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A.P.C. A-line mini skirt - NEUTRALS
A.P.C. A-line mini skirt - NEUTRALS
Off-white cotton A-line mini skirt from A.P.C. featuring an a-line shape, a button fastening, a w...
Rag & Bone slim-fit mini skirt - Red
Rag & Bone slim-fit mini skirt - Red
Red leather slim-fit mini skirt from Rag & Bone featuring a slim fit, a button fastening, a waist...
Givenchy flared mini skirt - Black
Givenchy flared mini skirt - Black
Your wardrobe wouldn't be complete without this black cotton blend flared mini skirt from Givench...
Cinq A Sept Akira mini skirt - PINK
Cinq A Sept Akira mini skirt - PINK
Rose pink Akira mini skirt from Cinq á Sept featuring a high rise, a concealed side zip fastening...
Christian Dior pre-owned straight mini skirt - Green
Christian Dior pre-owned straight mini skirt - Green
Stupendous creative directors followed Dior's founder's visionary initial steps, equally baffling...
Givenchy high rise crepe mini skirt - Black
Givenchy high rise crepe mini skirt - Black
Infused with the label’s signature dark romanticism and urban styling, French fashion house Given...
Andorine asymmetric denim skirt - Black
Andorine asymmetric denim skirt - Black
Black and pink cotton blend asymmetric denim skirt from Andorine featuring a short length, an adj...

About Mini Skirts

There are plenty of things that never go out of fashion. Men, for example, have suits that always look dapper no matter what the current trends are. Though it might not be a similar example for women, we can claim that mini skirts also never become dull or out of fashion. Though some models might not be wearable as others, that does not deny the fact that almost every kind of woman looks great in short skirts. But how short is short for a miniskirt?

So here it is— Mini skirts or short skirts are skirts where the bottom edge of the skirt roughly hits halfway up the thigh and fall no more than four inches below the butt. Let’s take a look back at how these pieces of clothing came into being to get a fair idea of their ever-evolving existence. Do you think these skirts were during Britain’s youthquake in the 1950s? Think again. Many archaeologists have uncovered figurines dressed in mini skirts from between 5400-4700 B.C. in Europe. Cut to a few centuries later in the present time, and the transformation of these skirts is for you to see. From those days until now, these shorts are a way of rebelling. It takes great boldness and confidence to flaunt those legs of yours in those daringly beautiful minis.

Go bold and beautiful with these types of mini skirts

One of the best things about these short skirts is the comfort that they offer along with a bold and sexy look. Whether you’re athletic, fuller-figured or something in between, we are a hundred per cent positive that there is a mini skirt for every body type. We’ve gathered here a myriad of different shapes, designs and patterns. So, we are sure that one of them will tickle your fancy. We love all of them. If you are up and ready to show off those long beautiful legs of yours this season, then read on.

Plaid mini skirts

Looking stylish and cute at the same time might not sound visceral to you, but there is one incredible item that can make this come true. They are none other than the plaid mini skirt. These checkered looking skirts refresh your look. They are skirts that are forever, just like classic blazers. You can put on these to make yourself stand out from the crowd naturally and attractively. This explains the reason why these skirts remain a closet staple. The print itself is very traditional. There can be many iterations of them if styled wisely. Wearing a plaid skirt doesn’t always have to feel like you are going to a prep school. If this is the style, you want to avoid, then don’t pair them with your blazers or white button-down.

Micro mini skirts

A micro-mini or microskirts is a miniskirt with its hemline at the upper thigh. It takes great confidence to wear these super short skirts. The micro-minis by themselves send out a ‘look at me’ vibe because they are too darn short. But if you are too conscious about flashing your underwear or showing too much skin, the go-to styling trick is to slap on a pair of opaque tights usually. You could layer a tiny skirt under a sheer micro skirt. You could also try wearing your micros with a blazer and a collared T. You’ll look tomboyish yet sexy. Alternatively, if you feel that your butt is in danger of slipping out of the bottom of your super-short skirt, then throw on a long jacket — for example, a lightweight trench.

High-waisted mini skirt

High waisted skirts are massive and are indeed an incredibly popular fashion trend. Staying well above the waistband, they are one of the most versatile mini skirts in fashion. These high waisted skirts can be dressed up and down according to the occasion. And the best part—they are flattering on nearly every body type. Figuring out how to style your high-waisted minis is easy if you follow some basic fashion guidelines. For example, if you have wider hips and want to accentuate those, then go for a skirt that is a little stretchy. However, if ’you’re going to be a bit modest and show a little less of your figure, then opt for a fabric that will hug your body but will not reveal much.

Plus-size mini skirts

Chafing. Chub Rub. Are your inner thighs on fire? Whatever you call it, the struggle is real. We get it! Wearing mini skirts is tricky for plus size women. Well, not anymore though. The plus-size mini gives you more room down there. This facilitates air circulation and keeps you cool and comfortable even in those sticky hot months. However, remember to opt for fabrics that suit you and the season well. For example, going a cotton miniskirt in those chillier months isn’t a good idea. Also, pay attention to the length of the skirt. Though mini skirts are usually short, if you fail to get the right size, you might end up looking awkward.

Sequin mini skirts

Now sequins are what we usually reserve for night-time parties. How about a whole sequined miniskirt? Surely fun! These are great for those who want to rock the dance floor or go wild at crazy parties.  The nighttime is always welcoming and charming, which is why these sequined mini skirts are a great option to flaunt your freaky self. They come in a plethora of types, colours and patterns. From red sequins to different models, there is just one for each. They are usually made of nylon or polyester, which makes them moisture wicking. Moreover, thin and curvy women can pair them up with crop tops or sequin tops to look dapper in night cocktail or dance parties. Just remember to wisely style your mini skirts and tops to achieve the desired party look. 

Tips on how to buy Mini Skirts online

Fashion offers a bunch of mini skirts. You must have gathered that by now. This is why most girls who want to buy them will not have a plan and will shop aimlessly. This holds especially true when you head to purchase flattering mini skirts.  You will only look for the ones that fit accurately. However, there are so many other factors that you must consider when you plan to buy mini skirts online. This is why it is imperative to know what you are looking for and how you are going to wear that perfect mini skirt.

  • Know your style – There are a wide variety of mini skirts out there, and they are certainly not all the same. This is why you need to focus on being able to find your style and then buy them based on that style that you have chosen. If you can do this, then you are one step closer to getting the miniskirt that you want.
  • Establish your budget – Before you purchase these short mini skirts, you must know how much you are willing to spend. Trying to determine a budget will help you get the best economically. It is always best to buy them at specific deals and offers. When you are always on the lookout for good deals and offers, you will be able to save money and stay under your prescribed budget.
  • Know your brands – The brand is primary. You must keep in mind what kind of brand you need. Knowing your choice brands well means that you can look at your old clothes or look through the internet to find various brands that look good on you. You know that the internet is a compelling place to be able to browse around and see what you can buy without the involvement of a third person.
  • Shop with friends – Having more than one opinion is always beneficial, especially when you are shopping for dresses. This is why shopping with friends is a great idea. When you shop with friends, you tend to get honest opinions about an outfit and how a particular outfit looks on you. However, you and your friend must vow to blurt out the truth while picking one!
  • Read reviews – This is one of the best things that you should do while buying a miniskirt. Reading plenty of reviews online will help you get an idea of the apparel that you are about to buy. Whether it is about the skirt, the price, or even the design. They help you assess the pros and cons of the same and make an informed and wise decision.

Wearing these short skirts is incredible- and for more reasons than you might expect. Therefore, now you know how important it is to buy a miniskirt that fits you perfectly. Well, once you are aware of their types and styling tricks, getting one wouldn’t be much of a challenge. By the way, as the final point, it is worth mentioning that these mini skirts are appropriate for work and are surprisingly affordable.  So, follow these tips and finding a perfect miniskirt will be much easier when the time comes.

Question & Answer

Are mini skirts appropriate for work?

These short skirts are certainly okay for work if you style them in ways that make them look at work appropriately. They can work appropriate when paired with the right tops and footwear. However, the key is to keep your heels low or use tights and boots to add extra coverage below the waist. Above the waist stick to conservative necklines to balance the bare leggier look. We are quite sure that micro minis will never be office appropriate. So, stick to skirts just above the knee.

Can plus size wear mini skirts?

There is a long list of outfits that people consider off-limits for the plus size babes and minis are just one of them. However, there is no need. There is an abundance of shapes, sizes, styles, patterns of these short skirts for all ladies. So, you needn’t pull off and shy away. Just remember to stick to the flared and loose-fitting ones, as form-fitting ones can create lumps and bumps on you that do not even exist. Of course, no lady wants this.

How to wear mini skirts with boots?

The short skirts are so versatile that they look chic when styled with anything and everything. A great trick to look dapper is to pair your mini skirt with knee-high boots. The result is going to look playful and chic. The entire outfit might seem a little preppy, but you can add in sexy accessories and jewellery. Sweaters tucked in minis with knee-high boots, and fringe bags are the best combination to create a streetwear look.

When were mini skirts popular?

Surprisingly this small piece of the sexy outfit has embodied some of the fascinating paradoxes of ancient times. They suggest both vulnerability and empowerment, independence and a desire to please. They are also an attempt to reveal and to cover. While they have existed as long as civilizations have, it is probably only recently that they evoked political and cultural implications. Throughout history, mini-skirts may have been subjected to disapproval and even violence, the tiny skirt shows no sign of disappearing any soon.

What to wear with mini skirts?

These shorts are very versatile. This is probably one of the reasons why they can match many tops as well as shoes. Having these short skirts can glam your looks. However, you need to style them carefully to achieve the desired look for specific occasions. Go with a plain bright coloured top and pair it with a printed mini to look bold. By the way, they go well with striped tops too. Particularly the denim mini skirts.

The end verdict— buying a new skirt does take time, but it is very worth it. The process can take a while, but with you can buy mini skirts online in Dubai within minutes. How about you check out our product search engine now to buy from 500+ online stores! It features the best mini skirts from top-class brands such as Elisabetta Franchi, C/MEO, IRO, Balmain, Cool Club, Elliatt, Emporio Armani, Fendi, Isabel Marant, and Marks and Spencer.