi skirts are excellent for the summer. Along with looking great, they also keep your legs covered, thus, minimising tanning and avoiding contact with dust and pollution. Several brands have individual sections that follow only summer outfits where you can find a few quickly. Since they’re casual, it is best to wear them with cotton tees or crop tops. Hence, the maxi skirt is something you can wear during the summer, spring, and cold weather months.

Is it advisable to pick the maxi skirts that are on sale?

Women love sales, and it is the best time to pick up stuff for low prices. Although the collection can be a season or two old, it doesn’t get the style quotient down. It is probably the best time to invest in all your favourites since you end up saving reasonable amounts of money. However, be cautious of malls and brands that may offer you clothing at a fraction of its original pricing. Although summer and winter sales are big, getting low prices may be an indication that it is of good quality, discarded pieces etc. Denim, Zara, Adidas, ASOS, H&M, Forever 21, Gucci, Marks and Spencer, Ralph Lauren and Ted Baker are some premium brands.

What is the best top to wear with a maxi skirt?

With a maxi skirt, depending on its type, you can choose several options. The classic combination, however, is a beautiful blouse. Blouses come in all types ranging from silk, off-shoulder, tie-up blouses, cotton and more. Pick something that matches your skirt or something in contrast with it. The skirt choices here also make a difference. While the sheer kind is excellent with blouses, a casual cotton one works better with a tee. Pick accordingly.

Where can you buy a maxi dress online in the UAE?

You can have endless choices when it comes to picking a good maxi skirt. With so many stores and even more brands, the wise decision here is to shop online. If you’re worried and not too accustomed to it, why not use this fantastic retail search engine? It has over 500+ online stores listed under it and will help you make a perfect choice. There are hundreds of opportunities; however, with, you can be sure of getting the right price for the best outfit.