Pencil Skirts

About Pencil Skirts

One of the most defined styles is the skirt. Probably something that has been in the fashion domain for as long as we can remember, there is no going wrong with this one. Something that you can wear to any occasion and looks good on all women is a real fashion statement.

A lot of people, including fashionistas, call the skirt a clothing fashion statement on its own. It does not need a whole other collection of add-ons but is fabulous on its own, with any blouse. Every woman today has at least one skirt as part of her wardrobe. The best part is that you can mix and match a skirt with whatever you please. And yes, although designers say you should not wear it with specific top wear, there are a few things that don’t go with skirts . Plus, you can never get over skirts for one more reason – there are so many selections! You can never get tired of the number of choices that comes with skirts and can have one for practically every day that you decide to wear one!

Various types of pencil skirts to pick from

The unique thing about pencil skirts is that unlike other types of skirts, they don’t have a “flare”. They’re pretty restricted and, like the name, are sleek like a pencil. The slim fit is perfect for making it a classy choice, and it also creates a look that catches attention. Those into corporate scenarios will be accustomed to seeing this style. It oozes class and elegance and looks stunning with the right blouse or shirt. So, how should you team up the pencil skirt? Well, the beauty of this fantastic outfit doesn’t seem to diminish no matter what you wear it with. However, for the best outcome, you can wear it either with a crisp white shirt, tee and shrug or a chiffon blouse.

The classic long pencil skirt

Most of us probably saw the long pencil skirt in a movie when someone wore it to the office or for a meeting. Well, that’s precisely the reason why these skirts look genuinely fantastic when worn to any formal setting. However, this does not mean that you limit its appearance to these occasions only. With a long pencil skirt, what you have is a real piece of class and grace. The outfit can be worn with a broad belt and ruffled top, with a plain T-shirt and coat or even a halter top and a cover-up if needed. You also need just the right shoes to make it stand out – no matter how you wish to make the look work. The skirt looks truly amazing with a stole or shawl, which you can team it with, depending on the event and weather.

The vintage pencil skirts

Well, something’s never gone out of style, and the vintage pencil skirt falls into that category. The unique thing about this outfit is that you get to experience a little bit of how it all started. Vintage pencil skirts are loved by designers and fashion enthusiasts. No wonder women across the world still invest in them and enjoy wearing them. These can be printed, simple or with ruffles and details. The vintage style is not too different from the classic knee-length pencil skirt; however, it can be changed when it comes to fit and style. Most women prefer a knee-length pencil skirt that is fitted and reach the knee or slightly above it. You will find that most vintage styles will be much lower than usual.

The high-waisted pencil skirt

Perfect for hiding those love handles, your high-waisted pencil skirt is a real saviour. Many styles have come and gone, but this one has managed to survive the competition over the years. The classic high waist is a style best kept simple. However, you can have your room for experimenting, given it works to enhance its natural look. You can wear this again, with a shirt or blouse, although the blouse look works best. If concealing your curves is the reason that you opted for the high waist style, it is best to keep it restricted to solid, cold colours. This way, it works better to conceal your problem areas. With this style too, it is essential to pay attention to your shoes, since they are the first thing that people notice in an outfit like this.

The black leather pencil skirt

Who doesn’t love a good leather skirt? It is charming, classy, and defines perfection. Although we wouldn’t recommend wearing one to the office frequently, they make for occasional fabulous outfits. The leather pencil skirt can be made of real or faux leather. The real deal is very pricey but looks like a million bucks. However, with fashion growing at this pace, you can quickly get a faux leather outfit too, which looks just as good. A chiffon shirt or blouse in a light shade works very well with solid coloured leather skirts. For the best look, don’t experiment too much with a leather skirt’s design, style colour etc. it is best kept to minimal and restricted to black.

Tips on how to buy Pencil Skirts

Pencil skirts have been around for as long as we can remember. The style has been one of the classics and has got slight upgrades over the years. However, think a classic skirt and the pencil style will definitely pop up in your head. It’s simple, elegant and yet there are a thousand different things you can do with it. Most of us may even own one. For those who don’t, here are a few tips to make sure you pick up the best one for yourself.

  • Choose the right length – It is crucial to ensure the length of the pencil skirt dress suits you. While the longer ones look more modest, the shorter ones work better for clubbing and other casual occasions.
  • Where will you be wearing it – Deciding the reason and place you’re picking up the pencil outfit for, is crucial. For office wear, choose a stretch pencil skirt that is very comfortable. An option like the pencil skirt dress is best for workwear and meetings.
  • Have your colours picked out – As discussed earlier, it is not the best thing to experiment too much. Opt for solid, bold colours so you can play around with your top wear as needed.
  • Set a budget – If your eye is on a real leather skirt, then a little research and considering your budget is essential. You may also want to know how to ensure you pick the real deal and not get fooled. Choose accordingly.
  • Real or faux – While the real deal is unbeatable, some may find the price a little too much for something you know you won’t frequently be wearing. In this case, search for reasonable alternatives for faux leather.
  • The right shoes and add-ons – Pumps and peep toes are the best things to wear with a pencil skirt. However, if you prefer flats, then ballerinas work best.

It is not difficult to put together a stunning pencil skirt outfit if you know how to go about with it. If you’re in doubt, what works is to keep the pencil skirt outfit simple. Sometimes a cute outfit works just on its own without you having to layer it with additions. However, if it is for a party or a formal event, then make sure your accessories are classy. Simple gold or silver or even elegant pearls is all you need.

Question & Answer

How can you style a pencil skirt for work?

When it comes to workwear, everybody is very concerned about their outfit. After all, you don’t want to look like someone who is a misfit in the organisation, right? When it comes to pencil skirts, and since it is a classic style, there is little that you need to do with it to make it work. To make the look better, choose a nice, crisp shirt in a contrasting colour. Next, wear either a pair of shoes in a different colour or just stick to black or nude. Carry your office bag, and you are done!

Do maxi pencil skirts look good?

There is nothing wrong to say about a maxi pencil skirt. Even someone of short stature can carry the look as it accentuates the curves well. If you have a second thought about the product not looking good on you, there is only one way to dust off that thought – buy one. No matter what figure, height, and other personal insecurities you have, you like the product, you buy it, and that is all that matters. If you have concerns that it is outdated fashion or things like that, you should google the product and go to images. You will see fantastic looks of modern times that you won’t resist having this product in your closet. You can even inspire from those looks and create a unique style of your own.

Where can you buy pencil skirts online in Dubai?

With so many varied choices, shopping online is the best pick when it comes to any clothing. The best thing you can do is to opt for this Dubai product finder . It is simple, fuss-free and allows you to choose the best product from the cheapest website that it is being sold on. Now, how easy can online shopping truly get? Check out Denim, ZARA, H&M, ASOS, Calvin Klein, Forever 21, Adidas, Ted Baker, Tommy and Hilfiger Hugo boss for a good start. You can find all of these brands or even more upon your visit to our platform that is

Do pencil skirts look modest?

Depending on how you choose to wear it, a pencil skirt can be an extremely modest option for both work and casual wear. Don’t go for something extremely fitted. However, a loose pencil skirt will not showcase its beauty either, so it is essential to find just the right balance. Experimenting also goes a long way with it. Don’t just go for something because you saw it on someone, or someone said it would work. See for yourself and then decide. It’s okay to be wrong with a thing or two, given that you don’t keep repeating it. Take inspiration from people whose style quotient you like and then add your twist to it.