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About Underskirts

Jersey dresses and skirts are, of course, summer wardrobe staples, right? However, far too many women have forgotten one essential item of clothing that really should not be relegated only to grandma’s closet. Well, they are none other than the underskirts. Not necessarily a body shaper, just an underskirt. Adding them to your outfit is often entirely optional. However, this lovely addition of soft, fluffy and fun piece of clothing can instantly lift your spirits. But what exactly are these?

An underskirt is an undergarment that women usually wear beneath a dress or a skirt. It helps the skirt to hang smoothly without contouring your curves.  Have you heard of the term ‘petticoat’ or even a ‘slip’? Well, these are a few common terms used to describe them. These underskirts are a by-product of the ‘jupe’ or an underskirt of the eighteenth century. During these times, the skirts for women were open at the front. Therefore, the jupe had to be slight as decorative as the robe. However, a few centuries later, precisely in the 19th century, they were used for several functions. For example, to disguise the shape of the leg, to give a modest appearance to the women, and of course, to provide a structure and required flare to the skirt.

Defining the types of underskirts for dresses

With so many unique features, they act as a protective layer between the skin and garment by offering a layer of insulation that absorbs moisture. Though their origin dates to centuries before, they are now a staple fashion accessory. Especially when you want to wear a jersey skirt without showing your curves and intentions, gosh, just imagine walking in a skirt without wearing them. Well, trust us, it gets worse! So, it is imperative to wear the dress with an underskirt if you want to look chic. There is now a plethora of them available in the market. Let us explore a few of them.

Normal underskirts

Usually, you can wear this type of petticoat beneath the Saree, a traditional Indian attire. They typically have four or six segments stitched together and feature one straight stitch with the slightly diagonally cut side. Now, this results in a somewhat canonical structure. That is, they are narrowed towards the waist and are a little flared towards the bottom. Typically, an elastic waistband or strings are attached to hold these in place on the waist. These skirts are usually made of cotton, which offers high comfort and facilitates a lot of space for easy leg movement. And the best part is all women of any age can wear them. However, you need to pick their colour wisely.

Fish cut underskirts

The fishtail underskirts are designed to sit under a fishtail mermaid dress or when you want a more form-fitting innerwear to complement the outerwear. They are designed to fit your body shape. They are narrowed towards the waist and ruffled or flared at the bottom. The upper part of the petticoat towards the waist is tight fitted, and the lower part is loose to facilitate easy leg movement. For example, the mermaid usually dresses have a lot of fabric at the bottom of the dress, and this fishtail underskirt will help to hold the weight of the dress. They also maintain the shape of your dress to look perfect in pictures, which is one of the main reasons most young ladies love to wear them?  

Layered underskirts with frill

These underskirts are an ideal choice for those who hate a petticoat that gathers or pleats on the waist. Ideally, in these types of underskirts, the portion near the waist is tight fitted, and then the second layer is slightly loose than the first one. Similarly, third, fourth, and so on. Each one has more gathered than the previous one. Such underskirt with frill is, no doubt, an incredible pick when it comes to wearing them under skirts that are a little form-fitting and require flare. One of the best examples of such is a tulle underskirt. Tulles are the lightest and the most inexpensive petticoats. They are perfect for lighter fabric outwears.

Underskirts for wedding dresses

Lots of brides ask the obvious question; which underskirt for my wedding dress would be ideal? Firstly, wearing an underskirt under your wedding dress maintains the shape of your dress. Secondly, they make the layers of fabric stay away from your legs. This, in turn, will make your walk down the aisle easy as a breeze on your D-day. Well, this means that you can stay nice and cool while wearing your wedding dress. There are a plethora of wedding dress underskirts to choose from. However, it entirely depends on the kind of wedding dress you are wearing. For example, the one hoop underskirts perfectly fit under any A-line dress, meaning they will keep the shape intact at the bottom.

Tips on how to buy Underskirts online

Earlier, people used to neglect and overlook petticoats. Well, gone are those days! There is no denying the fact that they have now become the foundation of many attires. They facilitate comfort and offer more style to your outerwear. Nowadays, they are available in so many styles, fabrics and even prints that choosing a suitable one for your dress becomes a daunting task for many. Since they make up your inners and define your outer apparel, you need to choose them wisely. We’ve here listed a few tips to help you best underskirts online. Keep reading to find them out.

  • Comfort is key — First, it is imperative to ensure that you are comfortable in your chosen underskirt. They should neither be too tight nor too loose either. If the stuffy, cramped fit of the petticoat makes you waddle like an awkward duck, then we’ve got a huge problem. Therefore, ensure that you buy one in which you can move around freely, even if you are in a fish cut petticoat.
  • Length and fit — People mostly prefer a slim underskirt over the wide-cut ones. This is because they often give you a slender look. However, you must always consider your body type to get the ideal length and fit. Trust us; you do not want your petticoat grazing the floor and peeking out of your outer apparel. This will surely break your entire look.
  • Go for the right fabric — Poplin and cotton are the most comfortable materials for underskirts; however, you cannot use them for daily wear. There are also silk and polyester blends. However, remember that whatever the material, it must feel soft and comfortable on your skin. This is because they are something that will be in direct contact with your skin and act as insulation.
  • Pick the right style — We’ve already seen that from A-lines to fish cut and flared ones, the underskirts are available in various styles. Therefore, you must pick the right one for yourself. To do so, you must consider the occasion you are attending and the kind of outerwear you are wearing. For example, for short dresses, there are separate underskirts for short dresses, whereas, for weddings, you have one and two hoop underskirts. So, pick you smartly.
  • Coordinate colours — When wearing a saree or any other dress, your petticoat needs to match the shade of your outerwear exactly, with no exceptions. It is best to carry along your dress to select the underskirts to get the right colour. You could also get your fabric dyed, particularly if you are making a purchase online.

Just remember not to reduce your underskirts, merely to a petticoat. They can be catapulted to highlight your entire look. That is how they are. Though they are entirely optional, their addition to your wardrobe can instantly give a definite fashion statement. They’ll transform your shape and make you look chic in whatever you wear outside. So, do yourself a favour, slip into these beautiful petticoats and enhance your look to the moon and back.

Question & Answer

How to wear tights underskirts?

There are all kinds of reasons to wear a chic pair of tights under the skirts, especially when the temperatures are frigid outside. Only wearing tights can bring your fashion to the next level. There are diverse types of tights with which you can create various looks and styles. For example, if you want a casual look, you could go for polka-dotted tights or the ones with floral prints. Alternatively, if you’re going to achieve a professional look, pair your skirts with solid black coloured tights.

Can you wear shorts or underskirts?

Yes, we get skirts and dresses are cute to wear. However, sometimes they aren’t efficient, or you might feel overexposed a bit and feel uncomfortable in them. This is when wearing spandex shorts will benefit you. Wearing these helps you feel less exposed and more comfortable. They are handy when you want to keep anything from showing under the skirt or the dress. That is things that are not meant to be seen, for example, the underwear. Hence, shorts or underskirts look cute, but your selection may vary as per your preferences.

Are underskirts comfortable?

Of course, the comfort of a petticoat is prime. This is because they act as a layer of protection between the outerwear and the skin. However, these comfort factors depend on critical features such as their fabric, the fit and their style. You need to get all this right to feel comfortable in the underskirt you’ve bought. Get any of these wrong, and you’ll break the look and the comfort too. Hence, look for the one that fits you well. It should not be too tight or loose. Also, go for a material that suits you. You can find a wide range of comfortable underskirts here on

Why are underskirts popular?

A petticoat is mentioned in literature in the 15th century as a kind of padded waistcoat or undercoat. People wore this for warmth over the shirt men. However, they developed into an underskirt only in the early 16th century. Since then, there has been no looking back on this piece of clothing. They haven’t fallen out of fashion since then. These days they have become fundamental wear along with many dresses. They are available in a variety of styles, patterns and fabrics, which is probably one of the reasons they are still popular.

So, do you want to achieve that perfect diva look? Get yourself an underskirt now! Are you wondering where to buy underskirts? Visit and purchase some of the exclusive petticoats online from top-class brands like Marks and Spencer, Next, and H&M.  Also, find some high-end plus size underskirts and buy these underskirts online in UAE from 500+ online stores on our product search engine.