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Uma Wang embossed velvet A-line skirt - Brown
Uma Wang embossed velvet A-line skirt - Brown
Dark green linen-blend embossed velvet A-line skirt from Uma Wang featuring a high waist, a butto...
A.P.C. belted A-line skirt - Blue
A.P.C. belted A-line skirt - Blue
Canard blue cotton belted A-line skirt from A.P.C. featuring a waistband, a belted waist, a pleat...
Goen.J asymmetric flared midi skirt - Black
Goen.J asymmetric flared midi skirt - Black
Black cotton blend asymmetric flared midi skirt from GOEN.J featuring a high waist, a wrap-around...
Goen.J side-slit asymmetric skirt - Blue
Goen.J side-slit asymmetric skirt - Blue
Midnight blue side-slit asymmetric skirt from GOEN.J featuring a high waist, an asymmetric hem, a...

About A-Line Skirts

From all the versatile and feminine clothing items in a women’s wardrobe, the A-line skirts are the most classical. A skirt can be sweet, simple, sober, subtle, sexy and sophisticated. You got to hang out with your girls you can go for a mini A-line floral skirt. You wish to attend a party a mini dress with a sheer top is all you need to turn the heads around.

This A-line long skirt is a versatile piece that offers a variety of fashionable options. However, with so many different fabrics and lengths, it gets difficult to rock in an A-line skirt while keeping your style quotient up.  Meanwhile, the skirt sits differently on different body types and sizes. It is thus important to understand the product before you head to buy and style one. An A-line skirt is fit and flares that are the dream of every lady. It is ideal to twirl and then a bit more twirling. It is fun and feminine and can be paired with many different types of tops to carry on different occasions. Today we will share some style ideas on how to wear an a-line skirt in style on different occasions.

A beginner’s style guide to use A-line skirts and tops in different scenarios

As discussed already, an A-line skirt is universally flattering. It hits at the smallest part of the waist and then bells out at the bottom. Normally the height of these skirts ends somewhere below the knee. This style does not hug the hips instead is best to hide huge hips or give a fuller look if you have nothing to showcase down there. These skirts are available in various types of fabric each flowing uniquely. Likewise, you can find dozens of colours prints and patterns in an A-line skirt. The variety makes it possible for ladies to pair any type of top, shirt or blouse to get any look they want. After some research here are some of the many possible style ideas, you can try with these skirts.

A-line skirt and tops style for a college student

These skirts are a part of women’s wardrobes since the dawn of time. In most likely cases the A-line skirt is thigh high and offers a sophisticated cover ideal for a college student. The available colours, florals and sweet patterns make the a-line skirt outfits a must-have for college. For cute girly outfit, you can pair a long flowy skirt and a top in crop or front button style. Adding sneakers and a duffle bag will just do wonders. Such style ideas are perfect for the summer season as they offer extreme comfort and cover side by side. However, in winters you can pick a mini A-line skirt, turtleneck sweater and tights with ankle boots. Adding a layer of the coat can help you get warmth while styling the skirt.

Long flowy skirt styles for casual wear

Here consider picking an A-line skirt elastic waist pattern with a plain tee matching the pattern. A classic white tee with a round neck will go fine with as many colours and patterns of skirts as you want. The long skirts with tops in subtle or monochromatic tones are also ideal as office attire. While on the other hand, the maxi skirts are the dream of many for, they are comfortable and easy to move around in them. A breezy bohemian style long skirt is ideal for a casual day or if you are going to a church or grocery shopping. However, if you wish for some vintage look, you can go for a lightweight floral midi skirt with light colours like teal or t-pink to keep it classy and elegant.  

Styling A-line midi skirt

Just like the name a midi skirt can work well for both office and college look and everything in between. You can balance it out stylishly by using a monochromatic scoop neck tee shirt and leather jacket on a college day. Adding ankle boots and a high bun with classy sunglasses can do wonders. Meanwhile, for a modernised look pick a soil colour skirt with a striped shirt. Here you can add a leather belt with flat pumps for a street look. For a denim lover, a simple blue A-line denim button-front skirt looks cool with classic white or black t-shirt. Here you can consider both platform sandals and pumps to add a touch of elegance to your outlook.

Styling an A-line midi skirt for the office

Office styles are never complete without accessories like bags, shoes, jewellery in some cases, belts. Keeping all these necessities in mind, you can pair your A-line skirt with a basic white t-shirt and add metallic accessories to support the look. Otherwise wearing it with a bodysuit can also be just fine for an office day. You can also consider adding a nude shade coat if the season calls for it. Also, try to wear it with a slinky camisole. Here you can go for a subtle tone floral print with solid colour loose tops. Other possible top styles that you can carry with an A-line skirt for an office look includes; button-up shirt, ¾ sleeve top, turtleneck, off-the-shoulder top or even a crop top.

Tips on how to buy A-line skirts online in UAE

As time passes, more and more women are spending time shopping online rather than wandering in the malls ending up with one to two pieces of hardly acceptable items. This is one of the major setbacks of physical shopping – you cannot find as many verities as in online stores. This is the reason why has dedicated its time to giving you access to more than500 top brands selling short and long skirts for women online. Thus, if you are looking for any type of contemporary to long ethnic skirts online, shop here. We do know many people will be shopping online for the first time. Hence here are some tips on how to shop online in an easy and hassle-free manner.

  • Get inspired – First and foremost important is to know what you need or wish to wear to the office or a day out with family. To have an idea of what is trending and what can look inspiring, go online. Visit fashion blogs and explore Instagram to have some idea of what can be done with a skirt.
  • Start exploring – Did you got some styles idea to try on? It is time to look for the right website and apply the right search terms to find what you are looking for. For example, you can type “A-Line skirts online” By doing so, ae will show you thousands of products from top brands like Denim, Levi’s, and Burberry to choose from.
  • Search right size – As you successfully landed on the exact product page, it’s time to look for an appropriate product. The skirts come in different sizes of waist, length and flare of the skirt. It is important to check all the sizes and decide on any product accordingly.
  • Check price – Do you think you will be wearing the skirt on its own? You will need some tops, cardigan, shoes or jewellery matching the style of top you just picked. Keeping a budget for these additional items is important. Hence search products according to price. It will help you get access to an economic item in just a few clicks.
  • Check policies – Reading the return and exchange policies are important. Always read the process and charges of return or exchange of the product. It can help you replace or even return a product if it doesn’t fit you well, or you don’t like it at all. Important is to keep in mind that not all brands or seller offers these policies. Make sure you buy from the one that does.

Here at we have more than 500 top brands selling long skirts online in UAE. These include names like Denim, Levi’s, H&M, Forever21, Marks and Spencer, Burberry, Ted Baker, Zara, ASOS, and Nordstrom. Here you can also compare and search for products according to price. As a result of this, you can find an economical and budget-friendly skirt in just a few clicks.

Question & Answer

Are A-line skirts in fashion this year?

After years of a setback in the past, the A-line skirts have successfully made their way to the fashion world since the 2000s. Since that time these styles of skirts are highly in demand. We can see ladies from college summer classes to the office wearing these skirts. Some of the most trending styles of this season include floral flowing long skirts; polka dot inspired midi length A-line skirts, pleated mini length, faux leather and denim midi A-line skirts.

Are A-line skirts flattering?

If you are petite woman, the A-line skirt can be the most flattering style for you. It helps to give a fuller look and feel to your body by making an hourglass image. Meanwhile, the style of the skirt helps women with heavy butt to cover it stylishly. However, here, ladies need to add a touch of chunky jewellery items to make the lower body look skinnier. Due to the versatility of this skirt, there are more, and more ladies claiming that an A-line skirt is flattering among all other types of skirts.

When were A-line skirts popular?

The A-line skirts remained famous during the 1960s and 1970s. However, during the 1980s, they disappeared from the fashion world. By the 1990s, they got revived as a retro trend. By that time an A-line skirt was a loose dress. That time’s A-line skirt can be described as a dress wider at the hips than at the waist or bust area.  After many years, Dior and Saint Lauren revived the style once again. It is since the 2000s that the style has made a successful comeback and is still in style.

Where can I buy long skirts online at a cheap price?

Here at you can find more than 500 brands selling long skirts online in the UAE. These brands include top names like Denim, Levi’s, H&M, Forever21, Marks and Spencer, Burberry, Ted Baker, Zara, ASOS, and Nordstrom. With that many brands, you can find thousands of styles, colours, patterns or print options in our store. Additionally, you can also explore products from stores that the world trust.